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Such a beautiful place to go and see nature. The hike in was roughly 12 miles in (not the 10 everyone says). We checked in at the village and were on our way. There isn’t any signs along the way to let us know we were heading in the right direction so we used other hikers as our “guides” to know we were heading in the right direction. When we reached the first “fall” it was a disappointment (only because I thought that was where we were suppose to be and that was it). Keep going, pass the signs that say “Dangerous Unstable Ground” and pass the grave yard. When you are getting nervous you will never make it, just go a little further and you are there. This place is totally worth the sore muscles and exhaustion. We did put up our tent in close to the Natural Spring water (really made life easier to be so close to the fresh water). The hike out is daunting, tiring and makes you question every poor life choice but when you reach the top and are back in the comfort of your own vehicle, it makes you feel accomplished. Wear good supportive shoes, take ONLY what you need and hand sanitizer NEEDS to make it in your pack. Females, be prepared to “hover” in the bathrooms. Most importantly....enjoy the place....it’s absolutely beautiful and magical.

It was an amazing experience!

Absolutely amazing!

Great Hike. White Rock Trail is mostly soft gravel/sand. It takes you through the canyon vs. the Spring Trial which takes you up and over. Both beautiful routes. We took White Rock in and Spring out, whichever route would be fine tho! Colorado River is beautiful, we spent a lot of time there. Kid friendly.

rock climbing
10 days ago

A nice and scenic hike. Starts off with a little bit of bouldering and ends up at a 60’ rappel. So bring a rope. I️ used a 150’ of 11mm static rope and I️t worked out perfectly. After you descend you walk about 20 yards to another 15’ or so rappel to get to the hot springs. As we hiked we came across no other hikers and there was no trash or debris along the route. I️ highly recommend any beginner canyoneers or anyone looking to get their first step into the rope world try this hike out. You won’t be disappointed.

AMAZING views! Awesome waterfalls! Must do again!

Best ever!!!❤️

Just did the trail today. haven't done any real hiking in quite some time.. This trail is moderate for seasoned hikers, it was closer to hard for me and the wife. river views are awesome, finding the trail to the springs was a little tricky, gotta climb thru a tiny steep crack to get to rest of trail. the pools are awesome. the ladder is sketchy but pretty safe. we went the same way we came out thru the wash. made it a longgg hike but still was a great day.

lucky enough to snag one of the coveted permits this year. unbelievable experience the entire way

Beautiful! Went with my hubby and two kids and we all had a blast. I highly recommend!

this is actually one of my least favorite areas of the park. However if you cross the street from the parking area and go up the hill there's lots of fun rocks to scramble over and a pretty view of Lake Mead

Absolutely beautiful hike! the first 8 miles is within the canyon and it was the most beautiful scenery! the campgrounds were awesome! almost every spot is near the water and you're an easy walk to Mooney and havasu! if you have the ability and the time to go to beaver falls DO IT! the hike was SO much different from the rest of the hike and you do a lot of water crossing and the scenery is way different! It was so much fun actually. glad I made the trek down Mooney Falls. disclaimer: the trek down Mooney Falls is not for the feint of heart! But it is absolutely possible to do so don't let it freak you out at first glance! I'm glad I did this in February but if you do this in summer months you will need a lot.of water for the first part of the hike! also bring wet shoes if you do the water crossing!

One of the world’s most beautiful places. So lucky to have gotten a permit. Went in mid February and it was absolutely beautiful. The hike is relatively easy except for making it the last mile up on your way back.

Pack a lot of water and high energy foods (protein bars, etc.) as you’ll need it on the way out!

Great hike. A little hard to find the actual traihead- it's down in the canyon and gated off with danger signs... After seeing a few people inside, we decided to join by crawling under the fence. The experience was well worth it. Long, narrow canyon winding about a mile with a cool breeze coming through. There was one spot that I needed a boost to get up (short legs) but other than that, a pretty short and easy day hike.

Moderately easy trail. If you take the left route it will lead you to the springs with elevation gains and drops throughout the canyon and is dog friendly. However once you reach the springs , the pools themselves are too hot in temperature for the dog and you’ll have to carry them across. There is a sandy shore type next to the lower pool where they can chill. If you take the right side route it’s a beautiful scenic route along the river that is dog friendly as well but there is no way to get the dog up to the hot spring while climbing a 20ft ladder. You would have to leave the dog tied up at the bottom.

28 days ago

Easy one hour round trip hike, beautiful natural arch.

I did the trail to the west. I didn’t actually go to the “hot springs”. The slot canyon to the west is gorgeous. It leaves you on the banks of the Colorado. Beautiful! Highly recommended!

29 days ago

It's hard to imagine a better hike anywhere in the United States than this one. It is absolutely required to have a permit and they are pretty difficult to acquire. The tribe begins selling them for the calendar year on February 1. They sell out within a day or two. We have done this trail twice in October. It is in quite a remote area with the nearest town (to the trailhead) being Peach Springs Arizona. The hike in is fairly easy but does seem to take a while due to the fact that you are walking through sand. You hike and hike through red rock canyon and the canyon becomes increasingly narrow. It's a beautiful hike. The village of Supai greets you about two miles before your ultimate destination - the campground. The village features a few buildings and the particular ones of interest for backpackers are the camping office where you check in, receive your wrist bands, and pay (I believe for 2018 it has changed and you now pay in advance. When we went in 2015 and 2016, you paid in person). There is also a small fast-food style restaurant that we ate entirely too much food in, making the last two miles pretty uncomfortable. It's hard to resist some tater tots and a cold drink (non-alcoholic, alcohol is completely banned on the reservation so don't bring any) after a long, hot, dusty walk through the desert.

The hike out is retracing your steps but obviously you are going uphill. This trail differs from the trails in the Grand Canyon National Park in that the steep parts are all at the end (when you're leaving). The last 1.5 miles (and first 1.5 miles when hiking down) are steep switchbacks. You hit these when you are tired on the way out and probably when it's hot. I wouldn't want to do this trail in the summer. It was warm enough for me in October.

This is my favorite hiking or camping experience I have ever had. Be aware of the rules, regulations, and permit requirements.

One of the best hikes I've ever been on! Definitely try to get permits for this place. We wrote up a full review of the trail with tips and details on permitting and hiking the trail here: https://www.shedreamsofalpine.com/blog/your-complete-guide-to-hiking-havasu-falls-trail
A must do!

Did the White Rock trail first. Beautiful and pretty easy to navigate. The trail leads you to the Colorado River and there’s plenty of scenic places to stop and enjoy. We came up the ladder and enjoyed the pools. On the way back- we took the Hot Spring Trail and that’s was extremely difficult to navigate. We got lost a couple times and ended up practically running back to make it before dark. There’s some steep areas in the Hot Trail. Would definitely have given the hike 5 stars if we hadn’t gotten lost a couple times on the way back. Keep the AllTrails app open for sure! Bring water shoes or flip flops and small towel to dry off.

This was an awesome hike. I enjoyed the White Rock trail much more than the Hot Springs trail. Both trails lead to the hot springs and river, but the White Rock trail was gorgeous.

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1 month ago

Ran from my campsite in kingman wash to the top and it’s a little over 9 miles if anyway wants to do it that way. But the hike is incredibly beautiful the whole time. It was windy like the description said but my dog and I welcomed that gladly. There is one sketchy spot where you have to climb up some boulders but my dog did it fine(he’s used to it). Just be careful

My boyfriend and I went this past weekend and we loved it ! So many beautiful views and the river was even better ! the trail was easier than we thought it would be. we defenitely wanna go back soon.

Be prepared to get wet! that is the fun part at the springs and the river! Would suggest to start the loop at White rock canyon and come back using the hot spring path.Took my husband and I 3.5 hours to complete it, not taking into account the time at the river and the springs. Sort of dog friendly if you go with someone to help. Excellent hiking!

1 month ago

This is a great peak to bag when you are in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The ascent is steep and there is a little bit of Class 3 rock climbing at the very top of the plateau. Not ideal for those with a fear of heights. Don’t bring your dog unless your pet is athletic and confident hopping boulders.

Amazing views. Few signs, so it’s easy to be lost on the trail. GPS is absolutely necessary to stay on the trail. Some strenuous points; dangerous for those with fear of high.

Currently on vacation here, from New Hampshire. We've got some of the best trails in the Northeast, and I've got to say, this trail had some of most breathtaking views I've ever seen. The springs were an absolute blast, just stay clear of diving under, or getting any of the water in your nose (bacteria). Also would recommend water shoes if you plan on hiking the loop or checking out the springs. The top hot springs are pretty hot, but digress the further down you go. I definitely recommend checking out the Colorado River, the sights were phenomenal. Most of the trail is dig friendly, but going through the springs is very challenging for even a small dog. Wouldn't recommend that.

If you love rock cliffs and an ever-changing rockscape, you will love this hike. I definitely recommend hiking White Rock Canyon down to the Colorado and returning back up the Arizona Hot Spring Trail. The views of the Colorado framed in the cliff walls are not to be missed and a great spot for lunch. The hot springs ranged from 100'F in the lower pools to 111'F in the upper pools - a great spot to relax and chat with fellow hikers. On the way back, be prepared for a good mile of trail climbing to give your cardio a workout, but worth every ounce of effort.

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