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Great views, nice walk with various different types of scenery.

I just went out to take this hike, and the map was extremely inaccurate. The portions of the trail that skirt the northeast and west shores of Williams Pond and Higgins Pond simply do not exist.

There is also no publicly accessible trail making the last leg of the walk - the part that most closely parallels the beach. I trespassed my way down to the each and got back to the Newcomb parking lot that way.

The dirt roads around all these ponds are very nice for walking, but you might as well pick your own route from Google Maps.

What an Amazon experience! The trail is amazing. Mostly flat.However, there are a few stairs to climb. The view was amazing. Feeding the birds was hands down our favourite!

Wow! Spectacular views!! Definitely would do this again. Steep but short and worth getting sweaty

We loved it!

Much of the “trail” is a maze of dirt roads leading to private homes. Inaccurate trail map.

5 months ago

very nice trail

Steep climb in spots but not dangerous.

We did this today nice rolling hills and views of sand dune shrubs

6 months ago

Awesome day! Easy walk in the sand.

Nice hike which includes ocean views from one of the higher dunes in The Cape

Taken this trail many times to an isolated beach. Spectacular.

We saw a pod of dolphins jumping through the waves very close to the rocks. So cool!

Nice place to walk, but a bit of a challenge slogging through the sand

7 months ago

started the trail mostly marsh with a trail mostly sand. through a wooded area that isn't clearly marked but able to find our way back to the main trail. this portion is a wide path, sand, pine needles. lots of trees then circles back around to the marsh area. the last bit of the loop seems to closed, it is roped off and the signs say it is suberged. trail ends walking back in the beach, as u continue on the beach there is a large house near the parking area but couldn't find a marked exit off the beach back to the parking area....2 sets of stairs....one marked private. took the other set that lead to woods near the house where the owner of the home came outside yelling we were on private property.....even though the stairs up the dunes were not marked. apologized for not being sure of the trail as she continued to tell us all this land is private....guess she owns the national seashore of wellfleet....not worth your time

The climb up the mountain is a little tougher than you'd guess but it's a quick and easy hike. Did it at 8 am on a summer Saturday and only saw one other group of 2 people on the trail, a nice change of pace for Acadia.

7 months ago

Decent hike, but look at the map and do the hike clockwise so you finish by the lake. Dog friendly, and most of the hike is in a wooded area so insect repellant is a good idea.

beautiful early morning walk on the water

Great hike with amazing views, make sure to go while the tide is going out so you don't get stuck.

8 months ago

Great way to spend the morning

8 months ago

Great views of the dunes and beach. Bog house is a really cool landmark too. Secluded beach access if you're up for the trek.

First mile over the breakwater requires some agility - not a lot, but some - from there, the open water side of the peninsula is solitary and beautiful. While swimming several seals popped up nearby. It was a unique experience. The water is crystal clear. The route is rated difficult because after the rocky breakwater, it's 4 miles of soft sand. When at last you return to solid ground, you feel like a gazelle. It's worth the drive out...definitely.

Great view at top, steep rocky incline
There is a trail on back side with parking and short walk for those that would prefer an easier walk

The beginning was a little tricky but the view at the overlook was totally worth it. 10/10 would hike again.

9 months ago

Very good trail, combination of beach, marsh and woods. The scenery is beautiful!!

Nice hike along the top of the dunes and then back through the forest to bog house

beautiful walk but wouldn't rate it as hard - highly recommend

10 months ago

I'd call it more of a walk than a hike. Gorgeous and sandy.

11 months ago

Hard to follow trails, great scenery. If you don't just mind wandering around it's a great place to hike.

Great hike. Awesome scenery. It depends what you are used to doing (not as hard as a mountain hike) I wouldn't rate as difficult. On a nice June day it would be a cool walk on the beach. We did it on 30 degree day with 40 mph winds. Loved the challenge!

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