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Good hike but always busy on the weekends

I think it’s doable for most average fit people. If possible Uber to Echo Trailhead an finish through Cholla, way less bouldering on way down. Go early if possible.

3 days ago

This trail was so amazing. I’m new to hiking and towards the top got pretty difficult but I pushed through and the view was just stunning!

Great trail with great views. Need to have 4wd the last 2 miles from the top. Other than that, trail pretty mild. A great trail for a Renegade Trailhawk.

on Quartz Peak Trail

5 days ago

I love this hike! I enjoy the drive to it. Steep incline is a definite workout. Go early because one the sun is above the mountain range very limited shade. I didn’t make it to the peak, but if you do wear reliable shoes and a walking stick or trekking poles recommended for balance.

Snowy but passable for this visiting Wisconsinite. Nice summit views. Warm temps. I only needed a light jacket and headband. I started the route by passing through the ski area and finishing with Baldy Bowl. I only saw three other hikers before summiting. on the way down, I passed many hikers going the other way, easily numbering 50 or more. By the time I finished at 1pm, the parking lot was a mass of humanity, completely full with cars of hikers and skiers.

5 days ago

Nice trail a bit busy but no issues. Nice views and a nice varied terrain. Good gripping shoes a must saw a few people slip while decending. Trail is clearly cut and easy to follow. Will return soon. Travel safe.

Very narrow trail the higher in elevation you climb, very popular trail. Do jot recommend bringing your dog due to the very close quarters on the trail, there are times were you have to step aside to let the hikers coming down by, very irritating when u have a pet especially when other dogs aren’t trained properly or are unfriendly, great view at top again crowded and have to wait to get a photo, recommend going during the week.

6 days ago

Pretty decent hike, nice if you like flat hiking for several miles before ascending. A little tricky to find the trail to start going up, but we used the GPS marker on the trail map (AllTrails) to back track when we accidentally passed it. Kept us on route


First winter hike on this trail. Snowed all day long. I like snow covered Mt. Baldy than dry/hot summer hike. Weather is mild even in January here but still need to drive carefully to the trail head when it snows.

Hiked this for a second time and loved it! Definitely one of the more scenic hikes in the PHX area.

Awesome place to visit

Great trail! I’ve done it a few times. Gorgeous views. The trail isn’t super long and hard, but towards the end (about the last .25 mile) it gets really steep. I would recommend wearing shoes with good tread for going up and down the steep section.

This was fabulous! I will say that the last bit of the hike was very hard. We found ourselves crawling/climbing over rocks to get to the cave. Once we were to the top though, it was breath taking!

If your body can handle the hike then definitely do it. The easiest parts are until mile marker 16. If you find it hard before then you should not continue. A lot of people get hurt on this trail and need to be rescued. Definitely intended for the more experiences hiker.

Great trail for the family!!

10 days ago

We did this trail a few days ago with some friends who are fairly experienced hikers since we are relatively new to the sport. I had seen lots of photos online of the cave but I can definitely say that photos don’t do it justice. I would agree with the moderate rating of this trail; however there are sections which do require some agility and climbing / scrambling. It is definitely a good sustained cardio workout as your heart rate will definitely go up as you reach the more challenging sections and the incline increases.

I’m in reasonably good physical shape (but looking to improve) and was able to make it with no problem despite having limited experience in trail hiking. My wife is looking to achieve significant weight loss and so it was more difficult for her, but she had a good time although she did move at a slower pace than the rest of us. We have two sons under the age of 10 who are natural hikers and had absolutely no difficulty in navigating through even the rockiest sections.

Needless to say, knowing there is a payoff in terms of the amazing scenery on the way up, and the view from the cave, is a strong motivator. I would heartily recommend this trail to anyone looking to spend an afternoon of quality time and who wants to see an outstanding view of our beautiful state of Arizona.

Beautiful trail. First snow hike. Trekking poles are a must, if I didnt have them I would have probably slipped down the mountain. I got here earlier today at 8am and I was one of the first ones here, it was pretty empty. Keep in mind it's a weekday. It is pretty tough if you haven't hiked in a while, I contemplated giving up multiple times. The trail to the peak at some point was hidden in snow and I felt that it was best if I didnt continue, plus my crampons broke. I'll be sure to finish this trail in the summer.

Great hike about a hour up and around that down. Not too easy either. Good with a group or friends visiting

11 days ago

Great trail, beautiful views. As you start going up the mountain trail gets a little difficult as there’s some scrambling involved. We hiked in early on a Saturday morning and had the cave all to ourselves for about a half hr. Hiking out we passed tons of people hiking in. Sadly lots of trash on the trail and around the cave. We had some confusion at the start of the trail seeing as how the posted sign said it was State land and required a permit (no one mentions this on here) we got online really quick and purchased a permit - $20 so no big deal - only to find that about .3 miles in you go off state land, and don’t need a permit anymore once you get to the wave cave trailhead sign. Would’ve been nice to know but like I said no big deal paying the $20 - would rather be safe than sorry.

This was my first hike at this location and hiking in the snow. Great workout...crampons and trekking poles helped. Completed in 9 hours. Since it was supposed to rain later that day it was super windy and began snowing on the way back down. Hiking in the snow was awesome and the scenery was beautiful. Can’t wait to do this one again in better weather conditions to be able to absorb more of the scenery.

This was a awesome climb and a real challenge at times ....great views

Amazing views! This is a fabulous hike with a destination reward! Gradual incline for the first part but second thrid of the trail has some scrambling and some loose rocky steep sections on the last stretch up to the cave. A little more tricky descending than when climbing. May present a challenge for new hikers but still doable with pacing yourself. For experienced hikers very doable but a fun hike with fabulous views and great photo spot from the cave and the whole way actually. If you have bad knees or banace stability issues, bring your hiking sticks! I'm an avid hiker with but because I hike with people that have a different stamina than me Ive learned to rate teaiks from a neutral more balanced perspective! The reward is worth the challenge of the hike! Enjoy!

My favorite hike I've taken in Tonto Forest/Superstition area! I absolutely loved it. Parking available across the street in the Marina lot (the trailhead/hiking spots are nearest to the fence/road). Super varied trail with phenomenal panoramic views of the lake, Four Peaks, Battleship, Weaver's Needle, and Superstition area. Was moderately crowded on a Saturday, but thinned out the further we went. Agree with other hikers - trail was well maintained and well marked, just be sure to pay attention to the rock cairns at the river bed near the end. There isn't any specific "end point." If hikers want to try this one out but are intimated by the "difficult" rating or other reviews, I'd recommend trying it out and going the first 2-2.5 miles or so. You can always turn back whenever! The incline was the perfect workout. The only difficult part, was just the length and by the time you're coming back up on the return, you've already been hiking for 6 miles or so. Overall though, it's 100% worth it. There's also a steamboat tour at the marina and the Goldmine/Ghost Town on Route 88/Apache Scenic Drive. Not hike related, but would they seem cool if you wanted to add other nearby activities to your day.

Out and back is a great way to experience the whole mountain. 2:49

Fantastic views from start to finish. A must-hike if you are in the Phoenix area.

It’s a fun hike! The dirt road is the worst part, wear good shoes it can be a little slippery but great views and the cave is worth the hike

13 days ago

Beautiful trail. High traffic trail.

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