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Definitely make sure to bring headlamps for each member of your group.

1 month ago

We went counter-clockwise up Ranger Summit then down along Strange Brew/Boundary Ridge. Despite recent heavy snow, the trail was icy in several spots and the snow was thin in tree-covered areas. Lots of roots and rocks that took away from an otherwise enjoyable trek. Signage wasn't great to get onto the trail but very clear once you're there. Less traffic than the north side trails in this area but still fairly popular.

1 month ago

Beautiful area for hiking. Lots of opportunities to put some mileage on your hiking shoes! I’d recommend carrying crampons in the winter, as there can be icy patches throughout the ranch’s trails. I’ve never been here in all the time I’ve lived in Calgary, but I’ve used it 3 days in a row, and logged 35 kilometres! I can’t wait to see it in the summer, and the river has thawed!

Did it on 18th Jan 2018, trail covered with snow but packed down due to high traffic, no snowshoe needed but only micro spike and poles.

on Glenbow Ranch Trails

1 month ago

Great trail system close to home, great biking and hiking opportunities. Great views of the river and railway... Depending on the time of year you'll also see the cows grazing in the fields.

Lots of cow patties!! But what a great hike.

Awesome hike with great reward at the end. I believe this is also called inges mine??? Very hot to do in summer. No shade on trail.

Short and simple but plenty to be awed with. :)

Connect to coxhill for a point to point. Great hike along nice open ridges

This is a great warm up hike to shake things out for the season. I’ve done it a few times and have enjoyed it every time.

3 months ago

Done today (December 17) ice cleats are definitely an asset - although you could probably make it to the falls without.
Creek is beautiful and half frozen!
Wouldn't call this a hike more of a nature walk but it gets you out to some incredible rock and places to explore!

3 months ago

Very little ice and snow. Amazing conditions for mid December!

3 months ago

Can't beat a winter hike in a frozen slot canyon, a fun morning out

Was a nice walk, groomed and paved trails. Dog friendly. Not my cup of tea but was nice afternoon outing.

Once you get to the trail, it's great. The long boring walk along the service road to get there was unbearable. The cave is a sight to behold. The light scramble to get up there was fun, not very technical, very accessible.

3 months ago

too icy to walk even with poles and crampons on November 29th so we picked a more sun exposed trail

Great hike with stunning views at the top!! Nov 27/17 Trail was well worn so no spikes needed. Extremely windy on top.

4 months ago

Great way to spend 3-4 hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon afternoon. Trail is well maintained and well marked. Only complaint is there were not that many viewpoints, otherwise well worth it.

Was a challenging hike views were amazing at the top where we enjoyed a nice beverage. The descent is where this hike loses stars - almost like going down a rock slide at times. Doesn’t really allow you to enjoy the hike and more just worried about not rolling an ankle / staying upright. All in all a good day hike to get a sweat on !

I love running the path along the stream to see the grandfather tree and looping back to hit the hill. Great place for trail running

I'd highly recommend doing the loop instead of out and back if you have the time. All in all a pretty great hike.

Definitely would recommend taking your bike tor the service road. We did this hike on Saturday and the hike was nice. Would also recommend poles when getting to the top close to the caves. Nice hike !

This trail was very nice. Taking our bikes made the trip a lot more enjoyable. The hike to the caves was not as perilous as some have suggested. It was a enjoyable and unique hike that does not take up your whole day.

Love this trail. Every time I do it it’s a new adventure. If you have the time and skill I recommend going up to the look out. The view is beyond worth it.

A beautiful fall day meant over an hour at the summit. Made it into a loop on the way down. No snow up there today, met some great people, a German couple touring in a motorhome, and descended with two guys who made for some awesome company

unfortunately google mark did not get us there! never did locate/hike this trail

A friend and I completed this trail yesterday and it was great. As many people have previously stated, the walk along the service road is long but with good conversation it went by quickly - or bring bikes for the road. As you approach the end of the road where a large shell site is located, look for the orange diamond trail marker on the right side of the road. By this point you can definitely see the cave in front of you, as well as the neighboring caves. We kept to a trail/direction that diagonally worked up the slope, with a brief straight up climb towards the cave opening. It begins to get steeper as the trail comes out of the trees but it is manageable, just take your time and look a head of you to plan your route towards the cave. We were the only people on this section of trail but be cautious of rocks rolling down from people above you or you releasing rocks towards people below you.

After exploring the cave and having lunch, we headed down towards the creek bed and met up with the trail that parallels along the creek to the shell site, and from there followed the road back to the car park. Definitely remember to bring head lamps/flashlights so you can explore the cave and the multiple caverns within the main cave. You may also want to bring trekking poles to assist with the portion of the hike from the end of the service road to the caves, and back down through the loose scree. Definitely worth the short but steep hike towards the cave from the service road, the views within and along the outside of the cave are awesome!

Narrow slot canyon parts make this hike awesome- close to city.

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