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Great walk for anyone. Loved that I was able to use the stroller and still managed to be able to get down to the water.

Super dog friendly and beautiful trail. Incline is steady in parts and more severe in others but overall it’s not that difficult. Rewards are the view at brothers lookout.

A couple of people didn’t have their kids on a leash and were flying up behind hikers on mountain bikes without saying anything. If my dog has manners, your kid can too.

But that was at the bottom. Other than that was outstanding. No need for spikes or anything

Great hiking. No ice. Not overly crowded early.

Frozen falls were beautiful. Be very careful on the icy death traps coming up on the side of Catamount Falls. Very slippery spots throughout the trail, recommending microspikes.

I went last week and the trail was fantastic... snowpacked at points but no need for extra traction beyond normal hiking boots... only saw 3 other ppl there on a Wednesday... fantastic trail and well maintained... I will definitely be returning!

Agree with reviewer Kevin. There are many trails to follow. Get a map and plan your route. I took the Mason creek trail to old mill to Staunton ranch to do about an 8 mile loop and it was all trees the entire way.Very peaceful with some uphill and a few switchbacks and not many people, but I was hoping for a Mountain View. It was icy in many spots but I didn’t use spikes and I was fine.

First off, Staunton has a number of options for all levels of hikers (or just walkers). This review isn’t specific to the route in the map of this post, and that’s because you can make your hike whatever you want.

A buddy and I ended up doing 17.85 miles at this park including 3 overlook locations and a waterfall. Get the map to the park and make a determination off how far and how difficult you want your hike to be. Just make sure you know how to read contour lines :-)

Almost no wildlife, but we went in March. Parking lot was crowded, but hardly saw anyone while hiking.

Nice and easy trail. The overlook was pretty too. Dog friendly. A bit icy and snowy at parts, but micro spikes aren't necessary.

Scoped this trail out to potentially take family here this weekend, and will definitely be returning. The weather was perfect and the trails were clear for the most part, with little ice and manageable snow.

26 days ago

Amazing workout, stunning views!

1 month ago

1 month ago

Got this trail done along with Bergen Peak Trail, 10 miles total.

2.1.18 - Insane 360° views! I didn't see a single other person on the trail today. Very well-worn and marked path. Definitely on the easy side of "moderate". Saw three elk packs during the trek. Highly recommend!!

Starts and ends on a road, but still beautiful. I started at 9:30, parked at the bottom of the hill per previous reviews and there was ample parking available. Steady climb up, well marked. Once the road ends and you hit the trail, the initial climb is super dicey because of ice. It’s clear after that though. (I’m sure the snow coming in tonight will change all of this). About 2/3 - 3/4 of the way up, there’s a giant tree down on top of the trail, so it looks like it abruptly ends. Apologies to those I passed that I forgot to inform!

1 month ago

Didn’t see a single person the entire hike. Used yak tracks intermittently. Only a few slick spots after the lake.

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2 months ago

No snow on the trails. On the no named road, packed snow. Beautiful and no drama.

2 months ago

Great trail. Waterfall was partially frozen yet still beautiful. Def don’t park on the road. Park at the bottom of the hill. The locals don’t like it.

Great weather

Small bits of incline but for the most part, more flat and a wide trail. Esth has out for icy patches! The view was great :)

This trail has an awesome view. The trail head is at the base of a hill by Hondo Ave. Hikers are not allowed to park any further up the road leading to the trail. Be careful not to miss the turn off just past the bridge by the waterfall.

2 months ago

I hiked this trail last week. It was very nice. There was some snow but not much. Dogs were off the leash alot but werent a problem though. We hiked to the lake. It was frozen over.

There is another trail that you can take and head right. I forgot the name of it. I don't know where it leads though.
I am going back in the summertime to fish there. This is a moderate trail with lots of rocks to climb on but NOT to bad. If you have bad knees then I don't recommend it.

I don't have pictures but I do have video on YouTube @ woameet.

Thank you
I hope this has helped.
Have a safe and nice trekk!

Absolutely beautiful, I'll definitely do this again. Blue trail to the reservoir was mildly challenging in only a couple spots, but otherwise very pleasant and scenic throughout. It bears mentioning like the previous review... park at the bottom of the hill at the park. straight up the dirt road, keep going past the gate, up the slope past the falls to the bench. That's where the trail actually begins.

I love this trail! This is a great trail if you're looking for a workout as the first half is quite steep. And while you can see the highway, it's only for .3 mile or so. The rest of the hike is remote. And I didn't have any issues with mountain bikers.

Fall hiking here is beautiful. Not a lot of people and plenty of wild life to see. The hardest part of hiking here is picking which trail to do. They all offer something special, which brings you back over and over again.

Awesome hike. Recommend it to anyone, especially if you have people in town visiting. Great mountain bike trail as well.

3 months ago

Nice open trail, excellent views

Great trail. Multi-use so beware of mtn bikes if you're running. Elevation gain is all at once, so be ready for that.

3 months ago

Beautiful scenery, easy paved walk, took the kids, they rode their bikes and played in the river a little. Great way to spend an afternoon.

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