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Found a pair of glasses on my way down from this hike today (3/15/18). anyone lose a pair? they are thin lenses and a pretty strong prescription!

Hiked to Lake 22 on Saturday and the parking lot was full and slightly icy. Had to park across the street in the entrance of the second lot, as that was completely covered in snow and a car got stuck trying to go in. The hike is really pretty easy, definitely icy and lots of snow. The lake is starting to thaw and there was a high avalanche warning, but it seemed safe to me. Super beautiful!

5 days ago

Beautiful hike! I would definitely do it again, but in the summer. My car could only make it within 2 miles of the trailhead, so we walked up the road to get there. We had to stamp through the snow the entire time, which made for an adventure! However, I definitely recommend snowshoes if you hike in the winter months. The views from the top were stunning and made the trudging worth it in the end.

Awesome trail for snowshoeing and hiking! The 360 view of mountains and Mount Hood on a clear day is incredible!

Giant waterfalls where you can walk any distance from 0-20 miles. Good to view in the snow even, parking lot has been clear most of the time.

Here is a video of my time here:

trail running
16 days ago

I ran this trail in the evening and there was a pretty good crowd but everyone was very gracious in letting me get by. It was a challenging run but nothing too crazy. The payoff at the top is worth the burn, such a gorgeous scene!

One of my favorite hikes! Done it many times and it's good in any season! Amazing views of Mt St Helen's, Mt Rainier, Mt Adam's, Mt Hood and Mt Bachelor from the top!!

21 days ago

Hiked up to the lake today, the parking lot was full, very snowy and hard to drive up to. Recommend a 4WD vehicle. We watched a Subaru Outback spin and have to be be pushed out of the parking lot. The hike was moderate and completely covered in snow. Micro spikes weren’t needed, but were helpful on the way down. There were lots of dogs and friendly people on the trail. We didn’t have too much visability but it was still beautiful! A good calf workout :)

27 days ago

Went out with a partner, our first time using snow shoes.

First 2 miles were hard packed and easy to traverse. Broke trail for half a mile in. Easy to follow the alltrails route through the thick powder. Absolutely no trail markings. The views were spectacular.

28 days ago

More of a swim than a hike. Lots of character! Wear wool socks.

1 month ago

very easy hike and so beautiful!

1 month ago

Wonderful hike up to the lake with the dog. Few inches of fresh snow. Lots of water along the trail.

Beautiful hike. One of the better ones I've done. Make sure to bring snow gear and do the winter pass (right at the fork).

With the dry winter Oregon is having I decided to venture over the pass to do this hike. It was well worth it, despite how short it is. The color of the water is magnificent this time of year and the lack of the crowds made it even better. There was even a light dusting of snow. I would not recommend attempting this hike in the winter without proper safety equipment in your car, the winter is not typical. The trail will always be fine, the roads may vary.

1 month ago

Good hike, not many people out. I definitely recommend wearing waterproof boots and bringing along microspikes. It’s a wet trail and towards the top there’s some ice and snow. Great views of the frozen lake and the mountains nearby

love this hike. Today was the first time I've done it during the winter and i wasn't disappointed. Definitely wet with snow and ice up towards the top so just take it slow, layer up a little and wear good hiking shoes/boots and you'll really enjoy this hike. Always so rewarding when you get to the top, especially this time of year. 2.5 hours total with 15 mins at the lake.

This was my first snowshoeing trip ever, and my first time on this trail. The hardest part for me was the added mile from parking to trail head especially on our way back. The trail itself is moderately challenging lots of climbing with a couple areas that are flat. The summit was steep and a little scary on the way down as there was ice and just a very light layer of snow. Unfortunately it was cloudy and windy at the top and we didn’t experience the beautiful views we were hoping for. Next time I’ll do this one on a clear day. Hiked 1/20/2018


Pack the jetboil and sunrise hike!!! Dope!

I love this trail - all seasons.
The trail today was mostly snow free up to Mirror Lake, but after that it gets snowy (with the exception of a couple patches). It is definitely doable without snowshoes or microspikes, but I was grateful for my microspikes. Gets a little confusing up top to follow the trail, but just keep an eye on boot prints.

Hey! I am headed up to hike this weekend with my girlfriend. We have snowshoes and crampons and intend to start the hike very early (5:30am) in order to summit in one day. As we only have a car, not an SUV we were hoping someone who has been recently could please fill me in on the road conditions getting up there and if our plan to summit sounds do able. Thank you!

Beautiful day! Be prepared to walk from the SkiBowl parking lot which adds another mile each way. Not much snow to Mirror Lake today, but all snow past the lake to the top of Tom, Dick, and Harry trail. Clamp-ons would be handy, but totally doable with hiking boots. Be prepared for 2' snow at the top.

1 month ago

Very fun and easily accessible hike. The trail has water running through multiple parts and there’s a good amount of snow at the lake. Nothing regular hiking boots aren’t capable of handling. The dog had a great time as well.

1 month ago

very rocky
much bugs
I think this is best suited for early summer
Went late summer and it almost wasn't worth it

1 month ago

I’ve hiked this trail several times, in the winter and summer. One of my favorites. Takes a few hours and you’ll get your heart rate elevated. The lake at the top is amazing. Highly recommended.

1 month ago

Wet Wet Wet ! I mean it . You will walk in water in a lot of parts of this hike this time a year .
If you don't have EXCELENT WATERPROOF hiking boots , you will end up with wet socks :-)
but the view at the lake is amazing .
It's a challenging hike with the snow .
But it's beautifull!
have fun and be carefull out there .

1 month ago

very nice hike. absolutely gorgeous all the way up. Lots of streams crossing the trail so I definitely wouldn't wear tennis shoes. Also, the snow at the top is pretty deep which prevented us from going around the lake. We did see some small avalanches at the top which was very cool. Coming down was quite fun trekking through the show. Crampons not necessary but definitely wouldn't hurt. Overall, great hike and we'll be back to do it in the spring/ summer.

The hike itself is five stars but a star was deducted because you can’t park at the entrance to the hike right now. It’s a little bogus to have to walk nearly a mile on highway 26 when there isn’t snow in the forecast and plenty of space to park. That’s literally the only option unless you want to disregard 14 giant “your car will be towed” and “no parking “ signs.
This weekend, snowshoes weren’t necessary, the trail was fairly packed all the way up but spikes may have made it a little easier. No view today, we were stuck in a cloud but since lots of tourists were scared of the no parking signs, we had the mtn all to ourselves. Will go back in the spring when parking at Ski Bowl doesn’t add an annoying mile and a half of highway shoulder hiking.

1 month ago

Amazing view

1 month ago

Wet, Wet, Wet 90% of this trail is walking through water trickling down the trail. Rocky, with many roots, several waterfalls flowing. The other 10% is packed snow/slush. Glad we had our trekking poles and Yaktrax for traction. Always enjoy this trail in any season.

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