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Havasu, Mooney And Beaver are all beautiful!
Definitely worth the hike.

Check out my videos of the hike and the camp ground.

Youtube account: Melissa DC Gomez

Hike this everytime we come to Tucson. Love it! Oh... and jump in the water at 7falls!

Outstanding...& hard. Left very late: 1600, which means I had to really hustle. Did lose my way a time or 2, both on the ascent & descent. Spent only 10 to 15mins on summit...

Some of the path is hardly marked so it's easy to get lost. However it was beautiful I highly recommend!

6 days ago

Awesome hike. closer to 12 miles not 11.5 not that it makes a huge difference. Once you hit the ridge it's a bit of choose your own adventure of going boulder hoping or staying low on dirt.

My boyfriend and I were very excited for this hike! Thankfully someone had marked the trail with chalk and set up many carnies to help us out. If you don’t see one in like 10-20 steps, turn around cause you’re likely going the wrong way. He really enjoyed searching for them. The view was so pretty and the mailbox was very adorable. The only downside was really coming down. No joke about loose gravel! It’s almost half of the trail going down. Be VERY prepared with water, for this was our biggest downfall going down. Thankfully we made it and bonded more over that. Overall the hike took 6 hours round trip, which would have taken longer if not the markings, so plan for spending a day here with lots of water. Not much shade so enjoy it while you find it!

Great workout and great views! I have done it twice in last 2 weeks. Do recommend good hiking shoes. A fellow hiker had on tennis shoes and she did slip quite a bit.

It was aight. The view was pretty but there’s so much lose rock which made it so annoying. The trail is also hard to follow there’s arrows and stacked rocks just make sure you’re paying attention! Be careful take your time especially going down

The beautiful views! The rock formations are amazing. I enjoyed this hike very much.

17 days ago

I say it’s easy till you climb up, then it’s boulder hopping, I had to return for family or else I would of stayed longer. . The views take your breathe away, don’t do this trail in the heat. Bring more water than you think is required, bring snacks and enjoy. It was great to hike with some fearless souls. I will be back!!!!!!

17 days ago

Beautiful hike and great workout! IMPORTANT NOTE: if you park across the street from the official trail parking on the dirt shoulder, make sure your car is not in the road at all whatsoever. This past weekend, cars that were just a few inches into the road were all towed since a local called the police. Parked there several times before with no issue, there are no signs warning hikers of this risk. Still rating this hike 5 stars because it’s awesome and don’t want to let one person’s need to take their anger out on others lessen an amazing trail. It’s about them. I’ll be back and will continue to enjoy! Happy hiking all.

Great in and out trail. Difficult and you have to scramble some rocks. Great views at the top. Hikers around you are nice as well.

Please research how these people treat their animals before paying the astronomical permit fees to visit. The waterfalls are nice, but not worth the suffering that the animals endure bc of the tourists. And please, for the love of god, carry your own things and DO NOT HIRE HORSES.

Did this hike for the first time Easter Sunday, did not see anyone for a total of 8 miles. It is a well established trail, you can't get lost, very scenic the farther you go. It is very gradual in elevation, would not consider it difficult, maybe moderate but more because of distant. You have to drive 2 miles on a good dirt road to get to the small dirt parking lot. I would recommend this hike, we enjoyed it. Something a little different than desert hiking in Phoenix Valley.

Nice trail, good views.

crowded and rushed but worth the price. you will never forget this experience and you can't put a price on that. thanks to our guide anita for the camera tips. made all the difference.

We spent the night at a hotel and drove to the Hilltop parking lot in the morning. Started our decent at 7:45am, made it to Supai around 11am to check-in. Going in was long but manageable with two short breaks. Took a longer break in Supai. Roughly a 2 mile walk to the campground, trail is well traversed so I felt it was easy to identify.

The trail down to Mooney is not as well marked. There is a tube you descend to ladders and chains that are very wet due to the spray from the waterfall. Trail down to Beaver is well-traveled and you will cross the river three times on the trail I followed. I think the mileage on the map provided at check-in is inaccurate but I didn't track it via GPS.

Hike out is strenuous with a steep section starting at Havasu Falls that is maybe .5 miles. Then it's just long with gradual incline until the last 1.5 miles (estimate). Then it is a decent incline for about a mile and a steep ascent the last .5 mile. Slow and steady with lots of water and you'll make it.

We carried our own gear and made from Supai to Hilltop in 4 hours. We are in average shape and in our 40's.

The campgrounds are tight and there isn't a lot of room between, so privacy isn't an option. There is a fresh water spring, so water isn't a problem in camp. You can grab food in Supai at the market or the cafe, which can help reduce pack weight (limited options, so don't only rely on it). There is frybread for sale almost daily in camp. There are compost toilet but bring your own paper, as it runs out fast.

It was worth trip. Reservations go the day open for the year. We went in March and it was perfect for hiking and sleeping not so much if you want warm weather for swimming.

My favorite hike in the area.

Great hike with amazing views

21 days ago

Great challenge...opens the lungs to big adventure...

So amazing!! Fairly easy hike getting there, as most of it was downhill. Getting back to the trail head was a whole ‘nother story because it was mostly uphill, but honestly the struggle was worth it. The falls were so beautiful and blue, it was surreal. Bathrooms are pretty decent for the most part, but bring wipes just in case because not all of the stalls have toilet paper. Campsite was nicely spread out, first come first serve basis for camp spots. Permits were a pain to get, but I would do it all over again.

Outstanding views ❤️

Very climactic. I really loved this hike.

Be aware this is tribal, not public land, so it has become a popular and touristy spot with required tours costing $50+ each. You are not allowed to go down into the canyon without a paid guide.

Amazing! Such a great hike with beautiful falls at the end. We got there early enough to have the falls all to ourselves for a good 40-45 minutes. We passed a TON of people as we were heading out - from what I've heard (and now from what I've seen) this place gets extremely busy. That being said, our solitude was a true, special rarity!
I saw lots of people wearing improper footwear. Bring water, start early, and wear good hiking boots/shoes, the rocks are very slippery! We mostly stayed on the trails (avoiding the tram road) and it was a little over 8 miles.

The hike is through a gorgeous canyon and would honestly be worth it on its own. The falls are an amazing bonus!

Be careful not to swim too close to the base of the falls.

26 days ago

Great quick workout. Up and down at a slow pace in under 2 hours.

My first time up to Picket Post and it was lovely. The trail ended up being easy to follow because someone has recently marked the route with chalk, although the cairns were quite good as well. As others have mentioned, you should look back often on the ascent so you have a good idea of where the trail goes when you return. The only part I disliked, was the loose gravel/sand on the steep bits going down. Take your time!

Well worth the headache of getting a permit!

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