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I've done this hike many times. it is satisfying for all skill levels. great views and a very short drive from Calgary.

August 9, 2017

Amazing hike with breathtaking views. I would not recommend doing this hike without poles. I also wouldn’t recommend bringing larger dogs as it would be difficult to cross the chains.
It was a challenging hike but completed with 5 hours at a moderate pace with lunch on the summit. Definitely don’t do this as your first hike of the year.

This was s good hike for our family. We hiked with our two boys (10&8) and our pup. Lots of families and people going through the trails. Pet friendly

Short and sweet, small waterfall, walk beside and around the creek the whole time, pretty easy/beautiful. Wasn’t sure about it at first but def worth it. If you want to do the steep climb to the top, just be aware it’s a little difficult coming back down as it’s pretty steep. When you get up, take a right and follow the little trail for a nice mountain view and a spot to eat lunch :D there’s an arrow marked where you go back down again so you won’t get lost.

6 days ago

Went in winter got stuck in a blizzard but really easy to navigate. Super fun (and easy) for both humans and dogs!
Also managed to snap some amazing pictures!

Nice tramp, quite steep to start!

Hiked this trail with my dad and our friend from Ireland! He'd never done a hike like this before so it was a great first experience. When we reached the chain it was sleeting, made for a sketchy crossing. The scree ski on the way down was a highlight!

on Strange Brew

7 days ago

I think this trail is great or meh depends on what you seek for. I love seeing flowers and nice views so it was not for me. There was no great scenic point, there was no “we arrived!!” achieved feeling. Trail is mostly shaded by trees and very nice clean paths,good signs and generally very pretty place but if you are looking for breathtaking moment like me, you can pass this trail. It is still great for hiking with dogs, trail run or mountain biking.

What a beautiful trail. I went with 4 boys and it was easy and interesting. I loved the walk! It was around 5pm walking in, so there was hardly any people. I was disappointed that I couldn’t see the falls at the end- you had to boulder up (no thanks) but the boys did it -which gave me multiple heart attacks. I couldn’t walk through the river to see it, the water was COLD and the logs were not stable enough for me to walk over. But I would do the trail again, it was so lovely!

Wife had to be rescued on top as I pulled her shoulder when trying to help her climb up the scramble. My first hike and definitely a challenging one especially for beginners. Going down was the hardest as we were sliding down. Very memorable.

Great small hike. Trail is in good shape.

the views are so worth it! make sure to go right so that you can run down the scree at the end!

12 days ago

Busy with mountain bikes but riders were very courteous. Lots of inclines with mostly downhill on the descent.

Easy trail... but beautiful views

12 days ago

Great hike- the first half is a climb, for sure, but once you reach the summit, it’s a nice rolling downhill. Did it with three teens, 3 dogs and some old men (haha- they’re only 50 but have bad knees) We all agreed we’d happily do it again.
Lots off mountain bikers- 99.3% of them were super polite.

I love this trail & have been doing it for years. The best part is that few people have discovered it! The canyon itself is spectacular. It can be full of water so ideally wear water shoes. You will have fun climbing up & around the boulders in the canyon. Once through the canyon it is an easy walking trail. If you don’t want to get wet, you can take the trail on the left side of the canyon. It’s a steep little walk up & down but manageable by everyone.

An incredibly challenging walk but never ending breathtaking views to keep you motivated throughout! You need to be in good physical condition to be able to conquer this one both uphill and down. Going up is one long ordeal but the views from the top absolutely breathtaking. Just when you think you have it easy coming down, think again! Get ready to scramble and potentially incur a few cuts and bruises as you go down on your backside at points and be prepared to empty your boots of rocks at least twice on the way down! So much fun though, a real adventure but most definitely not for the faint hearted!

What a thrill!

little work.... great views!

Perfect day great trails!

I do these trails several times a year with my dog, recommend early start as can get hot in summer months (limited shade on path and no water supply unless down near the river - so bring enough). always lots of entertaining prairie dogs and saw a young moose at the cochrane end a couple of months ago...

Trail is very well marked going up. When coming down the front side not many markers. Very thrilling from beginning to the end. Scree is a blast to ski down! I recommend this one to everyone. Fair warning, do not attempt if you are severely afraid of heights. Some sections are quite intense. Rating this a 6.5/10 for difficulty, however overall rating of a 8.5/10 would be more likely due to dangerous portions.

Bring a bike for the first bit. Bring a flashlight for the cave. It doesn’t go very far in, just past where
you can see the entrance and it is worth making it to the end (that’s where the ice is).

Definitely better to bike the first 5km. Open, gravel trail. Lots of oil/gas stations in the way, which was a turn off. The cave itself is very neat, and bigger than we expected. We didn't go to the next Chambers as the pass is very narrow and we did not have any experience in exploring caves. Overall,it is an interesting hike for those who seek a different spot to explore (other than lakes, summits and waterfalls). Bring gear to explore the caves, including headlamps, extra clothes, cloves, helmets.

My boyfriend and I went for the first time in a long time. I always like a challenge. This was an amazing hike with amazing views. We did the full loop and it took us 7 hours. Coming down was an absolute nightmare as there is lots of scree. I would recommend hiking poles for sure. Hiking boots with ankle support was a must. It honestly felt like the hike would never end. It was extremely difficult, I probably won’t do it again but I am so glad I did the entire thing. The only thing I would change is the markings on the trails... or lack there of. I used the app to help me stay on track. If I didn’t, I probably would be lost somewhere on that beast of a mountain. However, definitely recommended. Not for beginners.

great little hike!

Very nice family-friendly hike. Interesting to see all the climbers as you hike the trail. Cool man-made bridges as you cross the creek throughout the hike.

20 days ago

Tough at the beginning, steady uphill, but easier once you hit the switchbacks. Your view is all tree line until you hit the “false summit” then it opens up to beautiful mountains and wild flowers.

Ana amazing adventure hike. Not for beginners and prepare to be scared at times when u climb the chains. Fun hike tho did it once don’t know if I’d do it again. Highly recommended!

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