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great trail. well maintained. peaceful

Does it need some kind of pass, trail pass?

1 day ago

This was one was a surprise for me. I had no idea it was here. Great amount of hills. Pretty little creek. Nice forest/canyon setting. Decent amount of distance. Although it was longer than advertised. My biggest complaint is that it is not the most secluded. You can still here cars and construction equipment. Decent signage throughout. Easy to follow trail. Dog loves this one.

What a great little gem in the heart of Renton! First discovered this hike thanks to a friend who lived in the neighborhood. We started near Petrovitsky Park and connected to the Echo loop trail from there. It meanders away from the houses and through the woods. There are a few trees blown down from the last wind storm but you can pass over or under them. Only came across a few people on the trail but many more at the top. Not much room at the top but the view is really rather nice. There’s a house right on the edge of the hill which is overlooking Lake Desire. All in all a great hike with a straight uphill the last 3/4 miles (17.5% grade). Will make this a regular one for me and my pup!!

about as fun as walking through a golf course could be...

bridge out
5 days ago

OK trail. Great for being so close to home. The north side has more bridges and water crossings that make for great photo opportunities. The south side is a better workout. Not too many people on the trail during the week. Wet and muddy, but not bad considering the time of year. Trail between two bird viewing areas is closed. Looks like a mud slide took a footing of the bridge out. Hikers are creating their own detour.

Great hike on an unusually warm January day! Did the hike with my boys (9 and 5 yrs). They handled it well, really enjoyed the view from the top! Will be back.

trail running
12 days ago

Good training spot for long runs as it’s easy to re-supply after each loop and/or swap gear in harsh weather. Not much by way of climbing, but good for training on rollers.

14 days ago

Good off season workout trail. Plenty of pitches to get your heart working. Some nice views of the evergreens running up the draw on the other side of the creek.

road biking
16 days ago

Not a technical trail at all, it's paved and is split into 2 lanes along many parts of it.

$101 fine if you go over 10 mph on a bike, so if you're not going at a leisurely pace, stay away

Perfect walk friendly people along the way.

20 days ago

Its a nice trail but nothing special. Very well maintained. Be prepared for lots of stairs and hills. Would be very pretty at sunrise.

Great trails with tons of switchbacks! Lots of hikers, dogs, runners and bike riders. Beautiful scenery!

nature trips
21 days ago

my 2 year old loved this adventure! the wooded trails were beautiful. The waterfront was all rocks but had tons of shells she loved to pile up and point out all the colors. AWESOME trail for kids.

Great walk! Paved the whole way so great for bikes, runners, and power walkers.

Signs misleading. Lost off trail and into a neighborhood. Loitering teenagers.

27 days ago

Love that we have a trail like this in the middle of the city. The trail along the river was pretty easy and rather clean. Several large trees across the red trail due to the recent wind storms. Heading down to and back up from the creek is pretty steep, but not impossible.

We saw a lot of trash along the trails nearest the roads and housing areas. Otherwise, quiet, beautiful, and peaceful.

If you like to measure how far you go without electronics, this is nice bc it tells you the distance of the loop. It is definitely popular, though. It’s December 22nd, and I ran into at least 8 other human beings in the 17 minutes it took me to round the loop. Very green with cool bridges and little offshoot trails and picnic tables.

1 month ago

I do this loop almost anytime I’m in Olympia. Quick, easy, and pretty.

Aside from being beautiful, this was a great family hike- 2 kids, 7 and 9 handled it alright, but it pushed them. We also had our two puppies come who loved it! First we walked up a giant hill to then be rewarded with a beautiful view and a little playing on the rock-y terrain when we reached the top of the hill to a small picnic-perfect clearing. Then we made our way leisurely back down the hill.
This was a pretty well maintained trail through the woods with great signage to help keep you in the right direction- not paved, no bathrooms, no places to sit- just a good old fashioned, beautiful trek through the woods up to a sort of rocky peak to play on with a great view ..and then back down :)

1 month ago

Always a beautiful walk

trail running
1 month ago

its all paved

Really good hike. Kid friendly and good balance is sun and shade.

It's a pretty walk!

We walked this trail on Monday. It was a clean trail with nice scenery, but darkness crept up on us and we ended up getting lost, so we had to go back the way we came. There are a lot of different marked trails so don’t be afraid to go off the trail marked by GPS. It’s definitely getting more and more muddy so be careful!

2 months ago

It was a beautiful fall walk through the woods! We explored through a couple unofficial trails, met some nice dogs, and generally enjoyed the fall colors! The main trail was well maintained and there wasn’t any trash around, so altogether good walking up, down and trough the hills.

Woods in the middle of the city. boring beach.

2 months ago

Beautiful and well maintained park with numerous trails.

Family hike today! I was a little worried we went the wrong way because its in a neighborhood. It is November and the path is covered with leaves which makes it a nice fall hike. But watch your step, it can hide a bit of roots and rocks, we got along fine though. We took the North loop trail this time. Saw plenty of green slugs and beetles along the path and a few roads or frogs croaked in some areas. Long enough for my 6year old to walk and not get too grumpy.

Love this trail I use it everyday to get my exercise

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