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I believe it's closed as when you use the "directions" feature, there is no route.

Closed due to the mud slides

Can anyone confirm if this trail is open? It seems like it is closed due to the wildfires, according to this site: http://www.santabarbarahikes.com/

1 month ago

I took grief for 1 star, it used to be 5, and will be again I hope. It's very sad, the road and trail head is gone from the mud slide. The trails (East and West) are closed and it doesn't look like they will re-open any time soon. I suppose you can bushwhack your way in but they clearly don't want you there.

1 month ago

This is not an easy trail. Elevation gain of 3,700 ft in 7.9 miles if you take the whole trail to Divide Peak. Starts at the height school and after single track switchbacks up the hill the trail opens to the fire road. Sadly, this area was heavily damaged by the 2017 Thomas Fire, but still worth the trip for a good workout. Horses, dogs and mountain bikes are allowed on this trail.

This is my "go to" trail whenever I want a nice workout close to home where my dogs can tag along. The views are amazing and the spur choices off the Ridge trail are a shady option on warm days. Best time to go when you'll not likely see a soul is weekday mornings. Be sure to bring water, sunscreen & wear long pants if you take the spurs (lots of poison oak!) A great short loop is Turkey Ridge trail.

This was a beautiful, yet challenging hike. Really great views and I didn’t see another soul on the trail. Be warned, however, this hike is closer to 10 miles out and back, which I verified on another website and my own tracking device.

loved it went after it rained

2 months ago

Just got back from hiking from the Gaud dunes to Point Sal beach. We starting on the road leading to the Guadalupe Beach parking lot. We hiked up and down across the dunes until we hit Mussel Rock. There's a steep sandy drop leading down to Paradise beach. Next day we hiked up and out of Paradise along the ridge of Point Sal. Heading south on the ridge we came across a spot that seemed washed out by water leading down to Point Sal beach. There's a steep trail next to this wash out running down the mountain side. It seems intimidating upon appearance, but definitely saves a couple hours from having to walk around the whole ridge line to get down to the beach. This route is definitely a hard one. Be very cautions if backpacking. The trail will take you down to the very North tip of Point Sal beach. I do not recommend taking this route alone.To get to the parking lot of Point Sal from the beach, we found the beach access at the south side of the beach. Once on the paved road, you can choose to take a shortcut straight up to the top, or follow the winding long road. The shortcut connects to the road you're own. Another indicator of the shortcut is a water runoff drain at the top of the shortcut. Once you've hit the paved road you're back on track to the parking lot. Bring camping gear and lots of food and water. This route is not one for the weary. I hope this helps out anyone looking to explore this area. Safe travels!

3 months ago

Such an amazing view at the end of the hike!

Is not much of a hike. However, the views are beautiful, worth it.

2 mike uphill workout on the beginning.
Constant views of the pacific on the way back doe . Took my sister here for her first time in Santa Barbara and we loved it!

Amazing landscape and good condition!

Uphill more than anticipated. Next time I'll let my dog swim at a lower pool and be content with that. Lots of pools.

not very pleasant descent - dust with small rocks

Still plenty of water this time around.

Went on this gorgeous hike at sunset. The views were beautiful. However, on the hike up, we came across some locals and asked if we were heading the right way to the hot springs. To which they chuckled and told us “I’m laughing because they don’t really exist anymore.” He gave us directions and we saw literally a completely dry circle surrounded by rocks. Even in November. Beautiful hike. But no hot springs. The city seems to be taking water from the spring now :/

Went two days ago... great for a beginner

3 months ago

I did last Sunday November 12 with my friend.
we started early like 6 am.
finished 1:30pm.
this course is wonderful and little challange to us but we did safely.
we didn't see the many people coming up when we are coming down.
that was little weird because this trail is so good to climb for good excise and has a good view of ocean.
we promise to come back again soon
if someone wants a good excise try this one. and good luck!

Great trail, first 7 miles are mountainous with lots of brush. Mostly follows a small creek and crosses it several times. Long pants are a must and a brush axe was very helpful. The rough stuff ends in a dry, sandy, river bed (looks like it has significant flow in the in the wet season and would be uncrossable if it were flowing) that lasts for about 3 miles. After that it becomes much less fun. At the 11mile mark you just follow the road. It’s a steady uphill for the next 3 miles and is exhausting. Seeing the car at the end of that was incredible!

Beautiful views!

Great hike. Didn't do all of the loop but saw amazing views....really worth it.

Start with a jog and enjoy!

4 months ago

This trail is not that great for the first 8-10 miles, and will lack shade for long periods on hot days, so as the other reviewer said, it is best to start early. Your first source of water is going to be at McKinley Springs 8 miles from the Cachuma Saddle. Bring your water filter. The elevation gain is not too bad until you reach the McKinley Saddle. McKinley has very nice views, but I highly suggest turning left at McKinley Saddle and going to Mission Pine. I'm serious. You will pass San Rafael Mt., which is higher than Mckinley, but you get into the real gold at Mission Pine and beyond. This is going to make it a 30+ mile hike round trip, but it is so worth it!!! Mission Pine is easily the most beautiful place in the Los Padres that I have seen, and I have done a lot of trails. There are actually redwoods at MP, and I am serious. This Trail is best if you want to spend the night at Mission Pine or Pine Basin, but after Mission Pine the trail gets pretty sketchy.

Easy hike and beautiful views

Nice trail pretty nice terrain not too rocky. We did Edison catwalk loop, the sign is now again at the top. I loved the shade and sun in the mid day fall, not too hot! Beautiful views and trails.

5 months ago

Great hike. Make sure to bring enough water. I wish that I had worn gaiters, lots of brush that gets in your boots. Great wide open views

Always a great hike challenging because of distance and elevation gain but such a great trail

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