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while pretty, the rifle range that is in very close proximity prevents this from being a relaxing or nature enjoying walk. some of the trails were very windy and not well kept which is okay but you have to have your downloaded map with you to make sure you don't lose the trail. I would not recommend if you are
looking for a relaxing day in nature.

This was a great trail! Very well marked and open. Beautiful views and not too strenuous. I’m 23 and my mom is 54 and we both were fine.

Nice walk on the beach. Calm and peaceful in October.

Super short and easy hike to beautiful waterfall and stream.

Great hike. Bummed we apparently missed the trail that breaks off for the bridge, but overall very good hike.

14 days ago

Great hike.

sweet lil trek

Great local hike — perfect for an early morning outing. Echoing what was already posted, it is a little rocky in parts, so prepare for that.

nice trail. needs a little work, if you have bad knees though, and hills hurt, not the trail for you

Rocky road at the start, but mostly nice hike through woods. Some hills, very steep to get down to the falls. overall a lovely hike

Pretty trail, very steep but not too long. Next time I’ll go straight instead of left at the red markers to make the full loop. Also will wait until after a rain storm and when the leaves start to change...it will be gorgeous then!

Worth the hype alone for the access to history let alone the views and the trail, itself.
Definitely park on the side of the highway. I originally parked in the state park and wandered but the best entrance is to drive and park.
Echoing the fun of climbing on the slanted stones on the ledge. Finding the cave was a moment. Wow! To see his fire pit. (I took two wrong turns off the trail and thought I found his home... maybe they were his air B&B spots) I love this climb.

1 month ago

It was more difficult than Moderate but that probably because the loop, that we did, worked out to 5.6 miles. It was a pretty enough trail but there were three negatives. 1) the number of mosquitoes 2) the number of trees and branches down and blocking the path and 3) so much of the trail was rocks and boulders. I would consider doing again though.
One tip. It's a bumpy road but drive in and park at the parking lot at the start of the trail (instead of parking at 217 Cold Spring Rd). That cuts out 0.8 miles each way.

white man has left a lot of trash behind.
please bring trash bags

This is a very difficult trail, worth it but requires an experienced hiker/fit person. The waterfall is at the top so get up there but it won't be easy.

on Green Circle Trail

trail running
1 month ago

horse riding, trailing running, fishing are some of the alternative offerings of this route. Scenic, east route along the river side - easy and took an hour tops which is likely why I won’t redo same trail

loved the views, liked the slight difficulty,cave was awesome, felt spirit of the leatherman

stunning to photograph!

just an FYI.....you can not walk dogs between the hours of 8a-6p.

hiked it with my dog today awesome

3 months ago

Echoing everyone, especially Matthew’s review. I did all the trail and the loop. One of my new favorites! The trail, especially on the nature loop and carters, was only a foot wide, if that. It fits the natural contours and landscape. Beautiful!
The history made it unique.

Great trail with beautiful scenery. The blue trail to the right and quite steep with a lot of rock washes. The red trail to the left is much easier with better views. The trails at the top also connect to the Quinnipiac Trails.

Make sure to slip up the dunes at the end of the point to see the remains of Fort Mansfield.

Great clockwise run in the morning of a warm Saturday. A little buggy valley along river was nice and cool. Nice view from the top. Follow the yellow markers. Very well marked. First two miles are on an u traveled dirt road along the river.

3 months ago

A good, challenging (at times) trail. A little confusing returning to the parking lot. Perhaps more signage would help. Don't forget the bug spray.

Great trail! Excellent views of the waterfall! Not well marked on the way down, but it was clear what was the trail. Definitely rocky and steep in many areas.

It has been so dry that the roaring brook is almost dried up in parts. The falls are still awesome but I am excited to return when we get a good amount of rain! I can imagine it is stunning when it’s in full force.

Started to the right and glad we did. it was much steeper and rockier than the other side. It was challenging hike up for sure! Better to get that out of way. That side was not well marked but the path was clearly evident so we never doubted where to go. The falls were pretty but a little underwhelming. couple of little bridge brook crossings and a cool stone fireplace made this a nice hike.

Not a bad hike. Went a few years ago. The area is very pretty. A waterfall worth seeing again

4 months ago

Very unique place. After a brief walk from the trail head you reach the furnace area. You can either check it out immediately - which I did - or leave it for the end of the loop. There are signs explaining the history of the site and the iron mining operation that once existed there. The furnace is pretty impressive. After that I headed back up to the blue-blazed Donkey Trail and continued to follow it gradually uphill until I reached the yellow-blazed "nature trail" - a nice diversion with lots of beautiful mountain laurel in bloom. That eventually hooks back up with the blue trail and continues gradually uphill until you come to the first of the mine entrances, closed up. At that point you have the choice to either continue on the blue trail or take the unmarked trail that leads up into the hills - that's what I did. Eventually that too spits you back out onto the blue trail near the last of the bat cages. If you just continue around the blue loop you eventually start going downhill to Hodge Road and that leads you back to the Furnace. But if you are adventurous you can also add the 2-mile Carter Trail (red). It's worth it - a sea of ferns, lots more mountain laurel and some nice elevation rises. All told the route I took was 7.2 miles. If you like nice shady hikes with some history and natural beauty this is a good choice.

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