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Beautiful day for a hike. This is a strenuous hike if you are not in good condition. You begin the hike by descending down to the falls/river. But that means the trek back is uphill. The trail was pretty empty. We saw one guy on the way down and did pass a group coming down as we went up. The waterfall was a trickle but still worth the effort to hike it. Will be back in the spring when things green up and hopefully catch the waterfall flowing more.

scenic driving
5 days ago

Very pretty!

Loved this trail! I would like to point out that the trail is very close to cliff edges so I wouldn’t recommend bringing children.

This was our first hike and we really enjoyed it! Great views.

Really pretty in some areas. Thickly wooded. If you're by yourself it's an easy hike. However, it's DANGEROUS if you have two big dogs with you because the a large portion of the path is narrow (my dogs were shoulder to shoulder) and on the edge of a cliff.

Beautiful area, but I think it is safe to say they have given up marking the main trail. Took some awesome pics in the fall.

10 days ago

Fun trail! might be a little strenuous in some spots for beginners and if the water is up along with the rapids its a challenge to cross to the trail head safely, but a great day hike regardless! Seems like a great camping spot as well

This hike was a beast for me! Partially due to the fact that my brother lied and said it was rated moderate to get me to join in, lol. It’s a workout both ways but the hollow is breathtaking. When we went the waterfall was pretty light but still beautiful. This was my entryway to the world of hiking and I will always remember it fondly ❤️

Beautiful and hard...and worth it, for sure!!! Wear solid shoes, have your first-aid kit, and enjoy the views. Breathtaking!

fantastic in the fall. easy trail. bring a hammock. lots of good spots to enjoy the views. definitely going back with a crashpad.

14 days ago

I visited after a rain and although the trails were a bit slippery, muddy and wet the waterfalls were beautiful. It was worth the muddy shoes to hike down to the base of the falls.

15 days ago

Great trail! Went early Nov, right after a rain storm and the falls were incredible. Reasonably easy trail, can get a little steep, but worth it. You can see everything in 30 minutes. Definitely worth the trip!

Make sure to see these falls at a peak water level! It is incredible fun to swim and layout on the cleared rocks.

on Twin Falls Trail

20 days ago

This place was awesome

21 days ago

Beautiful hike! The road down to Kyles Landing is rough but saw several cars that made it. We had some water flowing so the waterfalls were running. This is a physically demanding hike if you are not in shape. At one point the trail splits, one goes along the creek bed and on goes up and is higher up but follows along the creek. Going to the Eye of the Needle is not for someone afraid of heights. You will use ropes to scale straight up 20-30 feet and then another section at a step angle where you will rope the rest of the way to the top before going through the tunnel to get to the Eye of the Needle. Will be back to do it again!

Very nice hike along the river. Several waterfalls. Was closer to 6 miles and took 3 hours. A bit more technical hike with rocks and some slippery parts.

25 days ago

Great little hike! Took my time heading down, went down to the falls and then doubled back over to the river. Didn’t time the trek as a whole, started off a little before 1pm and took my time at the river, the 2.3mi hike back up took 50 minutes for me at a steady pace.

Day hike in and out from the Missouri Falls Trailhead on a Sunday. 5 mile drive on narrow gravel road to get to the rec area. The falls are at the start of the trail and several groups were gathered in the falls area. The trail follows the river with several areas to explore in and near the water. The river alternates from rushing over rocks to clear pools of water. One trail crossing through the water was a bit precarious. I did bring extra shoes to cross through the water but with very slippery mossy wet rocks I took a small tumble and fell in! I saw another hiker do the same a few minutes before. It was all in good fun and I would do it again! Beautiful scenery with fall colors throughout the hike. Many places for camping and areas to wade or swim in warmer weather.

27 days ago

We started this trail and hopped on Buckeye trail at the end. Caney Creek ran along the creek which didn’t make it a very moderate hike, a lot of the time we were walking on the valley. There were a few small water crossings, nothing extreme. If you take this trail I recommend hiking Buckeye at the end (there’s a decent pile of rocks to the right of a camping area heading up the mountain and that’s Buckeye trail).

awesome sites to see! Tough spots for sure, but worth every strain. Wear hiking shoes and travel light.

Prepare for an uphill hike similar to mountain climbing and lots of stream crossings. Beautiful hike. Rightfully rated hard!

Scenic hike. There were a few light water crossings and two bigger water crossings (we didn’t have water shoes so we took off our hiking shoes and went through the water..12” in spots). A lot of camp sites and ran into a fare amount of people along the way. The trail runs along water which makes it very tranquil.

29 days ago

We hiked the entire Buckeye/Caney East loop. The Caney Creek East trail, although quite a bit easier than the Buckeye trail, still has a few uphill/downhill sections that when worn out from the Buckeye trail will feel almost as challenging! But I’m sure avid hikers with well conditioned legs will find it rather easy. Very pretty walking along the creek. 3 easy crossings, just be cautious on the wet and slippery rocks. We had lots of rain the entire hike but it was still a very nice trail. Mostly clear with some downfall and lots of deep puddles when raining. Boots were full of water when we reached the car!
Fun times and beautiful area.

1 month ago

This trail is pretty awesome and difficult in the sense that you have to pay attention to where you're stepping all the time. Some parts were a bit difficult to maneuver and I didn't even attempt climbing the rope at the end ,but my boyfriend made it up to the top. We went on a Tuesday in September and we were the only ones on the trail the whole time. Keeping that in mind, there are a lot of spider webs when you're the only one on the trail. We will be returning to this trail as it was very interesting.

Super easy.

1 month ago

Yes it is a climb up but it isn’t as hard as a lot of people have said. Bring water and some snacks. There are a few places to stop on the way to take a break if needed. The waterfall was only a trickle but that meant we didn’t get wet crossing the streams. Truly a sight to see!

Great hike with wonderful views. Lots of little trails to go on and get great pictures. Not a strenuous hike. Watch your step once out on the rocks. There are cracks and holes one could fall in. Wouldn’t recommend bringing the kids. I would recommend doing King’s Bluff while there.

1 month ago

Hello twins. ;)

Great trail with an amazing ending! The cathedral is beautiful and the echos are awesome! The waterfall was only trickling very little but that made standing under it that much more fun to cool off. The hike down was pretty easy even though we broke a sweat. However the hike up made it the hardest hike I have ever encountered! It’s one of those that you give your hiking buddy a high five when you reach the top! It was really neat to see, but it’s safe to say I’ll probably only do it this one time.

Easy hike and even though the water was flowing much it was still well worth the trip. The AllTrails coordinates took us right to the trailhead. The trail is rocky which I didn’t think was bad but it’s not a flat dirt path.

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