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Back today for snowshoeing- this local trail is becoming one of my favorites! Went about 2.5 miles or so before the broken trail came to an end, so ended up with a total distance slightly over 5 miles. The views were gorgeous! The Carson Valley was hidden under a “lake” of fog, while Lake Tahoe sparkled in the sun.

This trail was fabulous for snowshoeing! I appreciated the plowed parking lot at the trailhead that did not require a Sno-Park permit. We headed out early, and only ended up seeing four other people on our way back. Doing the trail in winter, covered in pristine snow was magical - and so different than hiking it in summer. Shortly after the second vista point, we had to start breaking trail so at that point we decided to turn back. I was glad to have the map downloaded since many other snowshoers and cross country skiers have made their own trails and off shoots. All in all, it was a great way to enjoy the mountain snow without making extra pollution or noise.

Great place to getting some trail running in. Sort of narrow in some parts and people like to ride their horses in the area so be careful.

Excellent fall hike! We came in mid-October and even though locals on the trail were sighing that it was the tail end of colors, we thought we were inside a treasure trove!

Pro tip: You can make this trail a loop by taking hiking trail to the lake and biking trail back (or vice versa)
Pro tip 2: The colors are more beautiful along the biking trail

Some of our pictures from the trail: https://csgirllife.wordpress.com/2018/11/19/fall-colors-on-marlette-lake-trail-tahoe/

* parking locked up for the season when we went.(11_12_18).hard to find parking nearby as there are lots of "no parking" signs posted along roadside.
*lower part of trail was great.
* creek water for the dogs.
* where trail splits off- we initially missed this and hiked a couple miles before realizing we had missed our line.
* backtracked to the split and this portion has been discouraged for hikers by logs, rocks, etc a lot along the way to the lake. Not sure why?
*it was a great hike nevertheless- many beautiful views. The lake was stunning , as always. We were the only people on this trail.
*had a wonderful time, despite the unknown reason for the "upper" trail being discouraged.

I didn’t hike all the way to Snow Valley, just went 8 miles as an out and back. Very few people out this time of year, we saw 5 people on foot and 5 people on horseback. The views of Tahoe were all seen as glimpses through the trees, but still a very beautiful hike.

i'm in love with this trail. came in mid October, beautiful Aspen trees changing color, slow and steady climb up with short steep down to lake so after long uphill climb the first part of the return was challenging but then the rest of the 10 mile hike was all downhill with a little bit of flat so easy to power through. cant wait to do again next fall!

Great hike! We took a few breaks to catch our breath since we weren’t used to the elevation, but overall not bad at all. Definitely recommend!

2 months ago

More commonly called Bridgeport. Not a great trail for small children. I have a 4 year old and it’s a somewhat narrow trail for a child. If I was alone, I would rate it 5 stars. Lots of trails down to the beautiful water to swim. Very crowded in summer towards the trailhead, the further you go, the more peaceful it gets.

2 months ago

A beautiful walk any time of year, but absolutely gorgeous in spring when the wild flowers are in bloom. Mostly flat, wide trail (unless you choose to go down to one of the swimming spots on the river). It's a popular trail for good reason!

Will be back! Such a great sweet trail.cant wait to check out the lake in the summer for a swim after biking or hiking!

2 months ago

10-26-18. Beautiful hike (even according to my begrudging 13 year old). Amazing fall colors. Nice to have a restroom (well maintained, out house style) at Marlette, and real flushing restrooms at Spooner. Gradual uphill, not too many steep parts. We took the trail. Took us 5 hours. We hung out at Marlette for almost an hour for lunch, pictures, restroom break.

It just doesn’t get in prettier. I will do this spiritual walk Springs and falls for many more years to come!!!

2 months ago

Definitely recommend keeping your GPS open but great hike. Lake Ella is beautiful and I second the recommendation to take Erika’s trail back. Very pretty and change of scenery. Good for dogs, no one else on the trail on a Saturday afternoon.

3 months ago

Great hike!! Got a little mixed up with the map so ending up going an extra mile! Would definitely do it again. Great views!! Great workout. The first 3 miles are pretty much uphill.

A tough but beautiful hike. Many of trees and ferns were in full fall splendor and the views of Lake Tahoe were spectacular. The cool fall temperatures made for perfect hiking weather as the climb is steep and at times a bit grueling. The wind came up just as I reached the lake, which is peaceful and also showing hints of fall. A few pointers - when leaving the lake, keep to the left (or better yet track your journey with the app), getting off course is easy. Also, there are mountain bikes on the trail, so be alert.

3 months ago

Nice way to explore what is east of the airport. Can get a nice view of gliders coming in during glider season. Picnic tables, view of the valley, pleasant.

I just took the mountain bike path all the way up and it was worth it. Fall is all over this trail and it’s beautiful!! It was decently busy with both hikers and mountain bikers. It was a windy day so a bit cold especially at the lake. Took cover by some rocks and ate my lunch on the water and it was perfect! Not a stressful hike, but you get in a great workout. Will take the flume trail next time, I will definitely come back.

on Lake Ella

trail running
3 months ago

The dirt trail is narrow. I was running (headphones on) with a bear bell so others in the trail knew I was coming. It helped more than once on my hour run.

Good cardio trails with my dog

lets just start out with the hike up is not the best, nice steady incline that you will feel later, but worth it. the hike was amazing, with the fall colors it was so beautiful. nice sandy trail easy on my pups paws. all around a great hike and can't wait to do it again. Marlette lake was beautiful and peaceful.
when you take the left in the fork in the road and end up entering by the dam. make sure on the way back to go to your left to take the same trail back.

Went midweek and only saw a few people. Not too strenuous and a great early fall hike

Went midweek and only saw a few people. Not too strenuous and a great early fall hike

3 months ago

Love the lake! Didn't enjoy the climb up to the top and then all the way back down. Definitely a much more intense hike than most people are used to with a pack! Not many options for camping but we did find a nice spot on the other side of the lake, we required another mile of hiking.

Nice hike. We took a small trail above Robie Point and saw some old home foundations and an old fireplace aching an old brick pathway around the house. Pretty cool.

3 months ago

*Eric Brandt gives a great assessment of the overall hike.
*the signage was the coolest I've ever seen for trail i.d.

Great views of lake tahoe starting about halfway through the hike most of the way to the top. The jeep trail towards the towers is the way to snow valley peak. Not very many people on the trail. If you go straight past the jeep trail you get a good view of Lake Marlette, with the option to hike an extra mile down to it. Would do it again

4 months ago

Good birthday hike and first one since having children (youngest just turned one). Bring enough water! Shady spots to rest in here and there, and plenty of benches to sit on. Beautiful and deep swimming holes, although we didn’t swim this time. A bit rocky along trail in places, but nothing a couple of 72-year-olds and 3-4-year-olds couldn’t navigate.

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