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very beautiful lake and not a lot of people. I did end up taking a side trail that I didn't mean to but it was still a good hike.

7 hours ago

I took my dog hiked all the way to the main lookout yesterday. Started at 11:30 AM and back to the car at 3:30. Gorgeous day shared with quite few people on the main lookout. But I was so disappointed when I got back to the car. My back trunk window was shattered and my purse was stolen out of my car. This happened during daylight! My Orange Subaru Crosstrek was parked just a few cars away from the restaurant Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive. This is sucks!! So please don’t leave any valuable in your car. Take it with you!! I learned valuable lesson here. But other than that I still love hiking up to Oyster Dome.

This is a neat hike, all up hill to the lake but worth it! .9 miles to the Puget Sound view point, 2 miles up to the lake, .75 mile loop around the lake, and toward the back of the lake there's a trail leading back to a waterfall, I'd say about .5 mile downhill to that. I recommend doing it all! About 5-5.5 total. On Chuckanut drive there's a small pull off directly across from the Larrabee camping area, you can park in either, discover pass required. Remember it's tough getting up, but all downhill from the lake to the car! We did it with a 4 year old mini hiker :)

Just the right length. Beautiful trees.

Great trails for every level.

3 days ago

Didn’t want to waste this warm, sunny day. With young kids in tow, we did the Goose Rock perimeter and summit. Lovely day to be outside.

The summit has some good switchbacks but this was an easy hike and a well maintained trail. We were lucky enough to get a parking spot in the lot when we arrived.

I loved this hike! Up here visiting a friend and went while she was in class. Paths are very obvious, making solo hiking less daunting. Fairly steep incline up to the Echo checkpoint. There is a really nice lookout point about a half mile from the lake, you can see everything, BEAUTIFUL!!

It was a nice walk, but if you’re looking for views or a good climb this isn’t for you. Great for children and/or strollers. Not strenuous at all. It is very clean and well maintained!

Completed this 1/1/2019 – a nice simple hike through some quiet forest near Sudden Valley. The trails are well-marked and maintained beautifully. The view at the top wasn't that expansive, but it was enough to feel rewarding. A few waterfalls sprinkled throughout. Great shorter hike for the winter months!

10 days ago

Went yesterday with my dad and our dogs. Started our hike at 8:30am. We started the hike from chuckenut on the hwy so it was the 7.9 mile hike compared to 5 miles from the samish outlook. Trail was in pretty good shape.
I’ll say if you start at the hwy and not samish outlook those extra miles are nothing buck switch backs going up. My legs are so sore today.

Easy and pleasant.

11 days ago

I used to love riding the resident raft on this lake back in the day!

11 days ago

Hiked this many times in the 90s!

Hiked this many times!

11 days ago

Awesome views!

Love this place!

on Sauk Mountain Trail

11 days ago

Did this with my buddy Alex on New Years Morning. We were only able to get about 3 miles from the trail head due to snow on the dirt road path. The snow shoeing was amazing, and the views were incredible. We were unable to actually do the 1.5 summit because of the snow conditions, but would love to go back with some more equipment to finish the hike.

14 days ago

Came to this gem yesterday, the snow level was down to about 3.5 miles from the trailhead. We snowshoed up to the trailhead and were treated to some great views of the Skagit. Didn’t go past the trailhead but well worth the trouble just to get to the trailhead.

Easy hike on a well maintained trail. Views from the top are stunning. Kid and dog friendly.

15 days ago

Easy uphill climb on good trail. Great for kids and dogs which were seen during my visit. A great place for lunch on a clear day. Snow covered mountains and islands themselves make for a rewarding summit.

Hiked this on June 24. A little bit of snow near the parking lot but it wasn't a problem even for cars. The only snow on the trail wasn't until the very top, no special equipment was needed. Cool snow cave up there. Definitely going to do it again and hopefully in the exact same conditions. Very refreshing and beautiful views!

Great trail with a lot of variety. A must do while on the island!

Incredible views along the entire route! I brought my kids and they did great, though that steep climb at the beginning and end made me nervous with my 6yo, who does not have a lot of good self preservation sense and sometimes got closer to the edge than was safe. I'm not in great shape, so this was about as hard a hike as I'd be willing to do, but it was so beautiful I'd

Who else saw the bear today!? We could hear another group whistling, clapping etc. for about 3 min ahead of us! He/she scooted up the gully across from us PDQ but was visible for about 10 seconds or so before it disappeared into the under growth. Great hike and outstanding scenery! Trail in great condition and anyone could make the trek

Hiked 2Dec2018, plenty of snow up there. Recommend poles and micro spikes. Road to the TH gets a little sketchy with snow and ice about 2 miles in. Our friends four wheel drive Jeep Cherokee made it up no problem but we passed a few vehicles pulled off prior to the TH. The trail itself was pretty good. Wasnt difficult at all as there's so many switchbacks that they have a pretty level grade. It's STEEP looking down though and there's a few spots towards the top that were pretty nerve racking for my 13 year old. Once we got near the top thr trail took you to nowhere so we ended up back tracking a little and snowshoeing a new trail but we were unable to make a trail to the summit. Maybe if we didn't have kids we would've tried but thr risk reward wasn't there. Stay to the right at thr trees on the top. The way down was easy except for those few spots I mentioned earlier we kept our snowshoes on. Weather was foggy and cloudy so we didn't get much of a view other than the lake below. Still a beautiful hike, highly recommended.

Beautiful fall hike with deers and chip monks. Outstanding vegetation and moss. :)

quick super easy hike. tons of people out and about. overall great easy hike

1 month ago

A nice moderate hike with great views at the top! A decent elevation gain and dense forest to hike through.

1 month ago

We hiked on Saturday (11/24). Road and trail were covered with snow. We parked about 2 miles from the TH and walked up the road. Other cars were able to make it about a mile from the trail head before the snow and ice were too much to continue. The last 200-300 meters before the TH were covered in about a foot of untouched snow. View from the TH was great! Everyone we saw come up after us didn't continue beyond the TH. We continued up the trail, which would be difficult to do without snow shoes and gators/waterproof pants. Without any tracks in front of us and 1 -2 feet of fresh snow, it made for a much tougher hike up. There were points when it was a bit difficult to find the trail and we were definitely glad we had the right gear. Great views all the way up!

1 month ago

This was my first time on this trail. I went counter clockwise around the lake loop - I think that’s best because the trail down to the lake via that route is pretty steep and rough, I think it would be challenging going up that way. Then again it would be quite a treat to see the views after coming up that way!

I’m glad I had full ankle high boots on for the lake loop portion - trail shoes would have been fine for the rest

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