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Just completed this hike. And it was phenomenal! One of my favorite hikes in Sedona, debating between this and Devil's Bridge. Very well shaded trail with plenty of creek crossings. I would rate this hike moderate based off distance, but the actual hike is relatively flat. We stopped where the water was getting too deep, but you can go a lot further based from what we heard from locals. Be sure to get to the parking lot early as it does get really crowded. An absolute must do hike if you're in Sedona!

1 day ago

Always a treat! the first time I did this trail was in October and I ran it. the trail is heavily trafficked. surprisingly it wasn't too busy. Out and back 7.42 miles.

2 days ago

Super nice seven mile hike on maintained trail system. Many stream crossings and 800 foot rise hiking in.

Fern, oak, elm and pine primal rain forest setting. Inside protected wet canyon under canopy of trees.

Grapes, black berries and small apples all good to eat on the hike.

Stream crossings are slick and mossy. I witnessed several slip and falls.

Great hike. Takes about 4 hours if you don’t take breaks.

It was raining on my hike and was super nice.

3 days ago

Nice hike, beautiful views.


Well-maintained. The placement of markers on trees should be reviewed.

Very easy to get off the main trail! We were off track for about 30 minutes. If you ever question “is this the trail?” You’re not on it!! The main trail is about 3 ft wide the whole way. Pretty easy to cross the creek - need some balance at some parts. Would recommend wearing hiking boots and bring plenty of water!

I couldnt find the trail. :( Very disappointing. I even did research online before I went. Searched for blogs with tips on how to find it. i used GPS originally to find it. It told me I had arrived but there was no trail. I kept going down the fire road that the GPS takes you on. It is very rough and had lots of washouts. You will need to have a 4x4 vehicle to get to the trail if it was further up the road. I had to back down and turn around because there was no way my Camary was making it any further without getting stuck.

We did the full 11 mike loop. Gorgeous and easy to follow the trail. So many mosquitos! TONS. I’ll be back when there are no mosquitos! Hike wasn’t too hard. We hiked it clockwise ...about 5.5hrs with breaks

I cannot understand anyone rating thus hike, beliw a five star. Excellent condition. Amazing canyon walls. Beautiful.

This is also known as Shaman Cave! Loved this trail and the view is Absolutely Amazing! Do not turn off of 525C like the directions instruct you to do...follow 525C to 9530 and take that directly to the trail head. A 4x4 or higher vehicle is a must for the last half mile or so and there are a couple spots to park at the beginning of 9530 if you can’t make the drive up to the trailhead but it adds at least 1.5mi to the overall hike. Once at the trailhead, it is marked with piled up rocks...make sure you look for the rocks or you end up like I did on another tail going 2 miles in the wrong direction. it’s a short hike and easy .... I you wish to go to the cave....the small ledge can make some nervous. Totally worth the drive and the beautiful views are AMAZING!!!!!

9 days ago

Great hiking trail but also quite populated. We started hiking at 12:30 on a Friday. Couldn’t finish the trail due to needing to meet up with family in town, but we will be back to do exactly that on another day. There is a $10 fee to get in to the parking area.

Beautiful scenery and not a terribly tough hike but it's incredibly dusty and pretty crowded..lots of fun crossing the creeks but there are a lot of other trails that have views just a beautiful without all the dust and crowds. Wear waterproof boots and expect to wait to cross the creeks as others will probably be lined up to go across as well. The trail is almost completely shaded as well so really nice on a hot day. Very family and dog friendly. If you're looking for solitude this is NOT the hike for you. I suggest hiking poles as there are a lot of crossings and it can get slippery in spots.

10 days ago

It's so interesting! Many rooms under the rocks. It's funny to live here.

11 days ago

More of a tourist walk than a hike, but so interesting to learn about the living conditions and culture of the Sinagua tribe and how they lived during the 1100s and during the period when the San Francisco peaks were active volcanos.

The steps will get the heart pumping.

There is a $10 fee per person as it is a national monument. If you are looking to hike Walnut Canyon, there are other more authentic trails.

Beautiful hike, best time would be in the morning this time of year, around 8.

12 days ago

Best in the afternoon. The shades of light really enhance the experience

Beautiful trail taking you through parts of Picture Canyon Preserve. Various scenic areas like the hieroglyphs but somehow bypassed the waterfall. Gives me another reason to come back again. Easy hike with no real notable elevation change. It didn't take long to leave the industrial area.

There were some areas of the trail that were not well marked and at one point found myself walking in a circle because there was no markings but plenty of old jeep trails so it got confusing.

More trails to explore but I will definitely come back to do this one again.

just a nature walk with occasional views, not worth the price or wait.

20 days ago

Beautiful hike, nice to be shaded and out of sun. Hike to the end and spend a night if you wish.

21 days ago

Excellent trail and not too difficult a trail with good views of the park.

We took the advice and went left to start and ended at the waterfall. It was a very pleasant and easy trail with a lot of geocaches along the way. If it wasn’t from the smell from the Purina plant I would have given it more stars. The smell took a long time to dissipate.

25 days ago

All the other reviews cover what I'd say - it's a beautiful, well-populated, almost fully shaded, and will require you to hike with soggy feet if you don't have proper footwear.
I hiked this mid-day in July, which was fine, despite it being a 100-degree day. There were so many creek-crossings that my feet stayed cool, and I had the opportunity to splash water on my legs when I wanted a bit more refreshment.
There are several idyllic spots to stop along the way, where you can sit, relax and enjoy the view of the creek, hearing the water lapping and rippling downstream.
There was no parking in the parking lot when I visited, which I expected, but I did find parking up the road a bit, on the side of the highway. This made for another mile of hiking to/from car. I considered Uber'ing, but didn't want to risk sitting in an Uber with wet shorts, if I decided to splash around. Either way, you may consider Uber'ing if you anticipate parking issues - which you should if you're going at any point in mild temps.
This trail was well populated with dogs and children, thus is accessible to all skill levels. I don't have hiking poles and was fine because my shoes are grippy; but, for those who are injured or have minimal balance, I don't recommend creek crossing. The parts of the creek you cross are shallow, so there's no need to expect water rising beyond your ankles.
This trail is often ranked as one of the top 5 hikes in Arizona. And while I agree it is a lovely hike that all will enjoy, at the risk of sounding like a Debbie Downer, I didn't feel this trail was any more beautiful than several other Sedona trails. The views are mostly of the woodland around the creek. Yes, you have cliffs and red rocks looming around you from time to time, but the majority of this hike has no red rock view. This is not a trail that takes you high, where you can overlook a lovely red rock valley - this trail is the valley itself, and you're down inside with mostly woodland views. ...which are quite beautiful.
For this reason, I expect this trail to be more beautiful in Autumn. If you want to be wow'd, I recommend you opt to hike it then, rather than winter or summer.
The next day after this hike, I completed Fay Canyon Trail, which was similar, but without water. And, Fay Canyon trail is shorter (2.2 miles) with a valley view at the end, and an arch 1/2-way through. In my opinion, Fay Canyon is more conducive to families with smaller children because it's just as flat as West Fork, shorter, shaded, and has more options for views. ...but it has no water.
Either way, West Fork is beautiful, and I do recommend it.

on Island Trail

26 days ago

So nice

26 days ago

Took my dog here and overall it was a nice hike with plenty to see, we got to about the 7 mike mark after Sycamore Falls and got lost. The trail was clearly marked and I think because of the excess of water (due to rain) we got turned around. Luckily the road was only about 2 miles from us so we found our way back

28 days ago

Wow! Wow! Wow! This hike is a MUST do when visiting Sedona!

Couple of tips:

- Go early. We went at 7:45am and there was no one there. We were able to let the dogs off the leash and they could run through the trails and the creeks! As we were leaving, around 10am, there was a line to get into the parking lot.

- We took our two dogs, German Shepherds, and they LOVED it, especially since we went early.

- Wear shoes that could get wet. You cross over many streams. We were able to make it across by stepping on the rocks and not getting our feet wet. However, one wrong move and you’re wet!

- You are shaded for most of the trail, but make sure you bring plenty of water.

- The trails were not clearly marked so it’s hard to make sure you were staying on the right path. Either way you go is beautiful.

I can’t get over how beautiful this trail was. It did not feel like we were in Arizona. So green and lush! Beautiful spot for photos.

28 days ago

Great, really beautiful hike. Nice shade for a summer hike. Mostly flat, you do cross the shallow creek many times so watch your step so you don’t get wet shoes. The creek provided good water for our dog. Our Garmin said it was a 4 mile out and 4 mile back - took a total of 4 hours with stopping for lunch and dog water breaks. Parking lot was full by 9am and we had to wait until someone left to park - that took about 30 minutes but that would have stressed me out if we hadn’t been 2nd in line. Get there early to park. $10 cash needed (no credit cards) and they do have pit toilets but no running water for dogs, etc. Would love to go back in the fall to see the leaves.

28 days ago

Lots of stairs, but we did this with children (ages 8-12) and they did it no problem. Fun with lots to look at on the way. Would definitely do it again.

Did this trail approx 2 miles in. We had 10 kids one in a carrier on Mom and the rest ranged from 4-13 yrs old. They all loved it and was an easy hike. One of the best hikes I've ever done! A good alternative for younger kids who want to see red Rock and love river crossings, of which the trail head sign says 13 but it's probably even more than that if you want to deviate from the trail a little. Do get there early, but the rev that there is only 4 spots is not accurate. There are prob 20 or so but there were already 7 parked when we pulled in at opening around 8am. 10 bucks to park and there are toliets at the trail head but no running water so bring your sanitizer. When we finished up around 11 there was a line of cars waiting to park and lot was full. Can't wait to finish the hike in full prob in 2 weeks or so. Will post another rev then. Have fun, Adventure is out there!!

29 days ago

Great trail. Scenic. The canopy of the forest is great for summer heat and afternoon rain. Dogs love it.

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