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This is always going to be favorite “go to” trail. I love the view and the length and variety that this trail has to offer. Free convenient parking is a short walking distance from the base of the trail on either the street or at the park. It’s also a perfect trail for strollers, dogs leashed, even children. Great trail the whole family can enjoy. Watch out for little critters passing by (just like you would encounter on any nature walk). Make sure to wear a hat and bring lots of water during the summer months because there isn’t a whole lot of shade. The trail can take anywhere from 1-1.5 hours depending on if you do the entire trail or just the quick loop around. As long as you’re staying on the designated paths provided, you’re sure to enjoy a safe and fun exercise :)

The trail is rockey and I wouldn’t rate it as easy but, the waterfall is cool. IMO it’s a good workout not too hard but, not easy.

4 days ago

For my first time hiking this trail kicked my ass all the way up the hill. It was a great workout. When you reach the top youll see that there are other trails! Be careful for snakes. Its getting warmer and they like to lay in the trail. First time i went was 4/7/18 and a rattle snake was laying in the middle of the trail.
The second time 4/15/18 and came across a smaller snake also laying in the trail.

on Dragon's Back

5 days ago

Fun trail! Although my partner and I got carried away and ended up following a bike trail it was still a lot of fun! Just make sure not to be chatty Kathy’s and get yourself lost and you’ll be right as rain!

Oh, and ‘Dragon’s Back’? More like ‘Lizard’s Back’! HA There was so many cute little lizards!

A great place to hike and the views are amazing. Highly recommend!

good for family. has nice views of the city.


10 days ago

Amazing hike!!! I carried my 40lb toddler in my arms all the way up the mountain and to the river creek and then down..about 6 miles total. It was quite the workout but the view was simply amazing!!! Started our hike at 6:30am and finished by 10am

Love going before the sunrise, the view is unbelievable.

Went on a mid-morning Saturday, and there were not many people on the trail. Was a bit surprised as the views are gorgeous once you get up into the hills a bit. By the afternoon lots of little lizards were coming out to sun themselves on the trail and my dog was going nuts every 20 feet trying to get at them after they'd scurry back into the brush on the sides of the trail. There are some narrow parts and drop-offs, particularly in the beginning, but the trail really widens out after a while. Could have easily walked four across for most of it. So many bends that you don't want to stop. You want to keep going to find out what's around that next corner. Never made it to the very top, but I plan to return and try to get to the end...if there is one!

Hiked up here on a beautiful morning. Great hike for beginners but I chose to scale some rocks up near the top as well. Architecture of the place is reminiscent of Old California. Missions and the like. Great hike and can’t say enough about the views from all angles of this trail.

Great hike. Favorite place to hike when I have the time. No shade the whole way up, but flowing cool water and shade at the top of the trail. At the top to the left is a another waterfall that can be climbed where the trail continues. Continue ahead and the trail takes up higher with plenty of shade to keep you warm. Definately bring bug spray in the warmer months. I haven't been, but someone told me there's a lake 2 mile further up one of the trails. Bring plenty of water cuz the uphill climb is a really good workout. Parking is an issue. DO NOT PARK OUTSIDE OF THE GATE!!! Your car will get towed. Other than that... I highly recommend.

Really verticle hike. No shade, but a good workout.

Great for a quick workout. You can walk the trail or hike up the side trails. It gets busy with a lot of people depending on the time of day. I usually night hike which makes it a lot better to breathe.

Nice trail for a family hike!

Nice trail with great views, my kids love it!

16 days ago

It is a good trail the way up is a bit iffy but not bad other than that great trail no trash good weather great view and it is a nice easy trail even thou slip and fell on my buttocks.

I love this trail. Great for running or a easy stroll.

Great hike! Wife and I came for anniversary hike and loved it. The water fall creek made it totally worth it! Easy hike

Beautiful view and a great place to take your kids. My 5 and 4 year old enjoyed it.

Nice elevation changes. I’ll definitely go again.

20 days ago

This hike is accessible for everyone. The Paths are paved and kid friendly.

Easy trail to follow. Very rocky and unstable.

Was a very nice trail! Great view, high traffic! Lots of dog walkers. At the top is a great area to take a break and relax. Was a fun hike!

Kids love this place. Big cross on top of the mountain can’t get any better.

1 month ago

We went up from the dog park and BOY WAS THAT A STEEP GOOD CHALLENGE!!!!

Nice and steep

Great trail! Today was perfect with the overcast and the dogs even enjoyed themselves. ☺️

1 month ago

Beautiful view and no rocks. Smooth trail.

I met the coolest people on this hike!

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