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This is my overall favorite Sedona hike, combining stunning views with pure physical endurance, technical hiking, a bit of climbing, a lot of variety in scenery and a fair amount of risk. Bear Mt has a little of everything. It is a long, hard hike with sensational views throughout and an enormous payoff if you reach the true final summit.. It requires physical fitness, experience, and some preparation. Take lots of water, some food, gloves and hat. It is too dangerous for young children, with many trail segments near sheer cliffs or along precarious rock ledges. Recommend starting early in the morning and be prepared for 4-6 rigorous hours of Sedona heaven.

1 day ago

Perfect weather. Crossings can be a little tricky at times but not that difficult if you take your time. Water level was low so they were a little easier. Would recommend.

This is a beautiful hike! Absolutely gorgeous scenery! You will cross the creek 13 times on the way in so you’ll definitely need waterproof shoes. Will definitely do again.

Easy family hike! The end around the side of the mountain towards the roost is a little dicey, but not too difficult. Great, easy, fun hike with beautiful views!

My 58 year old body made it to the top! With my 57 year old hubby as my tour guide, we were successful in following the trail. Very well marked. Lots of great photo ops and the view from the top is breathtaking.

on West Fork Trail

5 days ago

One of my absolute favorite hikes in Arizona. This hike is a go to year round and especially nice in the warm weather when you’re able to enjoy the water.

7 days ago

BEAUtiful!!! definitely will be back to see the wild flowers and the green!

8 days ago

Great views throughout the entire trail. Some sections are quite steep but manageable. Feels longer than posted distance.

8 days ago

Definitely one of the best trails I have ever done. Unfortunately we had gone on a day that was forecast to rain throughout the day and it was a bad decision since we didn’t have much rain-proof gear, so it was cold and wet. Nevertheless, the views were 10/10 and would definitely go back again on a sunny day. There’s not much incline but it is a decent distance to the end of the trail and the stream crossings definitely slow you down but makes for an interesting hike.

Nice hike with good views. Long strenuous hike up to the top, however.

8 days ago

Beautiful trail!

9 days ago

Really good hike with great views. Bright Angel Trail is a difficult trail, crampons needed during the colder months, long pieces of trail covered with sleek ice so please be careful. The hike is accessible and easy to find. Do not let my ice comment make you afraid of coming, once the sun hits the trail those ice capes are gone within minutes. It is a long trail so many people hike down for an hour or two then head back up. You start with going down! So the way back up will be HARDER! Make it a 1 to 1.5 ratio. You hike down 1 hour expect your trip back up to be 1 hour and 30 min give or take depending on your experience. The trail head has multiple places to refill your water bottle alongside restroom facilities. Please DO NOT FORGET WATER. It is your best friend. Also feel free to take snacks because there are great places to stop and eat something with a beautiful view. Clean up after yourself. The canyon is there for your enjoyment, treat it with respect. Overall, a fantastic trail with an incredible view. I would recommend this trail to anyone with prior hiking experience (if you don’t have experience, go ahead and try it out but take it easy and remember the 1 to 1.5 ratio i explained towards the top) - val :)

This hike was grueling almost to the point where it wasn’t enjoyable, and I was thoroughly exhausted by the end of it. However it is open enough that you can keep on trucking for the most part, and the view is well worth it.

11 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous hike. Creek was a little difficult to navigate as the water was high after a rain but we did it! (We’re new to hiking, age 62). We thoroughly enjoyed this.

Absolutely spectacular. Unbeatable views!

Awesome find! We went around 1pm and only saw two other people on the trail. Follow the tips from the review below. When you are close to the top there will be a turn off. The trail itself is very easy and I really didn’t think the ledge to get to the cave was scary at all. It was wide enough to walk. The cave itself has such breathtaking views. Enjoy!

This place is a gorgeous and seldom visited oasis, every bit as impressive as the Grand Canyon and without any of the crowds. Only one hiking trail is accessible by the public and has its own listing on AllTrails. Otherwise the canyon floor is accessible only at a cost with a Navajo guide. The 2 roads, south rim and north rim, are paved and carry general thru traffic as well as well as there being residences throughout. There are a series of well marked turnouts for the viewpoints with vendors stationed at most, even when signage is posted prohibiting. Drive 10 minutes, take in the view, hop in the car, drive another 10 minutes, lather/rinse/repeat. Entrance is free. There are a decent number of services available in Chinle for being on the reservation, but otherwise this is pretty out there which keeps the crowds down. I brought my dog to every viewpoint but in keeping with park rules, left him behind for the white house trail and of course clean up after him everywhere we go. The Thunderbird lodge provides the only pet friendly accommodations in town and we had a really nice overnight there, was unexpected but would return without hesitation. Visited south rim in afternoon/evening and north rim the following morning to catch the best lighting. Beautiful to visit but this isn't much of a "Trail" kind of destination.

Great Hike, Great views some scrambling required. RT from parking to summit is closer to 6 miles.

17 days ago

Definitely doable. Up and down in 4 hours with 18 year old and 12 year old. Windy. Coats came on and off several times. Several false summits that give you hope you’re done when you’re not. End of trail sign at top was helpful. Beautiful scenery, especially coming down.

Love this trail. The temperature was perfect in this first weekend of March. There was a lot of snow on the ground which was a really cool contrast with the creeks and the rocks and the trees.

This hike was amazing with absolutely beautiful scenery, lots of red rock and stunning views.

Tough hike but definitely doable. Fantastic views all around but the views along the way were actually better than the views from the top (in my opinion). Completed the round trip in just under 4 hours with several photo stops. There was leftover snow toward the top that had potential to be really slippery and hide loose rocks so be sure to wear good shoes if the ground is wet from rain or snow.

Wonderful walk with amazing views. Some rocky footing, but not too bad. Enough up and down to keep it interesting.

Great hike! The last four miles to the top were the most difficult.

on Robbers Roost Trail

25 days ago

This map takes you to the top of the hill ABOVE the cave. There is an offshoot trail to the left near the top that goes along a semi-narrow ledge that goes directly to the cave. Be careful along the ledge as the fall could be real nasty. This short hike leads to a very special place. Please be respectful of others and try to keep quiet so that others can enjoy the peaceful beauty. Too many people are oblivious to the presence of others and as to how ones behavior impacts others negatively. Enjoy the great outdoors in peace and harmony!! : )

I think February is the Best time for this trail. Not too crowded mix of snow and sun. Amazing views, amazing hike!

It was awesome! it's easy going down with gorgeous views, but dont underestimate! Coming up is the hard part. pay close attention to what the park rangers say. the weather is really unpredictable. wear lots of layers, take alot of water, food and salty snacks.

Fantastic hike! Make sure you make the hike up to the arches. AllTrails gps was very helpful to find the arches trail. Very steep climb but well worth it. Spectacular views all the way around this loop. We started on Brins Mesa and ended on Cibola Pass.

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