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The trails were lovely and well kept but the parking situation was terrible. When we arrived we had to park in the overflow lot, no problem, however, once we returned from our hike we were blocked in! We managed to squeeze out of our spot only to become frustrated by traffic entering the park. Cars were parked on both sides of the street only allowing for traffic to flow in one direction. Overall a disappointing end to an otherwise lovely day.

We love this trail. My 3 and 5 year old kiddos can do it without being carried (well mostly) and every time we try a different trail on the way back we're rewarded with new (to us) amazing views. Highly recommend. Bring marshmallows and hot dogs for the campfire by the falls.

Great nature trail.

on Centennial Ridges Trail

1 day ago

Took 3.5 hours with a few food stops. Trail was not too hard, a little wet in areas (it rained the day before). The blue trail markers sometimes are hard to follow so we had to back track 2 times. The views were nice, mostly mountain top and lakes. I recommend arriving early to get a good parking spot, and wearing good hiking shoes.


Was good. A good mix of forest, open fields, creeks, and roads. The trail was confusing at 8th line and never did cross the road. Ended up doing a 4.5 km loop.

My favourite local trail. Been doing this hike for over 30 years and it never disappoints. Well maintained, quiet and litter-free. Well-covered by trees other than the start. It can get very muddy in spots after rain so wear appropriate footwear. Has a couple of moderately small hills therefore not great for those not sure-footed. A fabulous 45 minute escape to nature only 5 minutes from the City of Guelph. Stop off at Union Market Square in Arkell before or after for refreshments, ice cream or a bite to eat.

Fantastic hiking tails and viewpoints!

Great for a leisurely walk with nice scenery. Amazing venue considering the devastation caused by Hurricane Hazel October 15-18, 1954 along the river route.

absolutely stunning

I enjoyed this trail and the ruins. took my dog with me and didn't run in to anyone! very peaceful.

5 days ago

The view when you reach to the top is breathtaking. Must have a good shoes. Definitely coming back next fall early in the morning when sunrise strikes

6 days ago

Beautiful trail. Very busy thanksgiving day. Did 6.5km with my family to the waterfall and around the reservoir. Pricey to park but trail is well maintained. Wish there was a per car load price

Went today and the colors were fantastic... Went clockwise and the views were nicer on the east side as there are more trees and no lake.
Took us about 4h but we had plenty of little stops. Would say hike is moderate as there is not a lot elevation gain.

It was great time to enjoy fall leaves. The lake was quiet and peaceful. It was light rainy and the little foggy weather made the scenery fantastic. Loved it. However, the fall was less impressive (disappointing).

Gorgeous views. A bit challenging but totally worth it. Took about 3 hours with minimum stops just to enjoy the view.

I'm lucky that this is my everyday commute. Great for walking, biking and birdwatching.

Welcome To The Humber River Recreational Trail Out In Toronto, Ontario Canada!

This is another part of the Humber River Recreational Trail that we visited along the Humber River and What A Beautiful View it was with tons of Ducks Swimming In The River.

On This Bright Sunny Day: We also saw plenty of bike riders and trees with the leaves changing colors as well!

I want to personally Thank Allan for taking ME there back on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

Sincerely yours,

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mountain biking
10 days ago

Very nice trails but most are badly marked you can get lost :). The map doesn't show where the start of trail, a bit confusing but definitely will be back.

on Bennett Heritage Trail

10 days ago

Flat and boring at the beginning. Get's interesting when you cross south to 27th Sideroad.

Good trail, not many people. Only downside, you’re often pretty close to nearby roads and you hear the cars in the distance.

mountain biking
15 days ago

Great place to ride if you’ve got the legs. Too many damn hills.

Lots to explore. It's a short run but allow yourself time to navigate the rock narrows. Definitely slippery over the rocks and lots of roots to trip on. Take your time and pick up your feet.

21 days ago

Great hike for a picnic

Perfect trail for early fall.. some parts in shade and lots of sunshine area.At least two nice spots to rest at the river bank. Highly recommended trail !!!
PS. it is good to park on Fork on the Credit Rd,before Dominion rd, along the road, but watch for the signs, police is patrolling during a weekend .

22 days ago

Fun short hike with rocky terrain at the hole in the wall section. old kiln and ammunitions storage makes it interesting. I like the stone arch where you cross over the river.

I do enjoy this trail. However I find it a little boring in sections. About 4 hours at moderate speed. Lovely vistas about 1/2 way.
Good footwear is an absolute must in this trail as the rocks can be slippery. Do take plenty of water as well!
Know your limitations on this one as it can be lengthy.

its always a nice walk to go on on a nice sunny day

Great trail. Some parts allows for an easy option and a moderate option. Moderate option provided lots of different elevations and terrains. Decent look out views, buildings in the distance we're visible from top of cliffs

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