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Amazing gorgeous outstanding-wild raspberries at the start of the trail.

Fun trail! Nice views looking east through the Gulch. I took the short trail from the Hotel Ruins to the Continental Divide Viewing area. Short hike between those two points. There was a nice, steady incline all the way up.

An absolutely beautiful trail. We took it up to the Continental Divide Outlook. The views are amazing. There were a few icy patches but nothing to difficult to get through in normal hiking shoes.

Nice, easy hike with beautiful views! Once you’re at the top of the ridge, on one side are the beautiful mountains and the other side has the city. Took us about 2 hours round trip and I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for an easy challenge.

6 days ago

This is my year round, go to exercise Loop. It is pretty enough with wildflowers and not difficult.

There is a fee to park for non Boulder residents. This is due to the surrounding towns not implementing open space and collecting taxes and those residents using the Boulder Valley areas. if you don't like to pay to park either pay taxes or go to another town. There is plenty.

Fills up on weekends.

Beautiful views. A nice easy, fairly flat trail. Dog friendly and not overly crowded. Parking fills up quick and there is $5 fee if you aren't a Boulder county resident.

Solid hike for spring. Definitely bring micro spikes or yak tracks as the majority of the trail is covered in either ice or a few inches of snow. No need for snow shoes in my opinion.

Parking is pretty limited. We parked next to the entrance (it said violators would be towed), but didn’t have any issues. Others were parked in the area without problems as well.

Happy hiking!

Great views! Definitely recommend bringing spikes for some areas.

11 days ago

Pretty easy hike and would be easier without any snow. I would do it again.

Trail was snow packed, footing was good with microspikes. Probably could have gotten away with just boots, but the extra traction was nice on the uphill climb.

Was an enjoyable hike; I’m sure it’s even better when the lake isn’t frozen.

Parking is kind of sketchy, but no problem finding a spot.

A great way to spend the afternoon. Took us about 3 hours. Great spot to see some foundation ruins from the hotel and nice views of the continental divide. Rock climbers all around. Super close to Boulder/West Arvada

Awesome views and a lake. Did it today with a ton of snow on a windy day with snow bursts. Wasn't too bad, it was nice having the whole trail to ourselves! We did it without snowshoes (brought along spikes but didn't need them) and we were fine. There were a few spots where our feet sunk through the snow up to our knees, but walking a few feet out on the lake was cool.

Love it

Great hike with beautiful views and not too challenging. The trail was quite icy in a lot of spots. I recommend bringing your crampons.

Great hike on a very cold morning. Couple of steep inclines along with the view will take your breathe away, both fugitively and literally. Then again first time on a steep incline on snow snowshoes, but I will do better next time. I'll also bring my pup next time... Go early, the crowds build quickly.

Feb. 13th, sunny skies with wind as usual. No extra traction needed unless you're super uncoordinated. Please pick up and pack out your dog waste, your yellow bag is just as unsightly as a pile of poo.

Good hike on some packed snow. Gorgeous views! This is my second time doing this trail and it was just as fun the second time.

This was a great little hike out in Eldorado Springs. Since it’s a state park it’s an $8 entry fee, but totally worth it! There was a good little incline throughout the hike, but overall relatively easy. When up there, you can go off the trail a little and see the Continental Divide.

1 month ago

Well maintained trails. Great views right after the recent snow fall. Only saw 2 other people

I didn’t do it there’s a fee to park because boulder is pretentious.

1 month ago

Arrived shortly after 11AM on a Sunday, the parking lot was pretty busy as can be expected in the Denver/Boulder metro area. The trail itself is fairly simple with only some slight elevation changes. The views are wonderful. I definitely got sunburnt, there is very limited shade. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an easy hike.

Today the trail started off muddy and with a little snow. Once you get past Cub lake the snow got very deep in spots. Bring poles and snow pants to make it easier.

trail running
1 month ago

Nice easy run, I went Feb 17th,2018 and it was muddy in some spots. Pretty windy in the open space towards the end of the loop trail. Dogs are allowed on a leash so I’ll be back with the pupper once the trail dries up.

awesome views, can be quite icy and slick. bring traction.

I hiked this on 2/15. The first 3/4 mike was on the road. The test was trail. It snowed all day an even though my tracks were covered in snow it was relatively easy to find the trail in the trees. The lake was nothing spectacular. Lots of flat white and wind. The trail however was really beautiful. Snow shoes made it easier but micro spikes would have worked.

1 month ago

Very calm and peaceful. Seen a few deer on the trail as well which was awesome

1 month ago

Nice hike close to Denver. Great views of the eastern plains and downtown Denver but no mountain views. If you take Rawhide to make the loop there is a bench about half way that makes for a good place to rest and have a bite. Not a strenuous hike, a few shorts climbs and rocky in a few spots but very manageable for all skill levels. We hiked in fresh snow this day. We did not need spikes. However when the snow thaws and freezes extra traction will be a must. Overall a nice hike if you're looking for something close to Denver with not much distance.

Great for snow shoeing ! Had a great time on this very busy trail!

1 month ago

I carried my 3 year old in the pack and it was totally doable! The trail was smooth for the most part, wide, and easy to access. I am by no means a hiker or in great shape and this was a perfect start for a beginner like me. Next time I will also bring my 5 year old who would easily be able to walk this trail!

trail running
1 month ago

Very pretty trail with great views of the hog backs of the foothills. Really muddy in parts due to yesterday’s light snow.

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