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19 days ago

Great workout, varied terrain

Watch our for the blue trail, I ended up on a road and decided to walk back because I was confused. Otherwise great glute workout on the way up!

The lanape yellow trail was just painted but the return white trail was difficult to find. beautiful even in 26° weather!

A bit crowded at times. Pleasent enough. I liked the rock scrambles. There really were no views even in the winter. It was a nice work out.

Nice spot

Lots of slipping in med, but even more stopping to search for blazes. Only Lucy's lookout had a sign, but we didn't notice a lookout. The view of Manhattan is under haze even on a clear day (think looking for LA from afar). Twice on this "mountain" and the adjacent one we found blazes for other trails that didn't match up with the map. It gets confusing. Bring poles if it's rained or snowed!

Nice mountain. 4.6 mile loop

The type of trail that offers a little bit of everything when you need to get out!

4 months ago

From the parking area, I took the yellow to orange along the reservoir. Then turned back on the white, and looped around on the red stripe to blue. From bear rock I took the white back towards the parking area.

Yellow/orange was incredibly well marked almost to the point where it was a bit obnoxious. Everything after that, you had to pay some attention. Yellow/orange was a really nice stroll along the water then up some rocks to cliffs overlooking the water. Red stripe seemed a little less traveled - was a fun little stretch. Blue was steep at times- and very rocky.

Maybe not the most exciting hike or the most rewarding views, but at the end of the day was a very enjoyable hike with varied terrain.

AMAZING trail ups and downs.

Great area with lots of space and options. Even on busier days you won't have to worry about crowding (on the trails), however, parking can get a little tight but there is plenty of additional side of the road spaces available. Also- make sure to check out the visitor center, especially if you have kids!

mountain biking
4 months ago

Is awesome everything in one place!!! Up ...!! Down..!! Hill..! Little mountain!! Is amazing!!

4 months ago

Large parking lot although this is a heavily visited area so come early to beat the crowds.

I followed this loop from blue to yellow to orange to white and back to blue. Some nice lake views and somewhat disappointing vista on the orange trail. Tripod rock is along the white trail.

Overall well blazed and clean although I did pick up a few pieces of litter. Because of the amount of visitors this park gets some sections of the trail are getting eroded.

Good for most skill levels. Not much elevation gain on this loop. Lots of rocks and exposed tree roots to watch out for. Some of the steep rocky sections may be difficult to navigate.

Great hike w many scenic views! Quite long and rocky for amateurs but well worth it! Water fall fell short of expectation though.

5 months ago

Great trail, paths are well marked.

The trail and the sites and pictures obtained were absolutely breathtaking, but the way this trail is marked is unbelievably confusing. We went on the blue trail and ended up getting lost. We actually had to walk on the main roads for 3.9 miles just so we could get back to our car. Not sure if we would come back to this trail.

Very nice trail, especially in autumn.

Agree with other comments... the trail is pretty easy with well traveled and defined paths with little in the way of obstacles/challenges. However, you do get some killer views and still a really nice way to spend a couple of hours. You can mix it up with some of the trails that cut through the center of the reservation to increase the distance.

Fantastic hike. Great views with some tough terrain in spots.

6 months ago

I absolutely love seeing the deer every morning.

7 months ago

The hike itself isn't too bad. A couple of small elevation changes and some boardwalks to keep things interesting. However, if you don't feel like pulling off hundreds of ticks, steer clear. We had to completely undress my son mid-hike and pull off around 30 ticks. When we got home, I took my socks and shoes off and had about 40 on my feet and legs. Talked to some friends and they had the same problem here.

7 months ago

Fairly easy loop just shy of 5 miles. I started at the parking lot on the Blue trail then White. There were some very rocky sections. I took Red up a steep incline that led back to White then Blue again back to parking. If I were to return I would go the opposite way and take the Red trail downhill.

This is a heavily visited area especially around Tripod Rock. I saw no less than 30 people on a Thursday afternoon and an equal amount of cars in the lot. Several large boulders and other geographic features make this worthwhile. The "scenic overlooks" were disappointing.

Overall well maintained, well marked, and clean trails. I saw lots of families and several dogs on leash. Will return to explore other trails.

Went off trail a little. Saw chipmunks, bunnies and foxes. Waterfall was definitely the highlight. 10/10 would recommend.

I saw pictures of this waterfall and didn't expect anything grand. I was able to find the preserve pretty easily and it had great parking areas... spread out around so you can park at different places. They have a great dog park if you want to bring your dogs. That is pretty much where the great things end. I went to the post board in the beginning to see if I could get a map... there were none so I took a picture of the one behind the glass on the board to know where I am going. There was graffiti all over the post board and the a small restroom area that was now not being used. I tried for almost and hour to figure out where to go and which way... I kept taking trails I thought were trails but weren't. I was here to see the waterfall (hemlock falls). The trails are not marked at all... the only one that was is the waterfall trail (red dot). I am not sure how I stumbled onto the red trail but I did and was very disappointed with the falls... it was a simple trickle. I knew it was nothing large so I won't put down the preserve for that. The unmarked trails makes it almost impossible to find anything. Sad to see that there is graffiti all over and that this is not taken care of. Oh well another waterfall and park to check off my list.

This mountain is my go to hike. It's familiar, has enough small challenges and the sites and mystique are always a draw. From the view of New York on a clear day to the Tripod rock sitting in the old "temple" down to the breath taking size of the bear rock the place is cool. You can also follow the orange trail around to the lake. If you want to make a day of it cross the road to Turkey mountain. If you live in the area and haven't been here you are missing an incredible and beautiful spot.

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