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Great hike. Good diversity. Probably the most challenging you’ll get in Hillsborough area.

Great for Mountain Biking

Awesome colors, hard to comprehend how different areas so close to one another can be.

Great trail with amazing views. Agree with other reviews about it being a moderate trail. Stick to the trail and you'll be fine.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Not a hike for beginners but I definitely wouldn’t rate it hard. More like moderate. All the falls are absolutely breath taking. If you’re using your phone for pictures I recommend bringing a portable charger because you will need it with the amount of pictures you’ll take! You could easily get away with wearing sneakers. Just some parts are a little slippery and there’s still patches of snow and ice. But overall 10/10 will 100% be going again soon!

Was a very nice hike. Definitely a challenge right now due to snow coverage that is melting. Trail is slippery so hiking boots with really good traction or metal spikes are suggested. Beautiful view once you hit the top!

5 days ago

Great workout, beautiful views, and interesting history behind this hike.

6 days ago

Nice loop trail with views. You can get down to the river and away from weekend crowds. Overall nice hike but not secluded.

Absolute breathtaking hike! Quite a challenge with most of this hike being rocky slopes. I like to do this backwards where you hike to the falls vs. seeing the falls first. Wear shoes with good grip and slip resistant. Get there early as it gets crowded, and dont forget your cameras!!!!

Well marked trail and I just completed this loop based on the hints and directions given in the reviews. Trails are well maintained. Only thing, I clocked just under 12 miles for the entire loop.

Love this trail. Trails are well marked. Love the Blue Trail a lot... I followed the directions based on other reviewers. I started off where the blue and red trail meet. Took the blue trail which ended up on Perkiomen Trail. To make a complete loop of the reservoir, you need to take Perkiomen Trail followed by Red Trail. I thoroughly enjoyed the hike. It was my first time there and it was not difficult at all to follow the blazers. Trails are muddy at this time of the year with all the snow melting... I hiked it solo and didn't feel unsecure at any times.

7 days ago

Good, strenuous trail right near Louisville. Would recommend for a good day trip without having to leave the Louisville area!

Great trail. I’ve done it three times since March has started. If you want more of a challenge take the trail counter clockwise starting with the blue dot trail and taking the red dot down. Much steeper inclines going up so it’s a nicer workout plus you get to see all the falls first and the hike down is much quicker after you summit

We went out on this trail after a huge storm and it was absolutely amazing! I can only imagine how beautiful it is when everything is green and in bloom. The difficulty and time needed to complete the hike increased a bit due to the amount of snow which had accumulated, but it was more than worth the effort. The view is perfect!

12 days ago

This is a really beautiful hike. I'll admit the steps are a bit strenuous but the views make it all worth it! Just go slow and steady and you'll be glad you did this hike. I did this hike with a friend and then again with a women's hiking group. If you're a female and interested in hiking with other females Join our FB page and be included in monthly meetups in PA.

16 days ago

Wear hiking shoes, it’s rocky in many places. Beautiful lookouts over the river in the first 10 minutes of the hike. Staying left on the trail and taking it clockwise will take you along the high portion of the trail first and on the way back, following the loop, takes you lower along the river.

Trail was a little hard to find but the view was amazing!

18 days ago


18 days ago

nice hike with great view.

Be careful of chiggers! Beautiful trek though!

Favorite NJ hike. Red dot has some rock scrambling towards the top and blue dot is very rocky to descend. Would recommend hiking boots not sneakers. Really fun hike

Rocky, steep in sections, but the view is worth the climb!

24 days ago

I took advantage of a beautiful February day by checking out Thousand Steps. I honestly found it not too terrible on the way up. I stopped several times for a minute to catch my breath, but made it to the top in a little less than an hour. Saw the beautiful vistas and remnants of an old building. What I didn’t expect was how challenging the descent would be. My legs wobbled the whole way down. My muscles were spent. I would definitely recommend 1 or 2 hiking poles for the way down, it kept me from going too fast and eating rock. Definitely a nice trail and I really appreciated the historical context. Also, the markings every 100 steps were super helpful. I would consider it more moderate than hard.

very wet this time of year be prepared to walk in 4-6 inches of water for a few miles . Feb 26. views do not disappoint. beautiful little series of falls at the bottom.

Best hike EVER!! Beautiful view! Worth the hike!

A very nicely maintained state high point. Nothing too special about the area, but also gives an excuse to visit Wilmington, Delaware. High point is easily accessible and you can literally park right across the street.

the trail is beautiful, but don't forget to stop and look around you or you will miss the hidden gems. There is a wonderful arch you can climb in and through near the end of the loop

Definitely not for beginners but an amazing trail nonetheless with beautiful views.

30 days ago

Beautiful view!

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