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Nice hike on a Spring morning. Disappointed at the end. Excavation at the hole with a big pipe sticking out of it. Haven't been able to find out what it was for. Anyone else have any answers?

Fantastic views! There's still some snow near the top of the trail, but nothing hiking boots can't handle.

Parking is at the cafe at the bottom of the trail. The views for this trail were pretty amazing and the trail is mostly sand and very well maintained. A lot of dogs off leash today. The elevation gain at the beginning of the hike is pretty significant, but the side trail leading to an overlook was a good place to enjoy the view! There was also some snow at the end of the hike before the turnaround. I brought micro spikes, but managed fine in my boots.

So far...favorite hike in the Tahoe-Reno network of trails.

Breathtaking views once you get past 7500 feet.

Would highly recommend.

Slightly muddy. At the hole there is a significant amount of water so no going in. Three boys 7, 8, and 9, had no issues. Took alternate trails back. Phone worked the whole way so I knew we were ok, but honestly youre never out of sight of civilization.

9 days ago

Beautiful hike, with great views. The trail was a pretty snowy/muddy at parts, but still hikeable. I was recommended this hike by a volunteer at Galena visitors center and it did not disappoint.

This is a nice hike along a pretty river. The river is very full this time of year, but not over it's banks. Walking the river on this side of the highway does indeed make you appreciate the lack of houses on the other side. There are Aspen's growing along the river for most of the trails length. I'm sure it's very pretty in the fall. Interesting fallen log bridge at the end of the trail. Not much past that, but fun to climb the natural bridge.

Definitely labeled correctly as “hard”, although my report won’t be completely accurate being we did this hike yesterday April 7 2018, not expecting the entire back half of the Loop to be snow, some places thigh deep. Thankfully there was one set of footprints and this app to keep us on the path until our phones died. There was no cell service either. It was quite a trek getting around the loop-we weren’t sure if we should turn around or keep going but we pressed forward and made it around the whole loop.

We crossed the rushing stream 3 times via log bridge.

The views and surroundings were spectacular. We will definitely do this hike again once the snow melts.

15 days ago

fun hike wonderful views and not too steep an incline and pretty easy trail. slushy snow at the top that got our feet wet. thicker socks and better boots would have solve that though.views well worth the hike

Nice hike beautiful views

Nice, easy hike. Rarely out of sight of the subdivisions, but a nice area for a casual walk.

20 days ago

Still some snow pack up top but pretty clear

Wow. This hike Is now in my top five in Reno. I have hiked almost every other trail, and this one was the most challenging, with the best views hands down!. I went on a weekday around 1 o’clock and there was virtually no one else on the trail with me and my dog. Wide set trail with changes in terrain and up hill almost all the way. The view even just 3 miles in of the whole city of Reno is jaw dropping. I can’t wait to come back and hike the full thing - will definitely be an accomplishment.
This is NOT the hunter creek trail, nowhere near it (this one is up past scolaris), and the directions take you right to the trail head. I would definitely keep the map open as you’re going the first couple Of miles if you want to follow the main trail. There are a lot of off shoots and you can lose the main trail easily without looking at the map.
Highly recommend this for a good workout!

Is this a hike? No. Is it a beautiful walking trail through the backyards of Alpine mansions with an awesome view of the mountains? Yes. Good for dogs, not too much snow considering the trails at higher elevations are covered right now. Really beautiful suburban walk.

elevation gets very high but beautiful hike!!

Good ride, the whole park is fun and easily navigated. This is a great lap trail for after work with semi fast areas and moderate climbs.

1 month ago

Nice hike!
Few runners and bikes but not overly packed with people.
Some snow and mud. Shoe chains helped in the few inches of snow on the ground.

Lots of views interrupted by houses. This trail is interesting in that it starts out right next to Thomas Creek, wanders away from the creek and out into the sage brush fields, back to the creek and then changes to the lower part of the forest. Aspen trees follow the creek the majority of the way. Trail has some fairly large rock as it's Nevada, but there were a couple of trail runners making their way along just fine.

2/10/18 - I hiked Galena Creek to Church’s Pond (and back) last weekend and it was sunny/no snow so I decided to do the full loop this weekend. NOT a good idea. After getting to the crest and beginning the loop descend on the back side, there is quite a bit of snow. I kept going assuming it would be short lived since I was dropping in altitude but not the case. There is limited sun on the back Jones/Whites Creek loop side so it was horribly ICY and dangerous, especially with a drastic drop off on one side of the trail the majority of the way down.
I would love to do this hike again after it warms up more and melts the ice & snow off but even with the warm weather we have been having, I do not recommend the full loop right now. Stick with the Church’s Pond out/back.

2 months ago

Great scenic diversity, a little crowded but challenging and SO worth it.

One of my favorite local trails. Challenging diverse terrain with amazing views and great places to stop relax by the creeks or overlooking the valleys. You can also easily do a partial in and out too if you just have an hour or two, but I recommend counter clockwise unless you want to get a workout climbing. It is also easy to take a wrong turn onto connecting trails on the loop though so bring the app map if it’s your first time out ;)

Such a beautiful place for hiking

Interesting trail. All of the elevation gain is in the first bit, the majority of the way is very level. The "Hole In the Wall" was much bigger than I expected. Nice hike this winter as I had the daughter and grand daughter along, so didn't need to worry about cold feet in snow. Didn't have any issues finding the trail, just used the map in the app and zoomed in to distinguish the route.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike and perfect weather. Some ice going downhill as well as some mud but an overall great hike.

2 months ago

Hike was beautiful, icy on the far side but very manageable. The trail was pretty busy but everyone was very nice! Great views! At a steady pace can be done in less than 3 hours. We will do this hike again soon!

2 months ago

Great trail but very frustrating that so many dogs were off the leash! If your dog is nice that's great but you don't know how dogs will interact. It caused my hike to have moments of stress that I would rather not have to anticipate. The hike was beautiful, I would do it again without my dog.

As it’s been noted, the trail head is hard to find. Just find parking near the river and take a right towards the bridge to find the trailhead.

off road driving
2 months ago

The staging point for off road driving is on Avenida De Landa where it turns into Las Brisas. Look for the sign in the picture. All other entrance points are blocked off. Fun trails. We didn't have a lot of time to explore so we'll be back for sure.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike! You can cut through to take a quick peek of the monkey rock and the beautiful 270 degree view of the lake. Shortcut is a bit steep but well worth it.

3 months ago

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