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2 days ago

This would have been an easy trail is it wasn’t so muddy and slippery. It last rained two days ago, so there were dry spots, but some of the slippery spots were really dangerous. The views are beautiful once you get there, but still be careful on the rocks. There is also a waterfall that is pretty. Several baths but only one that you can swim in. And if the tide is rough, this could be super dangerous. The trail does start with a sign that reads “Many people have died here.” And more. Could be a great experience, but I was too nervous after reading that!

Paddling on the Wailua River was nice but I would not do it again considering the slippery and muddy trails, crossing the tributary with a rope, the crowds at the falls plus the costs of renting the kayak with a guide.

A beautiful hike! Able to see the coast line, which is one of the best parts of the island. It was a bit muddy when we went in March, but with careful footing it was not too bad. Would recommend this hike.

Beautiful trail. A little muddy but we had rain earlier in the day. Prepare to get muddy. There is a few places we have to weave through the trees. Did it with an 8 month old on my back just fine. At the falls there is a rope swing. Bring a towel if the weather is cooler.

Awesome hike, very pretty. We weren’t paying attention and totally missed the first falls and ended up at the second. We couldn’t figure how to get down to the bottom of the falls to the rope swing but asked a local and he showed us. Where it looks like it dead ends you climb up some rocks and trees on the right side of the trail to a higher trail. Once you walk about 50 feet you descend back down. Rope swing was cool, water felt great.

11 days ago

It hasn’t rained much before we went but it was still SUPER muddy and slippery. I wore flip-flops but ended up doing the hike barefoot until we got to the lava rocks, it was to slippery to be in flip-flops. Beautiful view once you got down to the rocks. The bath seemed calm enough for me to jump in and swim around for awhile. Every few minutes a huge wave would crash over into the baths, it was a lot of fun and a great easy hike (besides how slippery it was). My wife is 22 weeks pregnant and had no problem at all.

Out and back two mile kayak trip was nice. 1 mile out and back hike to the falls was VERY muddy (ie slippery) and not easy for a 69-year-old MS patient. You cross one fairly rapid river and two streams.. lots of rocks and tree roots. Nevertheless, it was well worth the effort. The falls were truly spectacular.

14 days ago

Steep and small parking lot. Goergeous but be careful in high surf season.

14 days ago

Great trail that is accessible but quite muddy in rainy season. Plan ahead and bring lots of water and wear proper shoes. The diversity of the panoramas is fantastic. Enjoy

Just hiked this today with my 13 year old son. We cliff jumped about 40 feet down stream from the first falls on both sides of the stream. The jumping cliffs are about 10 feet high on the trail side and about 15-18 on the other side. I checked the depth before we jumped and the water was over 10 feet deep.

We then walked down to the second falls which are higher but there was no cliff jumping there - just the rope swing which also looked fun, but we didn’t do it. We went back to the first set of falls, jumped a few more times and ate the Subway sandwich we had packed. It was a great day we will both remember forever.

Trail was muddy, but not difficult by any means. Views are well worth the trip.

Really neat trail with beautiful views and waterfalls but is all private property and we were forced off.

Mud, mud, mud. Won't be back.

Two nice waterfalls. The first is a bit more dramatic. The first waterfall has a nice jump just below the main falls into about 8-9 ft of water, you then float down 100-150 ft and climb out on the right. The second fall has a nice overlook and a rope swing in the pond below the falls. Watch out for the submerged rock below the rope swing.

Also look for signs of wild pigs with small wallows.

24 days ago

We took it just for the hike. Lots of other hikers also did the snorkeling. We saw pretty-colored fish right from the rocks. Top of the trail is mostly dirt with some big lava rocks. Good shade on the top half and at the bottom. We saw signs of wild pigs rooting along the trail. Heard a pig, but did not see any. Saw lots of goats once the trail turned rocky and along the trail nearing the bottom. Middle bottom section is mostly big lava rock and cobbled lava rock.
It’s a tiring climb back out. We went mid-afternoon on a partly cloudy 80 degree day. Take plenty of water. In all, it took about 3 hours down and back with 20 mins, or so, checking out the scenery and monument at the bottom.

24 days ago

Really good trail. It is kind of wet in the winter and there is mud all the way.

Amazing short hike to two waterfalls. Make sure to bring water shoes if you’re planning to jump.

Nice day trip but don’t go after it’s rained - way too muddy. Seen too many people and kids slip and fall. Lots of tour groups so secret falls was a bit crowded. Being able to kayak on the Wailua River was pretty awesome!

This was one of the best hikes we’ve been on in Kauai. We used Wailua River Kayaks and would highly recommend them. We were the first ones down the river and the paddle up was really nice.... we were also the first ones to the falls so we were able to get some really nice photos. It’s definitely worth doing first thing in the morning because the rivers gets pretty crowded.

Easy hike with nice photo ops and two waterfalls!

Great views from trail. Parking lot is really small and trail is a little steep but easy to navigate. Definitely worth doing!

1 month ago

Easy hike with stunning vistas and a refreshing swim.

Don’t have much to see once you actually get down there.

1 month ago

Short but steep and scenic trail to a very nice small beach (really more of a beach access path than a trail per se). Beach is great for snorkeling and ok for swimming. Secluded and scenic. The trail is poorly maintained and actually somewhat dangerous due to the corroded handrails and shaky ropes for holding on. Access between the two fence rows. Highly recommend

1 month ago

It had rained all last week so the trail was super muddy and slippery, but manageable. Definitely take one of the walking sticks that are piled up at the trailhead. Once you make it down to the lava rock it’s super easy to get to the rock pool. Water was warm and swimming was nice :)

Amazing, great hike down and up.

We are novice hikers. We walked from our B&B which added an extra 3/4 mile but made it down in 75 minutes or so. Took about 90 mins back up to the trail head. The signs posted advise 2-4 hour round trip which is accurate. The sun was very strong on the way back up so I would suggest lots of protection and water (at least a whole bottle for the way back up). We made several (and I mean several) stops on the way up and were glad to have some extra sunscreen. There were a ton of tour boats but everyone was friendly and the boats only lingered for 30 minutes so we waited it out to get into the water. The snorkeling was awesome and made the journey very worth while. If you are a person that would rather have the trail to yourself I would recommend coming very early before the boats. I wore Tevas and did just fine but I am pretty sure footed. Definitely recommend proper hiking shoes for those that don’t.

the trail was fine, easy to find and navigate. Single track the whole way, nowhere to get off the path. good shoes aren't required, as we saw many people hiking out in flip flops, but I opted for my trail runners and was happy I had my rock guard. The snorkeling at the bottom by the monument was the best part. This hike was rated as moderate but we hiked with some extreme novice hikers and they did just fine.

The trail head is just to the right of a person’s home; last house on the left before the off-shoulder Parking.
Tons of rain recently. The waterfall is FULL, and beware the last 25 feet of the trail is flooded, so you have to forge your own.

Crowded but worth it for the amazing views along the coast.

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