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4 hours ago

To get to the trailhead you have to drive about 7 miles on a dusty gravel road. There is a unorganized parking lot and another over flow one a little bit down the road. We parked in the second one and walked back on the road. There are no signs for the Wave Cave Trail. So we just asked someone before starting. The beginning of the trail is hard to see where the actual trail is. The end of the trail is defiantly the most difficult. You will need both hands and feet. There are some spots with loose gravel on top or rock. I would consider taking traction covers for my shoes next time. Once we got to the top there were like 10 kids running around creating tons of dust! We did not even want to pull the camera out because of the dust. Eventually they left and we were able to get some good pictures. On the way down nearly all the kids were crying or complaining. Not a hike for kids.

6 hours ago

Wow! Well worth the effort to get up to the Wave!

Amazing hike. Switch backed over steams then ponds of water. Rock climbing. Kiddos loved it. I would rate this as a harder hike, more difficult thru some areas. Some slippery rocks. The hike was totally worth it, when you get to the top it is priceless!!

22 hours ago

Great day hike!
Go on a week day to avoid the masses

great trail. a little hard for 1st timers to find the "right" trail but once there it's a fun and exhausting climb. well worth the effort up.

Great trail, but once you get towards the point in the trail that takes you up to the lookout the path isn’t very clear. If you want to see the lookout there is a way to drive up to the top which had many tourists.

2 days ago

The hike is steep in certain parts, especially towards the top. It's pretty gravelly/rocky; wear hiking boots if you have them and it will help on the way down. The cave had an awesome view!

What a great way to spend my morning! The hike part was very nice. The last part before you make it to the cave is a little challenging but very do able. If ever need a morning to see this beautiful desert we live in ... the view from the cave was way worth the hike! Pack snacks and make sure to have water.

Great views from top. Challenging hike, but worth it.

I would call this difficult, not moderate. There are portions you are climbing over small boulders and the incline is INTENSE. Our large dog came with and did great but smaller dogs might need help. Had to stop and rest 5 or 6 times on the second half going up. Definitely a good challenge but I wouldn't attempt this if you are out of shape!

good trail, rigorous hike

Just to be clear, this trail is marked as hard in this app but I would rate it as moderate. There are great views and the ruins are amazing. Beware of the three way trail sign because if you are not paying attention you will end up on another trail and not back to the Rogers trailhead

I got to this trail around 5:30pm and got to the top at 6:10 right during sunset. I will say, I've had better sunset hikes. If you are looking for a good sunset I would recommend squaw peak over this view. It is cool to see the day & night changes. You also see how polluted the valley is. The hike in itself is good and will get your heart rate going. If you are here at night, make sure to take a friend with you as the area can be sketchy. It is pretty well marked but definitely bring a headlight or flashlight so you don't lose the trail back at night. If you're a beginner, the trail might take you a while. For any avid hiker, I would say it is easy-moderate.

I loved this trailed! It was very challenging and rewarding when you make it to the top. I would recommend to those looking for a challenge. Will also contribute to a great night sleep. Lol

11 days ago

Super crowded, but the hike is decent and the cave is cool... literally.

12 days ago

Fun hike, the final stretch is a little bit of a workout but fun. Great for pics. FYI you are supposed to by a state land trust permit for this area.

Fun hike with the kids. Cool cave with great views.

great hike. not hard at all

14 days ago

A great afternoon hike! This may be a little short, but it is a bit of a workout due to the steep and slippery route up to the cave! Beautiful views and a great cave await at the end, though. Sticks would be a plus, especially on the way down!

The views are amazing. Wear shoes with good traction. There is a lot of loose gravel. That 866 ft of elevation is a booty blaster!

on Wave Cave Trail

14 days ago

Great hike with wife. Wear good gripping shoes. Loose gravel and slick rocks made it difficult coming down the trail. Lots of people. Great photo opp.

Great trail with magnificent views. The cave is truly awesome. Be careful on the way down however there is a loose gravel which caused me to slip several times and skinned my shin.

on Wave Cave Trail

15 days ago

Nice trail, most of the incline is in last half mile. Pretty views.

camped at Lost Dutchman and walked to the trailhead to start this hike. I think it's easy with beautiful views of the valley. You don't go really into the rocks/main mountain with this hike.

16 days ago


16 days ago

Road wasn't too bad...just long and slow but the views were unbelievable! The hike was beautiful with lots of interesting plants, natural features, and spectacular views. Ruins were a sight as well. Please respect the rules when visiting them and leave them as you found them. It was unfortunate to see all the footprint on the remaining fragile roof.

Great place to watch the sunrise!

18 days ago

first time hiking this today. took a couple wrong trails before finding the right one (don't follow either of the signs that say trail -go through the fence) but the trail was peaceful, and pretty fun towards the end when there was quite a bit of climbing.

great trail beautiful view

This trail, once we found the right one, was amazing. The incline initially wasn't bad then close to the cave you have to do some work with your hands and feet to get over a couple areas. It was good for myself and my nephew (7). The cave was absolutely amazing! Defiantly a hike to remember

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