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First part was easy, nice walk through the woods. If you want to get to Lava tubes, it’s harder.
Took 30 lb dog who loved it!

Beautiful view of the falls but trails are closed I heard till April. Sad I didn’t get to do the hike!

Awesome trail - easy to follow, great beginner snowshoe, but spectacular views make it perfect for all levels of skill. Didn’t do the loop - just went out and back on the trail side, decided to nix the road section. Lots of fresh powder as of today, but it won’t last long!

22 days ago

This is a great winter get away!! Close to Bend and a good cross country ski!! On the weekend it is really crowded, but on the week day it is a good choice!! The views are spectacular and if you like waterfalls it is a must see!!

Its closed and fenced, but you can still see the waterfall

Decent but pretty normal forest, not palm nor rain forest, which is the reason we came to Maui.

1 month ago

Great groomed trails. Beautiful woods and clearings. Got in our steps even though we’re no longer in tip top shape!

Please park in usfs parking lot at trail head not in front of gate during winter months. Too many rigs block access to the home owners further down the road. Nice walk but respect those that live near by.

1 month ago

Perfect trail in the snow--everything was nicely packed and the weather was beautiful! Lots of different options for trails.

I can’t wait for this trail to open again!

When we went, there were a lot of people there so it was impossible to get a photo without others in them. Very beautiful though

Get up there early or you'll feel like your on the I-5 during rush hour... Otherwise it's a pretty decent view from the top which, after so many times I try not to take for granted.

This was an easy hike. Majority of it is walking up a gravel road but the scenery isn't horrible. Tried to get back to double falls but encountered to much ice on the trail. There is also a trail to get behind the falls and to the bottom

The trail was closed due for safety concerns so we weren’t able to go past the gift shop. Hopefully it opens again soon but it wasn’t worth the drive to see the falls through a chained gate at the bottom of the trail.

quick and easy trail that was extremely crowded when I went. parking was also difficult.

Main viewpoint is closed due to fire damage

2 months ago

We took our 30lb dog with us for this hike and we all had a great time. Took about 2 hours start to finish but we very much took our time. The last part of the trail before looping back is a steep zig-zag downhill to the “spring”. No water was flowing for us today but it was quite the gorge. Some locals even showed us these secret tunnels behind the rock face that give you quite the view of the little valley, though it was beyond the “trail ends here” danger signs and we were later informed that the rocks back there have been quite loose lately and tumble often.

Loved the view, this was an absolutely beautiful winter hike! I’d definitely recommend hiking past the top of the first falls, following the river for another mile or so to Double Falls. Level, flat and easy for a majority of the way, the last 1/4 mi to the top of the Falls provides a slight incline for children. The trail loop will begin on a service road, but the loop back was much more enjoyable, in the woods, and secluded. When you hit Silverlake Lodge at the end, the single road bridge next to it will bring you back to the start.

We hiked out and back along the road, in about 4-5 inches of snow. Very flat, easy hiking even with all the snow. Falls were gorgeous. Beautiful day. Our dog loved it too.

Plenty of smaller trails well labeled to explore! Went hiking since there was low snow in mid December and the paths were well traveled. Perfect for cross country skiing. Easy inclines, beautiful views, and you can go as far as you'd like!

Oregon is such a beautiful state. Amazing hike and also easy. We even had dinner near the falls at a little restraunt from the bottom of the hike. So gorgeous and the scenery was worth seeing. recommended for all people!

Went up there today and the trail is now closed for the season! You can walk past the barrier up to the actual trailhead if you want but it's a good 10 miles to the trailhead.

The main viewpoint doesn’t require any work at all, but beyond that the trail becomes steep, but the view is worth it. The trail was relatively quick as well, and I was able to go to a few others.

My sister brought me here the day the fire started. Was really beautiful and popular as well. So glad I got to see this then.

Well groomed scenic and easy hike.

4 months ago

Was out geocaching nearby and walked this trail. A little treacherous with a tree or fallen over the trail. The spring was running at a trickle but the smells and sounds of the forest were amazing.
Kinda reminded me of a forest found in a fairytale..pixie type forest.

This trail is closed until 2018 per USFA due to Eagle Creek Fire

Same complaints that I have with Oneonta Gorge. Waterfalls are beautiful, and the place is a real treat during the winter months. During spring and summer there are too many awful people.

4 months ago

10/23. Amazing trail, well maintained.
Lots of snow, which made it very challenging, but worth it every step, and every slide. Took me 3 hours on the way up, 50 minutes on the way down.
The summit is wide open, great view, but the wind... be prepared!

It’s best to be done mid week when the crowd is thinner.

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