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5 hours ago

Amazing amazing trail! It’s hard to describe unless you’ve done it. As others have said, be sure to bring plenty of water as you’re in the sun and it gets hot fast. If you do an out and back, leave extra time for the climb back up. The views and silence in the crater are out of the world.

Beautiful hike and a fall ( October)day going again in October 2019

Beautiful hike and a fall ( October)day going again in October 2019

bridge out
washed out
15 hours ago

This trail is awesome and tons of fun! A good mix of semi-challenging climbs, relaxed trails and lots of variety in both terrain and weather conditions! Some sections have loose rocks, unstable footing, there’s mostly uneven footing in general, plenty of mud and a few sections where you have to cross over water or where the trail is actually a stream so waterproof boots during the winter are a must unless you want freezing, soaked feet. There is some trail damage from the fire ie washed out spots and a couple of the bridge crossings are a bit sketchy and may not be crossable with dogs (we saw some people with dogs turn back). There is significant snow and some ice near the top. I 120% recommend yak traks. It would have been a MUCH harder hike without them. We didn’t see a view because of the fog, but it was still beautiful and totally worth the last 2 mile push.

1 day ago

I had no idea I was going to have the chance to see a black sand beach while down here. I was pleasantly surprised as we started our venture to see that it was just that. Wear proper foot wear to be safe. Some of the rocks (especially spots covered in pine needles) can be slippery. Loose handy gravel as well. Amazing views right out of Jurassic Park. Well worth the 20 or so minutes down. A++.

Going down was delightful. It’s as close to silence as few of us are fortunate to hear. For our hike it was clear and sunny, but I’ve seen it clouded out before.

The way up felt like work, but is accessible to anyone willing to take breathing breaks.

2 days ago

Don’t miss out on the Falls of Makahiku. There’s a closed trail sign and a fence to slip though but the view is lovely. Despite two days of rain, the trail was barely muddy. Excellent hike.

10 days ago

When we hiked the trail, it was fairly dry, so I would rate this as an easy hike rather than moderate based solely on those conditions. The bamboo forest was absolutely my favorite part of the hike. Hearing the bamboo stalks knock together with the breeze was really cool. The banyan tree was also really beautiful! If there's no risk of a flash flood you can get closer to the waterfall, but beware there are fines if you get too close!

12 days ago

Stellar hike and views! Very muddy at times—microspikes recommended but not necessary. There are some little hills down in the valley to walk around on. One could camp down there if one wished.

Completed 1.4.19. Wayyyy too many tourists at the falls for my liking. On a nice day, I assume they’re at the top too since you can drive there. The hike itself is a grind, but good if you want hours of solitude. I didn’t see anyone for several miles at a time once I got a mile or two in. Zero exposure, so you don’t have a sense of your elevation until the very end. Heavy fire damage throughout, which was heartbreaking, and zero visibility at the top due to weather, although I knew that going in. Significant snow the last 2+ miles. Yaktrax helped. Take food if you’re going out and back. It’s a long hike! A good move I think would be to do it as an end to end, go early morning on a clear day from the falls before the tourists arrive and have someone pick you up at the end.

I'm so sad that this trail is closed. I had some really amazing memories there.

12 days ago

I hiked it but I also rode it- pure magic on a clear day you can see big island from the top

Loved this trail but did sliding sands to halema'u trail and hitchhiked back up. it's a long 11 miles but amazing and ever changing terrain. I did the sliding sands down and back up last time and it was extremely difficult due to the altitude between 9,000 and 10,000 feet. Finished sliding sands > halema'u in about 6 hours while taking a decent amount of breaks.

on Polipoli Trail

14 days ago

This is a really interesting hike because it takes you through so many different types of forest. We also saw a pig! A little bit of mud but easily done in low-top hiking shoes. We went in afternoon so fog was in but I’m not sure you’d get huge views anyway as I think it’s trees in most of the time. Really enjoyed it!!

completed on 12/31
This trail is closer to 14.0mi out&back. It features all 4 seasons, starts off at Multnomah Falls with some sunshine and some breeze, next part of trail is all about slushy ground and many creeks running through (in several areas, I had to utilize my minimal knowledge of rock climbing and tree grabbing to get myself across the running water without getting completely wet). Later, for about 1.5mi, the ground/rocks/fallen trees/log bridges were frosted over with fresh layer of slippery ice. And for the remainder of ascending up, trail was covered with up-to 3 inches of snow.
I was hoping to trail run parts of this trail, but didn't feel safe for most of the trail. I would totally recommend to any adventurers out there! It is a beautiful hike with amazing views❤

16 days ago

Moderate difficulty. Lots of steps. Bring plenty of water and some snacks. It’s helpful if you have hiking boots for the mud and the hike down afterwards to protect those toenails! About 3 hours round trip. Well worth it, but stick to the trail.

17 days ago

Fun and muddy hike down. Great lookouts along the way. It’s fun to walk around and explore once you reach the bottom. The trees, ocean, little trails around the area can keep you occupied for awhile! Lots of great photos opps here. There was a rope swing on the top of the hill -Doooo ittttttt. I wouldn’t swim there but only because we saw about a 1,000 Portuguese man of war creatures along the beach. Bring a rain coat and wear your tennis shoes.

trail running
18 days ago

Alltrails has the wrong explanation of this trail. This is actually the Larch Mountain Trail of Oregon (Washington State has their own Larch Mt. trail) and it is not an Ainsworth Park trail. It’s west of that park. You can either begin at Multnomah Falls, going uphill first or 7 miles following Multnomah Creek or you can start at the top and go downhill first for 7 miles. Either way, if you’re doing an out and back, you’re going to be going uphill for 7 miles. If you do it as an out and back, I recommend starting at Multnomah Falls, so you can go downhill on the second half. Actually, this would be a great two car hike if you just want to start at the top and go downhill to Multnomah Falls. This way, you won’t have to worry about going back uphill. You can drive back up on Larch Mountain Road. But, you will have to do this during summer or early fall as Larch Mt. usually has snow and the road to the parking lot closes for the season. If you want a short hike, I would recommend you hike a mile up past Multnomah Falls as there a few falls that are worth checking out. But if you want a good workout do the whole thing. There are areas still damaged from the forest fire from 2017, so it can be an interesting hike with a PNW clear and clean creek (which is more like a river) travelling heartily towards the main falls. Although, I ran this trail, it’s not the best trail runners’ trail unless you have very good stamina and are willing to run through snow near the summit.

19 days ago

Nice one. There are several options while down in the crater, you can adjust based on weather and you fitness level. Terrain is VERY easy, so you might end up doing more miles than you think.

19 days ago

Nice one! Terrain is very easy, so you'll do more mileage than you might be used to

on Pololu Trail

20 days ago

Great little hike with fabulous views on the trail down. Be sure to take a ride on the rope swing !

20 days ago

Fabulous short hike. Definitely wear footwear with decent traction As going down can be a slippery affair with lots of rocks and mud. Take your time hiking down taking in the spectacular views and you will be rewarded with a fun walk on a black sand beach.

on Sliding Sands Trail

21 days ago

The Haleakalā Visitor Center is not open due to the government shut down. However, the bus/tour companies pay for a ranger to open the bathrooms so those are available, even if you make the trip yourself.

I agree with many of the other reviews: there is no shade so bring sunscreen and lots of water. It was sunny when we were there but the wind can make it cold. Check the weather before you go. We were comfortable wearing pants, long sleeved shirts, and brought a fleece jacket to wear as needed.

Amazing views throughout- I’ve never seen anything like it! We did 2.5 miles out and then came back and then 2 miles out and back on the Halemau'u Trail so that we could see both sides of the crater without having to hitchhike. Coming back on Sliding Sands was much more difficult due to the incline and the altitude. We saw several people running on the trail as well as families with children who looked as young as 13 and parents with younger children in carriers.

For a somewhat out-of-shape 50 year-old who used to be an athlete in my younger days, this was a great test of Character. Did it solo, as at the last week before, the others I was to be climbing with had to back out. Trained somewhat before doing this hike but not nearly what I would have liked to.
Very strenuous for me. Took almost 9 hours to do the round-trip. Thought I was in the clear after I got to the top but did not realize that coming down (Using hiking poles which, in my opinion is a must) was going to hurt even more. (Oh, my knees!!)
Even so, was a hike that I will remember forever.
If you leave early and pace yourself, it will be strenuous but doable and well worth it!!

25 days ago

Hiked 12/27/18. Mileage is closer to 13.5 - 14 miles RT. Most recordings will corroborate this.

I was just unlucky... it was a very wet and cold throughout. We didn’t have any view at all :( We didn’t complete the trail, walked 4 miles and returned. We met only a few people and most walked back at 2.5 mile mark. In a few rare moments that it was raining, the scenery looked very interesting. I’ll do it again if I have chance.

1 month ago

Spectacular waterfalls. A bit muddy but not too bad. Took us 3 hours in and out with fairly long photo stops. Highly recommend!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Beautiful! Went to the top. Can see the island of Hawaii once you get closer to the summit.

mountain biking
1 month ago


Highly recommend parking at the Halemauu trailhead, hitchhiking up, and doing the sliding sands-halemauu loop. Epic hike. Unique terrain that you cannot experience in very many places on earth. 11.3 miles. Tiring day, but well worth it.

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