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1 day ago

Beautiful at sunset in January

1 day ago

Beautiful at sunset in January.

Super easy...way too short but neat to see

This trail is absolutely great and its hot springs a must have for everyone who wants to stay in - the surrounding area of - Las Vegas!
We hiked the trail on a nice, sunny but chilly day in January and were pretty amazed how warm it got nonetheless while walking in the sun. So definitely not to recommend for hot Summer days!
We walked it counterclockwise, starting with the Arizona Hot Springs and returning via White Rock Canyon. We enjoyed it pretty much, especially the relaxing bath in the hot springs - which are indeed very hot :D
Definitely worth it! We will come back when we are in Vegas again :)

Beautiful hike. Easy at first and moderate with scrambling closer to the arch. Views just past the arch are breathtaking and you can see the Eldorado Ghost Town. We forged on about a mile past the arch - hard but fun scrambling. We did it with a six year old. Will do it again soon.

Pretty steep, doesn’t actually loop around like the pretty little 2 mile loop it says it should be (maybe if you do some rock climbing and extreme stuff it may) We took the first turn in on this loop and never got to the picnic table because of the rock wall. Now the lizard rock formation view was super cool. Make sure you take time to pause and enjoy the views. I learned how to read elevations on this ap after this hike.

One of the best places in the US to visit

Great for a break from the car ride!

The people who didn’t like this trail are boof

20 days ago

This was a nice one mile hike through the desert. The trailhead isn’t marked but Google Maps got us there with no problems. We parked right at the main road turnoff because the drive up to another small landing where you might park was rocky and we were driving a car. The trail is well maintained, transitioning from desert gravel to large boulders you have to climb over—but it was relatively easy. The arch itself is a nice picture point, with plenty more boulders to climb around and explore if you’re so inclined. We were there on a Sunday afternoon and didn’t see anyone else on the trail. Also, keep an eye out for Bighorn Sheep in the area.

Once in a lifetime, must see and do hike!!!! There’s nothing more to say about this place.

One of the most beautiful places on earth.

This is a nice picturesque desert hike to the hot springs through gravel and sand. The spring is definitely worth the trip. The very top of the spring, where the source is out of the rock, is hot. The center pool is very warm and the lower pool is warm. Coming or going, you will get periods of shade from the walls of the canyon. I had been planning on doing this hike for years, and finally did it today. Glad I did! Took the canyon route out and the mountain route back. The canyon route is gradual, while the mountain route is steeper, yet shorter. I may reverse the direction next time, as the hot springs are really relaxing. Word of caution if hiking with kids: some people might be naked in the hot springs.

There are two ways down to the hot springs. One is the White Rock Canyon route. It is down into the canyon on the right. The other is up over a mountain. You will see the trail go up and left about 10 minutes into the hike. The White Rock Canyon is much easier but longer. It is fairly even going down with only minor rocks to climb up and down. Almost the entire trail is gravel. To get to the hot springs this way, you’ll have to climb up a 20 foot ladder. If you have a severe fear of heights, you’ll want to take the harder southern route. The southern route over the mountain is shorter and takes you right down to the hot springs. It is much harder and there is the possibility you might get lost. If you take the White Rock Canyon route, head to the left when you see the river. You will have to go over a fairly steep hill. Just follow the yellow arrows until you step into a stream. The hot springs are on the left. Public bathrooms are on the right.

Like previous reviewers had mentioned, it’s best to have good, sturdy shoes with ankle support for this trial. The trail was pretty rocky with different sized gravel throughout.

Also don’t be startled if you see people hiking in their birthday suits. Apparently it’s a thing to dip into the hot springs nude? But anyway, this hike has stunning views, slot canyons, hot springs, and cool wild life!

This a great hike, not quite as good as gold strike, but this one has better hot springs. Discovered recently that it is a loop so that was nice.

Awesome day for a hike. Not too hot, not too cold, not too crowded.

Definitely recommend sturdy boots for this trail. Lots of walking on various grades of gravel, sand and crushed rock.

Based on prior reviews, wasn't surprised to find people bathing au natural in the hot springs, but was definitely surprised to pass someone in the buff on the trail!

Absolutely gorgeous views and loved the slot canyons. Well worth the trip!

on Cherum Peak Trail

1 month ago

Import Note: Best access via Big Wash Road from Hwy 93 north of regular road to Chloride. Regular Google Maps directions suggest road from south directly out of Chloride. That route doesn't go as mentioned in other reviews. Hike is great w spectacular views in late afternoon or early morning to get shadows on surrounding ranges.

This was just an amazing hike. Doing some reading of other people’s reviews, we tried to go the proper AZ Hot Springs trail first and then finish the loop through the White Rock Canyon trail. The split wasn’t obvious to us, and when we noticed we were going through a pretty prominent slot canyon, this app revealed that we had indeed went to White Rock instead of the Hot Springs, so make sure to check to see if you’re on the right track.

White Rock Canyon is a very pretty slot canyon with lots of shading and colorful rock formations. We made it to the river in decent time and spent our time looking for the trail to the hot springs. That water feels absolutely awesome on your skin after a nice hike. We even met the guy who re-sandbags the dams every fall.

Based on others’ reviews we decided to loop back via White Rock instead of the springs route, and we realized it’s a lot more of an incline than when we came down, so prepare for that. Can’t recommend this enough

cool stop on our way out

Once again a great hike with absolutely beautiful destinations! Sadly there seem to be more people not taking their trash and other items out with them. Some people left behind an air mattress, shoes, dirty clothes, bottles, cans and other trash. if you hike it in, hike it out or don’t bother going. It is a disgrace that some humans ruin things for others. I would agree that if you were going to have your belongings packed into the canyon for you that you should use the helicopter. There are still several horses and mules along the route that had bleeding saddle sores and other injuries. That stuff aside, it’s a place worth checking out if you are lucky enough to get a permit.

This was the most fun I have ever had. climbing down a cave then realizing I have to climb down using chains and then there's a huge ladder thats wet from the mist of the most beautiful waterfall. I faced my fear of heights. then we take the trail and get to take off our shoes and socks and make our way across the water not once but 3 times on this hike (and 3 times on the way back) when it seemed to never end we got to those final ladders to get up top above Beaver Falls and that feeling you get is just so worth the hike. Amazing view. Amazing feels.
Not ok for kids, adults only

This is a fantastic and beautiful hike.

Getting There: For a more knee friendly route, I recommend taking the right fork following the wash down thru the slot canyons. Take plenty of pictures. You will know that you are at the end of the canyon when you see a rock formation on left that looks like a knight from a chessboard. Take a left here and follow the yellow arrows painted onto the rock. When you come to a place where the arrows point in opposite directions, look up! You have to go thru that ridge above you. The rest is easy-peezy. Follow the trail back into the second slot, climb the ladder and you will be at the bottom pool. This is the coolest pool and the most social one too. There are 3 pools and they get progressively hotter as you go up. Enjoy yourself.

Return Trip: To continue your hike, exit through the upper pool. Follow the slot canyon until it begins to open up. Start looking for the trail that follows the right wall with established signage. There is a Y soon. Be careful to follow the trail up into the hills on the left. If you miss the turn you will still end up at the parking area, just more mileage. Watch carefully for wildlife. I saw 4 bighorned sheep just after the saddle. Beautiful and docile, but don't get too close. They're well known for their ramming speed.

All in all this was a beautiful hike and would definitely repeat it, no problem. Temps were high of 60, which made for the perfect weather for this hike. Leave only footprints, take only memories... and plenty of pictures!

Awesome hike, ended up doing it twice in one week. Enjoyable walk through the canyons before hitting the river, and some of the hottest hot springs I’ve been in.

Loved this hike! The beginning seems mundane but quickly turns into a winding canyon with awesome views. The way down seem like a long time but the hot springs are so worth it.
The first spring is so hot you can’t even sit in it. Would definitely come back and spend a day here.

1 month ago


Someone gave 1 star to this review because she didn't read it before she headed out. It is NOT open during the summer. And I can tell you this is such a correct information as there's no shade(maybe 10% of the time) and perfect cool weather to enjoy the Hot Springs. I recommend you to bring a sandal(not for a hike since I saw a tarantula right next to me!) for the hot springs and the river. Breathtaking! This was one of the BEST hikes I have ever done! Have fun! P.S. Some people were completely nude at the Hot Springs, just a heads up..

1 month ago

This is a great adventurous beautiful walk with multiple river crossings along the way, with the water coming to about your knees so dress/pack appropriately for this. The most challenging back of the walk is climbing down the cliff face to Mooney falls. There are craved out foot holes and chains to help you down but definitely not for those scared of heights. Apart from that it is a pretty easy walk and a lovely oasis. Took us about 5 hours from the lodge and back. There are no toilets after the campground though.

Amazingly beautiful! Life changing experience!
Too dangerous for kids!

Life changing experience!

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