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Love this hike! Beautiful mountain and creek views. Challenging, but awesome if you are looking for a long hike. Well maintained and not crowded.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Awesome trail. Great for when other trails are wet. This one seems to stay dry when others are not. Quick 7 ish mile ride. Takes under 1.5 hours on a mountain bike. Some challenging spots when climbing. Amazing downhills. Beautiful scenery.

I did this trail on 4/22/18 with no spikes and a walking stick. Parts of this trail got really sketchy without spikes. I got through it but would definitely not recommend going with just hiking boots, it got real dangerous but the view at the top is really amazing. Took me 4hrs to go there and back

One of the most beautiful trails I’ve been on yet. 7.5 miles is very doable even for the most reluctant rookie hiker. Trials are in good shape and there are very few muddy spots. Active trial for hikers and bikers alike.

7 days ago

Hiked on 4/17/2018. Left Long's Peak Ranger station at 9:15am and reached Chasm Lake at 12:00pm. Did the whole trail with micro-spikes only. Trail is well traveled and well packed. Micro spikes a must. Weather was perfect on the way up, clear and a little windy. On the way back around 1:30pm it got really windy and started snowing. I made a hustle to get back to the treeline as fast as possible. Made it back to the Ranger station at 2:15pm.

Love it. Amazing views!

Only a few muddy spots on the trail today (4/16/18)
I hiked the loop counterclockwise.
I found this one through...
The “Eldorado Falls” are not well marked. :(
I will definitely do this hike again and spend more time by South Boulder Creek.

It was amazing to ski

Hiked on 4/16, the trail is well packed with snow, and not super icy. I would still recommend spikes and poles, but snowshoes are not needed. Above tree line, this trail can be brutally windy. Me and some other hikers in front of me were turned back by gale force winds that would knock you over and make it difficult to move forward. I would recommend checking the wind conditions for the trail, but even making it as far as I did the views of Longs Peak were seriously awesome.

9 days ago

Beautiful winter hike, gorgeous views of Longs Peak. Didn't need the snowshoes yesterday but was glad to have the microspikes. There are a couple areas of exposure just before the big snowfield traverse, probably better early with ice and microspikes than later with softer snow.

Outstanding trail. Rushing creek, expansive prairie, winding woodsy paths. It’s great, and tiring! Worth it.

11 days ago

Hiked on April 14th. Great hike! Definitely need micro-spikes. Really, really beautiful. The drop from the trail to Chasm Lake is actually pretty steep, which in the snow we decided to do anyways and just took some small boulder climbing. AMAZING views. The final few turns in the trail after the privy had some icy spots with steep drop offs but with the micro-spikes it wasn’t bad at all, just take it slow if it’s icy. It’s just so freaking beautiful. Start early in the morning. It gets icier and windier in the afternoon.

16 days ago

Hiked on 4/9. There was 2-3ft of fresh snow above tree line which made it very difficult to find the trail. Snow shoes are a must with all of the snow.

17 days ago

Today, 4/08/18, I needed something to do. After doing some homework. Bierstadt it was. Being from Minnesota, hiking ...lets just say the mountains are a different beast. After reading numerous reviews here: my 4 year old had his first summit to the dogs and 100's...and 100's of people to contend with..well, didnt sound too challenging. But, I did read a few well written reviews to go prepared.
Not nearly for what I was about to face.
left late...really late from F.Collins (2:30pm) arrived at what was apparently the Silver Dollar parking lot as the road to the Guanella pass summit was still closed for the season...my homework skills need honing. talked to a guy there that was going to do some skiing and he thought the trailhead to Bierstadt would be a couple of miles. lucky I brought my winter gear including Sorrels, ski mask and micro spikes. headed up the hill at about 4pm. didnt need the spikes but postholed more than a few times but not bad. An hour later I was at the trailhead. Id say the wind was 40+ and the temp around 0. I knew a front was coming in but looking off to the west it seemed to be coming a good couple of hours early. I was alone and the only soul I had seen was a couple skiing down right as I set off...I really wished I had that idea..I need to think this over, if only I could get in the outhouse - frozen halfway shut and buried in snow. I get it open and have a seat. I decide to at least go a bit before turning back. I see what appears to be the start of the trail by the marker and another marker some 30 yards out. Off I go...postholing it every step. Wow..where are the snowshoes... (even those didnt seem to help one reviewer and his friends) Anyways, I realize Im out of my league here and want to see another day so after 20 or so yards of this I turn back down the mountain thinking of those skiers. Once back to my car the Blizzard hits with full force and Im out of there. I have to say..the whole experience - including the solitude and the views walking back down were soooo worth it!!!

This was a beautiful and fairly difficult hike. Lots of wildlife and great streams. no snow on the ground and I went 4/3. I would recommend this to anyone that is in good shape.

23 days ago

Fantastic, scenic hike in fresh, late March snow. Physically pretty demanding on the way up but technically not too difficult on the way down. Did the loop clockwise.

Awesome views and fishing

25 days ago

Trailhead @ 7:30 to get a jump on the weather. Trail up to Mills Pond with hardpack and spikes highly recommended. Trail from Mills Pond to Black Lake was easy to find but not packed. Snowshoes needed on the way up. Made it to the Black Lake then up the wash to Blue Lake. Was turned back when the weather changed with wind, snow and sleet. On the way back, the trail was well packed due to high traffic. Wear spikes, bring snowshoes just in case. Great hike and looking forward to doing it in the summer.

28 days ago

Great day! Several very steep sections, plenty of flat in between. Put snowshoes on at about 2 miles. Trail was easy to follow even with fresh snow on the ground. Didn’t make it all the way to the lake due to time but will be back soon to finish for sure!

1 month ago

Hiked today 3/25. Started early in the morning and was the first one to the lake. Only need microspikes, snowshoes are a bit much, at least until the next snowfall. I started at 6:00am and it was a bit windy. Made it past the snowfield with no problem thanks to the previous tracks......but coming back was a different story. I stayed at the lake for about 2 hours and that was enough time for the sun to soften the track on the snowfield. As I was coming back across I slid about a quarter of the way down and had to dig into the side of the snowfield to make my way back up. Be careful once the snow begins to melt it can be a bit treacherous. I would go as early as possible if the weather is warm, to make sure the snow stays solid.

This used to be my dad's favorite area to hike when he lived in Colorado 25 years ago. Growing up in CA it was a person goal to come here one day since I'd heard so much about it from him and see this place. Beautiful area as everyone can attest to. Difficult hike even for the physically fit. I loved it, but it was mentally challenging as you get close to the summit due to the many rock steps that lead to the top. Hard on the knee's as well. Make sure to check the weather. Happy hiking

mountain biking
1 month ago

One of the more variable MTB rides in the Boulder area, Walker has long been one of my favorite trails. Challenging, beautiful, and technically interesting.

Great hike, wear good hiking shoes. Our end point was at Ouzel Falls. Take some time to get closer to the bottom of the falls, well worth the extra time spent.

Hiked on 3/25/18. Made it up and down without micro spikes but there were some slick moments, especially on the decent. Always a good Boulder go-to but you will see a ton of folks on this one.

1 month ago

Hiked on 3/24/18. Started at 7am with mostly snowpacked trails along the way. Met up with a couple other guys at the Chasm/Boulderfield split, and hiked all the way to the lake. We hugged the upper incline and it was fresh 4 in of powder with a thick layer of ice underneath, highly recommend at least microspikes. The wind was mild and final destination was totally worth it!

1 month ago

Hiked 03/24/18- microspikes very helpful. Multiple social trails after treeline break so keep your eye out for the cairns but you have an epic marker: the diamond and keyhole of Longs Peak. Above treeline, very mild “posthole-ing” (less than 8 inches) but past the fork to Chasm or Boulderfield is a different story. Too off camber for snowshoes in my opinion and spikes worked but you had to be diligent. Considerable “posthole-ing” at times just before the 2nd privy and headed up to the lake (depending which route you took: Rocky scramble/icy or posthole land). We lucked out with little to moderate winds and lots of sunshine! ENJOY!

1 month ago

Fun trail.

Love this hike. But beware of mountain lion have seen fresh paw prints in the snow last two times I went . Also have seen one at Meyers Homestead Trail down the road . Have also seen a Lynx on the way up Flagstaff Rd in a meadowy area on the side of the road. It’s usually a good local hike that I don’t have to get up too early for . Have only gone counter clockwise which has Alot of uphill can be tough .

Hiked Green Mountain today as our first hike of the season and really enjoyed it. It was dry and snow free for the most part but the closer we got to the summit the more packed snow and icy spots we encountered. We hiked up Gregory Canyon and didn’t use our spikes at all but on the way down I was really glad to have them. As usual we saw a lot of people in sneakers that made it up and down as well so you can do without I guess. All in all great hike but a bit too crowded for my taste but that’s what you get when you hike in Boulder.

1 month ago

Spikes only needed on 3/17

Spikes are definitely needed, hiking sticks come in handy as well. Bundle/layer up for sure and enjoy the beauty that is Chasm lake, so worth the climb!!!

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