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What a great experience! We loved the boardwalk loop and all other trails it leads off too!

8 days ago

Such a great walk! Got stuck trying to do the Bruce loop with a dog but found our way around it :) On my list for the summer time!

Hiking this trail for 25 years. Loveliest in the fall but also heavily trafficked at that time. Shame about the break in the trail at the fall viewing area as the outer loop was great but you “can” be a scofflaw and jump the fence (a little treacherous in winter and tricky with two large dogs) or see the falls (south-west approach, generally clockwise loop) and then return, re-climb the hill, and hike the upper trail back (sticking to the left) and down the stairs. Official parking (north east corner) is $5.25 for 2 hrs. Or you can hike in along th Cataract trail from Mississauga Rd. I’ve never tried parking at Dominion rd (residential private dead end).

I take my dog to this park a lot! There are 2 big ponds for them to swim in. A lot of dog and people interaction. Good trails for walking. There are a fair bit of bikers, so if your dog is nervous around them be ware. Overall a great place to check out!!

12 days ago

What a gem! I was so pleasantly surprised by all that I found upon arriving at the entrance gate to the conservation area. I paid the entry fee of $7 for one adult and parked the car in the spacious parking lot.
The trail head gave great direction to 3 wide and well marked trails in 3 different lengths. I chose the longest ( purple 8 km round trip) This was obviously the less traveled of the 3 but was wide and clear and mostly flat with forest, and a few ponds to view. Around the halfway point was a fire pit, picnic tables and plenty of fire wood. A great place to stop and warm up and have lunch and due to the longer trail and distance there are very few children.
The yellow trail was very flat and very smooth and possibly acceptable for a fitness strolled. Lots of families and children were on this trail. Along the way was a rest room and several random table to stop and take a break.
Upon arriving at the falls there are several tables and a big fire pit with plenty of seating and wood to burn.
There is a set of stairs that take you down to the bottom of the falls and is a great place to take photos.
This trail was not a difficult or strenuous trail but beautiful.

Things to bring: marshmallows, hot dogs, bird seed to hand feed the birds.

Great views! We went in January so there weren’t huge crowds. Maybe a dozen people passed in the 4 hour hike. Would definitely go again.

Out on this trail today with a friend; absolutely beautiful. Definitely very muddy in parts but completely tolerable if you’re wearing proper hiking shoes. Trails are well marked but make sure you’re paying attention and have time to go to Crawford loop - we went out in afternoon and didn’t notice we made wrong turn and ended up in Crawford trails (only planned on 7.8 loop) - our loop turned into a 16k - we started later in day so we’re worried about losing sunlight. That was our bad though and still a beautiful detour. Look forward to doing this again.

Many trails, many levels of hiking. Always a great place to go.

15 days ago

Great for fall, summer and winter hiking!!!!

This is the hike that I compare all others to...difficult but several summit views of glorious lakes and fields and forests! Bring lots of water and snacks...will take several hours to complete!

Amazing hike, so much to look at an explore! A little busier in some sections then I like but none the less beautiful. Also lots of barking dogs which can make the peace and quiet a little less quiet would go again for sure.

I have hiked several times and went for my first ever cross country ski here, beautiful place, lots of trail options whether you want to have a leisurely walk or challenge yourself a bit. Has two fire pits that are always a treat in the cold. Bruce trail passes through, it’s just wonderful

Was nice. A little muddy. We followed the trail around the loop but almost went the wrong way so be careful.

28 days ago

Moderate hike if you do the red loop and see the lookout, lovely scenic views of the escarpment. You can also glance at the quarry although it's not very interesting. This is probably my second favorite hike near Toronto for the length and because it's got some challenging terrain (but still good for kids)

29 days ago

The path to the falls is a nice walk, lots of birds to see, take some seed to coax them down, there are fire pits at the falls for roasting marshmallows and warming up in the winter time

1 month ago

Great narrow, long and challenging trails. Excellent for walking, running and mountain biking. A lot of fat tire bike riders are enjoying themselves.

Someone has crafted a lot of miniature houses (doors) in trees along the trail and other funny things. Very enjoyable!

I decided to come here for a hike in early to mid December for a chance to escape the busyness of life, and it didn’t disappoint. As a part of the privately owned Bruce Trail, the paths are well maintained. The views along the river were wonderful, the ruin later on the loop is quite cool to visit, and the trail is not overly difficult for the average hiker. It was an enjoyable hike and one I’d recommend! (One caveat: parking along Britannia Road is quite scarce and would be almost impossible on a beautiful spring, summer or fall day. And from Lowville, finding the entrance to the trail is difficult. Be wary of the difficulty of parking when coming here.)

An incredible view with interesting side trails. Well marked and easy to follow, I'm excited to try it out again!

Cute little trail with several little points of interest on route. Very cool old weapons storage barrack, gigantic kiln and lots of cute bridges and streams. Very icy though at points. Only saw one other couple. Saturday morning 8am.

2 months ago

great spot. id say very easy. not moderate good for anyone.

absolutly love this trail. one of my favorite in the area! so much to explore off the trail. all though you have to cross restricted areas. but if your risk taker its worth it.

Followed the blue blazes in a short loop. Trail was quite muddy but was nice and close to the river. Took about one hour to get back to the car. Think I’ll try kayaking that section of the river next spring. Looks fast and fun.

This is my go to trail, being minutes from my home. Ideal for walking, biking and inline skating in some areas. I've spotted many deer, hurons, egrets, cormorants, coyotes, rabbits, otters, beavers snapping turtles, toads and snakes over the years. Even in the winter, deer like to come out of the woods, so always have your camera ready. Photo opps galore.

2 months ago

Nice scenery and not a flat trail. There’s lots of ups and downs. Very beautiful. No river near by.

Well great hike. From rattlesnake to Crawford lake. 13.54 km. But I forgot to turn off the app on the way to dinner. Oooops!

We started early just stopped raining a couple of hours ago. It made no difference, it was an easy hike, yes with some very muddy places between rattlesnake and Crawford lake on the orange trail. But nothing anyone would cry over. At some points we thought the mud would have eaten our boots. It was just so funny. We did the board walk trail around the lake. It was so nice to hear laughing and giggling all the way to the other side.
We had lunch and a good break at the visitors area at Crawford centre and we were ready for the return hike.
Lots of people everywhere, nice to see families even with strollers which I wouldn’t recommend, but everyone was having fun. At the end skies cleared and were amazing spots for photos.

Did this walk on Oct 21, 2018 and I enjoyed it very much. There were two paths: one for pedestrians and one for cyclists. Very nice. I will definitely go again.

This one works you! I did this solo on the first snow fall of the season in late October making for some very slippery sections. I did it in about 4 hours but it took everything out of me. In my opinion it has the best views in the park, so totally worth the effort.

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