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Took my own route to get to Pulpit Rock so I haven't taken the entire trail. beautiful open space, easy path, but wasn't impressed by the view of the town. It was really fun to climb the rocks though!

View was great, however getting up and down was a challenge. Tons of off trails that are easily confused as the main trail, it was really frustrating. I tried to follow the directions on this app, but it was almost impossible. It was an ok hike that I probably won’t do again, but like I said, the view is dope.

Super easy trail. I parked at the first parking lot (there's 2). The trails aren't marked so you just have to work around them. I ended up heading straight towards pulpit rock and climbed up for a challenge. There is a trail that goes all the way around it for an easier climb up to the top. Went during the week around 2 and it was moderate traffic with drones and selfie takers. Took about 20min and less to reach the top. Easy Hike, not very peaceful, but the overlook is cool

good quick spot for a hike in the city. nice view over the town. could be a little steep getting to the top for some.

on Heizer Trail

10 days ago

Went today....needed spikes and poles as the trail was snowy/icy and super slick. Saw mountain lion tracks and no other hikers to speak of. Great challenging trail with stunning views

Nice light hike in the city.
Going counter-clock-wise is a gentle assent with summit toward the end and a steeper quicker decent back.
Lots of alternatives shortcuts if you don't feel like hiking all 4 miles

Hiked on Jan. 2 on mostly packed snow about two inches deep. We used spikes but probably would have been fine without them. We had the trail all to ourself except for a few deer.

22 days ago

Definitely difficult. Like others have said parking is just at the intersection of two small streets. Definitely have some kind of spikes or poles. My shoes were rugged and I still had to be light on my feet on the way down. If you don’t want to see signs of civilization, this isn’t the trail for you. I enjoyed it for sure!

27 days ago

The first half of the hike you gradually increase elevation, which can be tiring. However the second half of the hike is significantly less difficult. The path is easily distinguishable basically the entire time. Once you get to the end, it was very underwhelming. I was hoping to be able to find a way up to the reservoir but it’s city land. This hike should be a top priority if you can do others. There were some good views throughout which made up for the ending. Parking is about about 1000 feet from the trailhead but very easy to find. Parking could be very limited depending on when you go.

28 days ago

Such a wonderful hike. I went in the evening time and it was wonderful, the trails are well kept and the view is awesome!

Trail isn’t well marked and there’s a fair amount of scrambling, but for how close to the springs it is, it’s fun! Great view around sunset.

This trail had sounds of traffic most of the way up. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking to get away into nature.

easy fun day hike for our family of six..met lots of nice folks with dogs along the way.

Hiked this in early December. The trail has packed snow in most places (popular trail!). Beautiful, quiet hike to enjoy the winter scenery and the river.

1 month ago

Fairly intense uphill hike that starts climbing immediately. No parking at the TH, but there is a spot just down the road where you can park (maybe 1/4 mile). The snow wasn’t deep anywhere on the trail, but it was definitely slick, and trekking poles are a must. I also used Yaktracks, but they didn’t help much. Spikes would have been better in places as there is some ice under the snow spots, but there are also places without any snow or ice. Overall nice trail and easy to follow. Didn’t see a soul all day, but it was a Wednesday.

1 month ago

Update: Made it to the top with the proper gear (micro spikes and walking stick), and was still difficult. The entire trail is now pretty much is covered in snow and ice. With most of the trail being under the trees it will probably be like this for sometime. Highly recommend micro spikes and dress in layers if you attempt this trail in the next few months.

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Be aware that pretty much the entire trail is covered with almost a foot of snow. While awesome and beautiful, make sure you bring appropriate gear.

1 month ago

Attempted to hike this trail, however about one mile into the trail where you will be doing a lot of rock climbing the trail was very slick/icy. Since I didn't have my micro spikes had to turn around. Highly recommend crampons or micro spikes due to most of the trail is tree covered and the ice/snow will be there for awhile.

AllTrails does not have a way to communicate with other outdoor enthusiast, I can be reached on Facebook Messenger if you have any questions about this trail.

It’s closed so obviously it is an absolutely terrible lack of a hike and you must definitely not do it. Or do it but don’t tell anyone, because then everyone will know you did a hike that nobody does because it’s absolutely terrible and it is closed. My dog tried to say she likes it but I wouldn’t let her.

2 months ago

Great challenge, reservoir has no trespassing signs but had no trouble checking it out. Go right at the end of Heizer trail, def worth it. It’s steep for the first half, then goes downhill. Great hike for aspiring 14ers

great hike but none of the trails are marked. If you want to stay on the trail you'll need to walk with your phone in your hand and this app open. Not my idea of a good hike

I agree with previous post. The trail is icy; poles and crampons recommended. Two days ago I left a blue dog leash on top near a bush. If anyone finds it, I would really appreciate it if you left it at the Academy Visitor’s Center at the base of the trail. Great hike!

awesome challenging hike! but take it slow if you're going in the next few days. the packed snow on the trail has made for some very slick, treacherous areas. hiking poles are highly recommended.

2 months ago

Nice hike. You can take the scenic route which winds around the mountain, or take a more direct route if you just want to scramble to the top. I went on a day after a 5-inch snow; while the snow was mostly gone, the trail consisted of slick mud. Lots of slipping and sliding around and carried a couple of extra pounds of mud on my boots for the duration. A little shocking to round a switchback while ascending and suddenly there are multi-million dollar houses overlooking the trail. I'm sure it's a spectacular view for them; kind of ruins it for the rest of us. The payoff is getting to the top; you can stand on top of the tallest rock spire that you can see from the interstate. I went on a cool Wednesday afternoon and had the place to myself, but I noticed that the parking lot was small and I guess would only hold a dozen or so vehicles.

First hike in about six years but it was totally excellent. Weather at the peak was about 40 degrees F and a bit windy. The rock outcropping for the final .3ish to the top is tough but not impossible. If you’re not a hiker like me, take it slow and enjoy the journey.

2 months ago

The hike itself was pretty but there was a part where I could not figure out where the trail went. I ended up on a different trail through the rocks and had to find my way back to this one. Overall good little hike with some pretty views.

trails are not marked at all. beautiful scenery at the top. there were quite a bit of cars in the parking lot when we got there & left and we noticed in two separate sections, broken glass from a car window...we're thinking people breaking into cars? wouldn't be surprised after my husbands tires were stolen off his car at a different place nearby. also a sign in parking lot says to secure valuables so...be careful what you have in your car.

Good hike. Great view at the top. There is some rock scrambling which made it fun. The fall color is about done but the aspen grove near the top would have been gorgeous a few weeks earlier. It’s more just under 4 miles round trip because you have to park at the visitors center and go up the road a bit.

End view is a Five Star. Good short workout for a Saturday Morning!!

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