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I’ve done this hike several times in the past year, and I absolutely love it. I always bring my dog with me and he seems to love it more than I do. The trail is rocky, but not too steep. The top is absolutely breathtaking.

We really enjoyed this hike! Brought our little guy along:)

The trail is not that exciting but the ending view is breathtaking. Perfect trail to bring dogs and older children. Last year, we took our 5 and 8 year old boys. The well worn trail ends at the cliff but you can walk along the cliff to get different vantage points. It’s one of those unreal vistas that feel like you are standing in a painting. One of my favorites in Southern Utah for sure.

Pretty easy. Awesome that they would build such a fancy bridge for the BST

Amazing hike, view is well worth it! Just make sure to wear some good shoes or hiking boots, the trail consists of some real rocky terrain

Not really what I expected, wanted to hike to the top to see the view but didn’t want to be shot by a stray bullet from the groups of people shooting at the base of the trail -_- turned around and left

Took my 5y/o, 3 y/o and packed my 1 y/o on my back and they all LOVED it! Incredible views, really cool rocks (which is important when you’re a kid), and the perfect distance for kiddos. We will DEFINITELY do this one again!

The sweetest biking trail. Loved the suspension bridge. Beautifl area for seeing nature as you ride, walk or run.

This is one of my favorite local trails. I really enjoy the mix of rocky exposures, wooded areas, and open meadows along the way.

As a beginner I had to pause a lot but it was well worth it in the end. Bridge is a bit wobbly but it wasn't scary.

What a view! Very pretty hike. It is calm and peaceful hiking out to the point. There are small to medium sized rocks the 1st mile and a half. And it is pretty sandy right near the end to the point. Love the view. Would do it again and would love to trial run. Would be super hot in the summer.

This is one of my favorite places to hike just because it's so convenient to my house, and it's easy to adapt to the amount of time I have to hike. Just past 3.5 miles from the base (dirt parking area), there's a rocky trail that cuts off to the left. It's not bike friendly because there's lots of rock. However, it's my favorite route to get a nice view about 1/2 mile from the top where the cell phone towers are. Past the outlook, the trail is all rock, so you'll want sturdy shoes. It would be terrible up there for the casual hiker in flip-flops. Also, if there has been rain, the main trail (also traveled by bikes, 4-wheelers, and Jeeps) gets very muddy! Like hiking-in-cement-boots muddy, so this hike is really best for either dry or snowy weather.

Brought my dog up here today and it was beautiful! Only saw a couple people and a few bikers. There was no snow but it is supposed to snow tonight so there will probably be a couple inches tomorrow.

Great hike! The first part is switchbacks up the trail. The bridge is wobbly when walking across, but fun!

The first 1/2 to 3/4 mile of the trail, beginning on the west side, was very muddy. It made the trail slippery. After that, the trail was packed snow and very beautiful. Highly recommend micro spikes.

Love this hike and the changes in terrain. Love the bench that is right before the main waterfall.

2 months ago

Great trail to take your dogs, but make sure they are on a leash when on top of the Overlook.

Our group loved this hike! We did think it should be rated moderate though, because the large rocks in the first mile were difficult for a couple older people in our group. The incline is easy, but the actual pathway is often moderate. The view at the top is incredible!

Relatively easy trail to do. The bridge and the views are awesome. Take Ralphs Trail back down to give yourself a different hike back to Orsen Wells Trailhead.

2 months ago

Great hike, close to the city but quiet enough to be enjoyable. If you keep going a little ways past the bridge the trail passes through a small boulder cave which is kinda neat.

from the orson trail, go up the boneville shoreline trail, when that trail splits go left (toward cherry lodge) but don't go up cherry lodge, keep going and you'll get to the bridge and the bear canyon trail (the restrooms are well kept with soap and seat covers)

Great hike! Did it with our 5 month old and dog. It was slightly more difficult than I anticipated due to the elevation gain.

I tried going December 16, I was not able to finish the trail as there was an unpassible part where small logs ran across a river, they had snow on them so I could not cross. I I would recommend this trail because Ivan tell it would be a great trail in the summer, just not the winter.

the dog and i did the grove creek to battle creek hike yesterday..nice to get above the inversion and very warm up top...scenery was beautiful, switching from jagged cliffs to waterfalls, to meadows and back..up at indian spring meadows area (i think that's the name) lots of deer...on the way down battle creek canyon there are a few really slick icy spots covering the trail...loved this hike..

Beautiful views of the valley, shear cliffs and a waterfall!

3 months ago

Attention before leaping into this hike, the trail is definitely NOT moderate. Pay attention to the hike statistics. This hike is very difficult for most hikers. If you are in great shape, it’s the best hike around though, as you climb vertical very quickly. Plan for spending several hours on trail. I hiked up to about 8500 ft the second week in November in about 2.5 hours (I hike very very quickly) and ran into snow on the paths (obviously) but it was so much fun! Highly recommend when no snow and have hours to play!

Lots of sand. Beautiful view!

Man , tough steep hike the weather was nice , but the wind was really bad the higher up we went

This is a great family hike! It wasn’t too long and the bridge/view was awesome.

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