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Climbed on March 11th, 2018. Took me about 6 hours to get to the top after stopping periodically for the view and lunch. Climb was fairly easy until around 11,500 ft, then the elevation started to slow me down. Not much snow on the bottom but by the time we reached the top it was 3' in some spots. Close to the top you can only identify the trail by prints in the snow. Views were fantastic and photo ops were abundant. Crowded at the top by people who drove up (Road closes at 3pm for the way up, 4pm on the way down).

It was definitely a lot of a fun, and I'm sure I'll do it again.

Hi Danielle. From the parking lot, you go on the path away from the springs. You walk that path as it forms a "u". keep going until you see the abandoned tunnel. after that, youll go a little more and see a trailhead on the right. The sign has St. Mary's falls on it. Have fun!

Hi folks, I'm wondering if you can help me out. I'm confused about which dirt road to take. On one end of the parking lot, there are two options--one is called High Road or something, and the other is Lower Gold Camp. I walked a ways on each of these and didn't find the trailhead. I then tried the dirt road on the other end of the parking lot (directly opposite these two roads). I passed the turn for trail 622 on the right, but I had to turn around because it was getting dark. Was I on the right track? The dirt road made a near U-turn around some private homes and then continued upward. If I'd kept going, would I have found the trailhead on the left? Ugh. Thank you in advance for your help.

Great trail!! We would definitely go back. At the top of the trail you get to switchbacks to get to the falls. This part is not marked and there are several offshoots in the area. Be on the lookout for the correct one to get to the falls. Beautiful scenery and nice hike with the dogs.

Awesome hike ! Make sure you check in at Barr Camp to see about the weather on the summit. The first time I attempted the winds were 60mph so the roads and train were closed. Decided it wasn’t safe to keep going. Came back a second time , no regrets.

Beautiful hike although we started out to do Seven Bridges but couldn't find the trailhead. Nice uphill and vistas overlooking CS and Front Range. Waterfall was of course frozen and not much to see so end point was a bit disappointing, but hey, it's winter. Should have expected it. Will definitely return in the summer!

Beautiful short hike....falls are the perfect place for a picnic..

Great trail! Love this app, it helped to keep us on the correct trail, following the creek. April, I think you guys went left over the creek, we stayed on the trail to the right of the creek and made it to the falls! 6.8 miles!!

1 month ago

I was confused about whether the trail itself was 6 miles or whether it was 6 miles round trip from the parking lot (you walk for quite a ways on a dirt road before getting to the actual trail). Now, having done the hike, I can confirm that it's the latter. Hope this helps anyone else who is wondering!

This was my first 14er a few years ago and I love going back. Absolutely wonderful! Why drive to the top when you can hike it??? The views certainly make up for the painful switchbacks towards the top. Loved it. ❤

Nice moderate trail. The view at the end is much better in the summer time I’m sure (the waterfall was frozen solid). Looking forward to doing it again!

Hiked today with husband 4 mikes up gave my lungs a workout

absolutely amazing hike. everyone should do it at least once in their life, it's a great challenge!

The best hike I've ever done!

My profile: I'm a really active guy and I've been living all my life at sea level. I moved to Colorado Springs 6 months ago.

I've done the Barr trail twice.

- A month ago, at the beginning of December 2017, I tried the Barr Trail through the Incline. It took me 7h to reach the summit and for several times I had to stop for some seconds to catch up with my breath. It was my first time at the incline and the first time over 10,000 feet.

- After my first attempt a month ago, I did the Incline 5 times and twice to Barr Camp to get ready. Then, January 9th 2018 I did my real Barr Camp trail.

I started at 8.30am. It took me 37min to finish the Incline and in 1h50 min from my start I was at Barr Camp. I reached the summit of Pikes Peak in a total of 5h30min. I ate at the bar some spaghetti that I brought with me and after 20 min break I went back down. It took me 3h50min to do the way down, also through the Incline.

My advice: go to Barr Camp a couple of times before to try Pikes Peak. It's worth it because it will allow you to enjoy the views a little bit more when you're over 10,000. Also, the last 2 miles can be miserable and endless if you're not used to the altitude.

Hiked 9/21/17.

Definitely doable in a day, but I skipped Bross. It is on private property and they patrol it pretty frequently. I didn't feel like I missed out in any way by not doing it, though. Went up to Democrat, then to Cameron and Lincoln. The summit of Lincoln was my favorite - beautiful 360 degree view. Most of the trail isn't very exposed, but that meant we were caught a little off-guard when the winds got strong up high. Get an early start, 8:00am at the latest. We started late and were rushing to get down before nightfall. This wasn't too difficult of a hike for my first 14ers, just expect it to take awhile. And be sure to acclimate to the altitude as much as possible in advance, and it will go much more smoothly! :)

Nice trail. Only wish it had been marked better since there are lots of different trails fanning off of what we thought was the main trail; only to find out we took a tougher climb sticking by the stream. Never made it to the Falls because of time. Will try again and be more observant looking for trail markers.

We have done this twice. The first time when our twins were 9 and again with friends when our kids were 10. It is not an easy trail above Barr Camp. Our kids started hiking at age 2. We were EXPECTING it to be difficult for them. That said, it was the hardest AND MOST REWARDING trail we have ever hiked. We have camped both in the outdoor "lean-to" shelters and in the bunks indoor at Barr Camp. Carry plenty of snacks for energy and plenty of water. Be prepared for weather to deteriorate as you approach noon above treeline. It can come in from BELOW you. Above treeline, there is no shelter until you reach the summit gift shop. Lightening can be an issue. This is a phenomenal hike but BE PREPARED. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

2 months ago

Trail was beautiful. Walked this trail December 30th 2017.

I moved to Colorado from sea level about a month ago. The first 10 miles of this trail is relatively easy... but around 12,000ft the altitude started to take effect.

Took about 12-13hrs round trip.

Loved this trail. Beautiful falls at the top. Nice if you just have an hour or two.

Fantastic trail

Went 2 days ago. The trail had 2 inches of snow. The falls were completely frozen. Not worth the climb to the top. It’s still pretty until you get to the stream though! I wish I would’ve turned back after I got to the stream.

light snow and ice, falls and creek completely iced over. just below freezing at the falls, 45 at the trailhead.

Great hike with dogs

3 months ago

Did this today with great ease!! Drove my '05 Ford focus to the 379 trailhead via old stage road which took approximately 40min from the bottom of it. My odometer read 11.5mi when we reached the parking area on the left side of the road. The road is in good enough condition to take any reliable vehicle down which I recommend vs taking the longer route through gold camp road. Everything was smooth and easy to find. Highly recommend.

3 months ago

Must have high clearance vehicle to get to trail head, well worth the almost 45 min drive to reach the trail head. Hike is not bad and views are amazing!

Hike was tough. Take your time, bring lots of water and high energy snacks. The view is worth the hike. I hiked the trail twice. The first time was up and back. The second time was up and then rode the incline down. Wonderful time.

Love this trail so much I even went when Incline was closed and got to take time to see the waterfall, creek and get above the fog to see the sea of white clouds. Amazing.

4 months ago

Long, steep, difficult. The falls and steps are frozen at the top, but there is always access to water for dogs!

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