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Fun trail, lots of great scenery.

4 days ago

Great trail, started around 9:30, had the entire place to ourselves!

Awesome hike! Went up in November 2018, trail was pretty icy / snowy but could hike it in sneakers (did a lot of butt slides on the way down). The fire tower is well worth the hike and then the climb when you reach it.

Getting to the trail head was very very bumpy and slow moving in some spots.

Excellent canyon countryside. Not a well-marked trail. I ended up on several false trail branches, but that kind of added to the fun of exploration. Took several attempts to find the right trailhead due to closed roads, private roads, and lack of accurate coordinates. Almost zero cell coverage, so be prepared to be out of contact. I did the loop clockwise as recommended by several who said it was better to accomplish the sketchy/rougher parts of trail near the start when fresh. There were two places where landslips had mostly taken out the trail, but there’s been some rudimentary work at making the trail passable. Plenty of evidence of bears and coyotes. Several creek crossing made keep dry feet a bit of a challenge.

11 days ago

Beautiful formations and quite low-key.

11 days ago

Drove the hour + from Denver to check this place out. Very cool rock formations, some of which are very delicate. More delicate than they look. Spectacular colors and crevasses.

Was sad and upsetting and actually nauseating to see a large group of tourists going off trail, climbing all over the rock formations.With Absolutely no regard to the signs prohibiting climbing. Absolutely no regard for the delicate formations, some of which are just clay and literally shatters off the sides. This place won't be around much longer with such disrespect for the rock formations happening daily it seems, so catch it while you can (on the path, not on the rocks).

14 days ago

Snowshoes or Skis necessary as there is 1-2 feet of snow at the trailhead with snow-depths well over 4' near the ridge. The trail had little use since the last big storm and needs some traffic to pack it back down.

off road driving
15 days ago

2011 Xterra 1.5 Lift 33" Tires

Made it up all the way until the rocky steep incline obstical. I was able to get up the incline about half way before the ice kept us from moving forward. the bypass is so slick there is no way around it. I had to turn around but we still had fun. saw another Tahoe that turned around as well. I could of made it if I winched it up but since I came alone and was fully loaded with passengers I decided not to risk it.

Amazing trail. Best hike I've done in Colorado so far. Spent three nights on the trail - two at Comanche Lake and one at the upper Venable Lake. One of the days I climbed the mountain to the left of Comanche Lake when facing the main mountain (Spring Mountain?) and got an excellent view from there. There is no trail and it's very steep but worth it. I brought Panther Martin spinner bait and had no problem catching plenty of trout in both lakes (this was in August). There are marmots everywhere. Excellent views throughout the hike - highly recommended.

Awesome hike. Trails are a bit narrow at times and hard to distinguish. You have to really look for hooves Or foot prints. View at the turnaround is breathtaking. Did it during winter time. Cold gear necessary.

Great Hike, My brother and I camped at the third highest lake. It was so much fun. We were woken up by mountain goats the second night. We posted a video https://youtu.be/6wEVmrBTh1M

Fun hike near Denver. With half the population of the front range. Parking can fill up early.

22 days ago

Trail snow covered but packed down. Cold but trees blocked the wind while still allowing some sun through. Most vehicles parked at fork in road 1/2 mile from trailhead-a but dicey after that.

off road driving
26 days ago

Cool network of trails in the Mt Evans wilderness. Really close to Barbour forks and Cascade Creek too. Fairly easy trail when dry and more challenging when muddy/snowy.
I've see stock 4x4s up there. As of this past Christmas weekend, it is closed to vehicles for the winter.

2001 XJ
3.5" lift
snow chains

off road driving
1 month ago

went out this past weekend 12/22/18 and the gate was down and locked, apparently it is closed.

1 month ago

great trail! we saw nobody else out there. too the dog, did the trail counter clockwise. Be ready for a full 10.5 miles, no joke! stunning though, if you are in the area and want to see this type of ecosystem without the crowds of Joshua tree, do this trail.

Views at the top are worth the lack of views during the hike through Shadow Canyon. The first 2ish miles are not bad at all. Once you hit the real elevation gain in Shadow Canyon it sucks. The last 1500 ft in gain seemed to take forever! Only section that really might want to consider spikes is after the saddle on the final ascent to South Boulder Peak. You can get away without them though with careful foot placement. If you really want to hike to South Boulder Peak, go up through Fern Canyon and hit Bear Peak then South Boulder afterwards. Fern Canyon is similar in toughness, but better views. Though when I hiked it 2 weeks ago it had much more snow and ice and spikes were necessary the last 800 ft in gain. Have fun!

One of my favorites, can’t go wrong in the Brainard Lake area really :) one thing I learned this year: Lake Isabelle serves as a reservoir, and at the beginning of September if gets largely drained. Still a beautiful hike with long lake, a waterfall, and happy doggos. Always see moose up in this area, and marmots and pika often chirp alongside the lake.

Beautiful area. Attempted this on December 15th. You can't drive all the way to the trail head. You can only get to about a mile from the trail head. Temps were in the teens to single digits. Needed snowshoes for significant portions of the ascent and descent. Micro spikes worked fine for the majority of the ridgelines. I was with others that had crampons and I believe they had an easier time. Winds were the worst I've ever encountered. 40+ mph sustained all day. Gusts were easily 60+ mph. Was knocked off my feet a few times. Made the day very very cold and difficult. I only made Bross and Cameron. Lincoln was visibly windier than everywhere else...just so exposed. By the time I got around to Democrat, I was just beaten up by the wind so came on down. Will definitely go back and give it another shot. You can't blame the hike for the conditions.

Did this guy over the summer with my family. It was their first 14er and they weren't too happy about it... but I absolutely loved it, especially since you can hit 4 peaks in 1 day. One recommendation is hiking the trail counterclockwise. Bross is a nightmare. I felt bad for the people descending Bross

Awesome trail! Counter Clockwise. June 2018

We planned to sleep at Parika Lake on the first night, but ended up short at the smaller lake 0.5 mile before. After seeing both spots, not sure which one was better. We slept in the wooded area covered by trees. Parika Lake is pretty open and exposed, but the views were amazing. Fishing was a thought, but glad we chose not to.
Day two started with a couple miles of steep climbing and ridge lines. Only encountered a few patches of snow along the ridge. Parika Peak was just another quater mile, right turn upward climb and totally worth it. the views were stunning. Winds peaked to 50mph around Farview Mt. and it got pretty cold.
We planned to camp at Bowen Lake the second night, but decided to skip it. We were just too worked from the long day. the forest past the junction had a lot of down trees and thick forest. Finally found a decent flat area to camp for the night.
Last day was a easy down hill to the car. Saw a cow moose in the stream near the lot right as we were leaving.

Few things to note for this trail:
Parking lot is small
Plenty of streams to filter water
A lot of crossings, some difficult to cross
Trail starts in RMNP but a permit is NOT necessary (we wasted 20 minutes trying to get one)
Clockwise doesn't seem as enjoyable
We average 2 trips per year(experience compared)

long hike but well worth the veiw from the top did it in sept had nice weather

1 month ago

Following the trail was almost impossible after the first two miles. There were tracks in the snow that we followed and they abandoned the switchbacks and just went straight up. We saw a handful of backcountry skiers on the trail. The weather was beautiful until you come up the saddle, then the wind is bone chilling.

I went to hike this yesterday morning/early afternoon (12/7/2018) and the road we came in on was closed about 6 miles out. I did not try to loop around to the west nor did I head back east to go over and up and see if that pass was open. Beware.

Did this about 3 weeks ago! Lots of snow, good thing for snow shoes... didn’t make it to the lake, snow was waist deep, but great trail coming back after all the craziness up hill... jumped on the Spruces Creek Road - decline all the way down, that was fun. Loads of cross country skiing tracks.

1 month ago

Fun trail

Pleanty of incline and finishes that with stairs that seem to go on, on. You are rewarded with views that go on forever & an old fire tower that is very cool to see. Very nice hike with many photo opts. Did this hike in July/18 and it was very busy but perfect weather.

off road driving
2 months ago

Great loop, easy to do, plenty to see, plan 2 hours for this trail
02 Suzuki Vitara, no lift, highway tires, slow and steady. And yes, the navigation works on this trail

We did this hike on thanksgiving day and we were happy to see many faces on the trail. It’s definitely one of the most gorgeous hikes we’ve ever done. Even in late fall with ice on the ground, this trail had a lot of scenery to offer. I’d say it’s one of the best hikes to accurately represent Boulder, as you see diverse rock giants throughout. We are quite fit so it wasn’t terribly difficult, but let’s be honest the way down was INTENSE! Complete and utter focus is required to make it down those huge rock stair cases. Saw a family of deer and that made my day.
Will be back in the spring time to see all the wildflowers bloom. You have to see this place!

2 months ago

Great little place! It’s smaller then you think but still beautiful!

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