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4 days ago

Great hike, found a trail that brought us down to the lake! Beautiful!

it is a trail that is very well marked and it would almost be impossible to get lost. The Welch's Point Overlook is an unbelievable view of Scott's Gulf. Interesting variety of scenery!

It was wet while we were there so I can’t really give a good one but it was enjoyable

Hiked with our 7 year old son. It was a bit strenuous, but he made it like a champ. We loved this trail.


trail running
14 days ago

Short but fun. A few rocky sections to challenge your stride. Well marked. I’d do it again!!

I’d definitely rate this as hard if you do the full loop, though it’s also pretty balanced. Went during the late winter and it was a good hike. Not much reward at the end, but instead the majority of the hike as great views, and lots of wildlife! I saw two snakes!
I’d definitely make sure you’re in shape and/or well hydrated before doing this trail, as the incline can get pretty intense at times.

Wouldn’t recommend in the summer unless you’re just really hardcore.

nice stroll

24 days ago

I only hike with my dog because
1. he's a german shepherd lab mix so he has all the energy. It helps to wear him out and helps me to "keep up"
2. He makes me feel safe.
I was excited to do the full loop but when I got there I sae the no dogs sign. I was sad but we did enjoy walking where he was allowed to walk. Parking was really difficult, not a lot of spots and very busy.

Excellent trail in winter months but very muddy in areas. Beautiful views of the lake for much of the trail. You can hike down to the water in places though the trail does not lead to the water. multiple climbs. can be strenuous at times..just take a break. very beautiful and worth it. great park. friendly staff .

Me and my friend went today! Gorgeous falls, gorgeous overlook, but the trails could have been marked better. We ended up getting lost twice, but finally made our way back!

Seriously in my top 3 most beautiful hiking trails, including the Twin Arches in Savage Gulf and Virgin Falls. The entire route is interesting and amazingly gorgeous, with rock formations galore, several creeks, and all the little waterfalls your heart can imagine. The overlooks are breath-taking!!!

I would recommend turning around and going back the same way after making it to Welch's Point, which is about 2.5 miles in. The last stretch puts you out on the gravel road, and that is what makes the loop back to the trailhead. That part is nothing to get excited about, but the overall experience is still fantastic!

Good trail! I went in the winter months so there wasn’t much vegetation. It has been raining a lot so the trail was very muddy but doable. There were some fallen trees on the trail which I thought added to the experience and were several places with good views, especially when you do the Merritt Ridge trail (you basically scale a mountain.) I did this with my pup and we were able to do it in about 3 hours but we ran probably a mile of it so wouldn’t go in the afternoon, just in case you need some breaks. There’s a hunting area on the trail but I didn’t see anyone out there. Actually quite peaceful and it looked like it had been several days since the last person hiked it.

No running. No camping. No venturing off trail. No picnicking. No biking. No parking outside the incredibly small designated lots within the designated lines. No talking. No breathing. Blah blah blah.
It annoys me when I go hiking and there are so many rules posted everywhere that I spend half the time running thru the list of ‘Don’ts’ instead of enjoying myself. Kinda takes the fun out of it all.
Overall it’s a nice trail particularly this close to Nashville. It was rainy and cold but it was still fairly crowded. I can imagine on a nice day tons of folks descending and maybe physically fighting over parking spaces (which could provide its own entertainment I suppose).
Trail was largely flooded while I was there however I would guess that’s typically not the case. It’s basically a pleasant stroll thru the woods. Nothing too strenuous.
Will look for different hikes next time I’m in the area.

Such a cool hike! The cave is not well marked; but once you find it, make sure to go though! It’s a short cave and pretty cool inside. Also, on the other side of the cave is a beautiful overlook.

Moderate difficulty. Good solitude. Not well marked. Several scenic falls, Yellow Bluff overlook, rock outcroppings, & segment along the river make this a compelling hike. Hollway Rock House good camping spot. However, much of the "trail"is on old logging roads and not appealing. A segment along the Caney Fork was non-existent. Just keep moving south and up through boulder fields & you'll find the trail. At the end you are unceremoniously dumped onto Scott Gulf Rd & a half mile road walk to the trailhead. Interesting afternoon, but there are better hikes in the area.

Good trail with nice views!

Great easy trail for young kids! Caves are very easy to miss, but so glad we found them! They definitely made this trail worth it.

Great hike, beautiful views. There were a lot of people but all of them were nice. On the way out there was a line of cars waiting for parking spaces, so get there early!

1 month ago

Nice two mile “tune up” trail. 200ish feet of elevation change.

Trail gets muddy and slick when wet.

The “Cave” isn’t much to look at.

Great family friendly hike! The cave is not marked but awesome to come up on.

2 months ago

Mostly a walk through the woods. Trail was fairly well marked. Saw limestone formations and sink holes. No rivers. Terrain was easy.

It was super beautiful with the snow. Easy little trail that's enjoyable for your family and dogs.
I want to come back and run the trail.

For hiking in Nashville, this is my favorite spot. It connects to the loop trail around the lake on both ends, so add this Gainer Ridge section for more of a challenge and gorgeous views. With the connecting loop trail, it’s about 3 miles total, not too difficult. Even though Radnor Lake is inside the city limits, 15 min. drive from downtown, you’ll feel far away from it all. There’s heavy foot traffic on weekends, but if you can catch this place when it isn’t crowded, it’s wonderful.

Easy hike. Adequately marked. A lot of the "trail" is actually on road and uninspiring. A short pretty forest section at about 1.2 miles is the exception. The big payoff is Welch's point which is as beautiful as advertised. Never found Amber's "den". There is a sign indicating the direction (this is about 2.2 mi in) and 1.1 mile distance to Amber's Den near Welch's Pt. I took this fork in the woods and after 1.4 miles ended up on the banks of the Caney Fork. Pretty, but not what I was looking for. Virgin Falls definitely the better option if looking to hike in this area.

Loved it!

Good moderate trail with a nice little uphill section. The local wildlife doesn't seem to be afraid of people so they will stay close to the trail as you approach.

Great day hike in the city of you only have a few hours! The main lake trail tends to be a lot heavier trafficked than Gainer Ridge. Since it is a nature preserve, you are not permitted to leave the trail which is very clearly groomed and marked. This makes it a great place for a solo hike if you are new to solo hiking!

2 months ago

5 stars are for what there's in TN... It is dog friendly, has some elevation and relief to it. Actually, I think they call it Day Loop. I'd say the difficulty is more of easy/moderate, than moderate. Overall, it was an enjoyable hike. It was very lightly trafficked as we went hiking earlier in the morning when it still was pretty chilly.

nature trips
2 months ago

Great walk through the woods. nice access to the lake. would recommend to anyone that wants to get away. I just did the loop portion of the trail. Trail is very well marked and very clean.

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