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Super spidery, poorly marked, heinous hills with little to no reward. Waterfall was meh and no view to speak of. Also, park ranger was hateful. Would not recommend.

Can be a bit of a treacherous descent and a hard climb out, but well worth the effort.

Did this in Reverse actually did a loop because of possible rainfall pressing a lot of creeks.

Challenging, steep hike with very little compensation until the end, which makes everything worth it

One of the shortest, but most difficult hikes we've taken. Straight up and down, but the falls and swimming hole were worth every step!

4 days ago

This trail is very beautiful. It’s about a 2.8 mile trek to the falls. If you plan on camping out at the falls overnight I would suggest hammock camping no good places for tents on this trail or at the falls. It’s a easy mostly flat hike, but very rocky. There are about twenty water crossings and no were for swimming at the bottom fall the upper fall may be suitable for a quick dip I did not go up to it didn’t see a way with out rock climbing however another hiker mentioned you have to go up the hill to the left of the lower fall and work your way up the root system and then your there. Took my wife and 11 year old it was a great hike. Not many people around and no real good dead wood for a campfires.

Hiked this today and you might as well throw out the topo map. The first part of the hike to Bee Mountain from the trailhead alternates between gentle rises and sheer 40% climbs until you reach the top. Almost 1000 feet of elevation gain in 1.2 miles. I declined the invitation of the knee bending switchbacks on the backside and instead took the Timber Hollow Ridge Trail to Lost Cove Creek. Hooked up with Mountains to Sea at that point and admired the many waterfalls on Gragg Prong on the way back. You need to be careful, hydrated and in shape for this one!

Best view you will see in North Carolina!! Relatively easy hike with a huge payoff. Highly recommended.

6 days ago

Was a great hike! And was rewarded with a great swimming spot at the bottom of the hike.

The end of the trail at the peak of the mountain makes the hike completely worth it! It's a gorgeous 360° view.

I proposed to my wife on Babel Towers 25 years ago. Went back today with our daughter and her finance. Beautiful day!

13 days ago

Make sure you screenshot or have a hard copy of directions to get there as there is no cell service most of the way. The trail is very steep and can be done in chocos but I would not recommend it. It is beautiful once you get to the bottom and definitely a challenge but very fun.

Moderately difficult trail mainly due to wash out along the trail. Views at the end were great. Hiked early on a Saturday morning and only saw 2 other groups. Very limited parking at the trail head (maybe 4-5 spots). Trail forks near the end, stay left. Enjoyed the hike but will explore other trails in the area next time

Very good trail after a hard rain. No muddy boots or paws! Only one mile, but good views at the top.

Watch for bears

Gets a little steep at the end, but the views are so worth it! When you get to the top, head right for an awesome panoramic view of the mountains! If you go to the left, you can scramble out to some rocks for really good views of Table Rock as well! We started the hike at about 1pm and there weren’t too many people up top which was nice!

rock climbing
24 days ago

hard going down and up but when you get down and to the falls it's worth it

also watch the drive going up to the parking, lots of deep holes. we bottomed out our Chevy Cruze

28 days ago

Very nice trail! Great scenery and fine rest spots. There are some great camping spots along the trail but not on it.
I did it bare foot, as I do most trails, I'm not sure if I'd recommend that to everyone but give it a shot.
The road to the trail itself is also a lot of fun... I did it in a 20 yo 4 door sedan; everyone else in the parking lot had a truck. If it was wet at all that day I would have been stuck there so keep that in mind.

easy to moderate 2.3 mile out and back trail to pretty double water fall .the trail has hardly any elevation gain it is rocky in places,and you do cross the creek alot 13 times I think but worth it, good day hike

Great Hike, would definitely do durning the hot summer months. So many creek crossings and small spots to swim!! I never really got hot and I started about 1 pm. Technically I’d rate a 6, the first mile is the hardest. Toughness I’d rate a 5 due to low elevation gains. Keep in mind I’m in great shape, logged 45 miles of trail in June and so far 28 in July so someone who maybe doesn’t hike as much might find it difficult. Plenty of beautiful fonta and flora in July. You can get a sense of the hike on my YouTube channel HikingFumbles. Happy Trails!!

a beautiful trail (would rate as moderate) that climbs steeply at the last bit for an amazing view! to the left is a great view of table rock and lots of jagged boulders to explore. to the right is a 360 degree view of the beautiful blue ridge mountains!

Was a gorgeous view on top. Sure the gravel road to get there is a little sketch at times, and the hike itself gets really rocky. You'll know what I mean when you see it. Make SURE that when you get to the top, you go down BOTH trail paths. If you can't stand up, and turn 360 and see EVERYTHING with no obstructions or trees, you aren't there yet. There's a pretty awesome view of Table Rock that some might mistake for the top of the mountain. Open up your app and head back and then towards the summit for a breathtaking, and windy, view of the world.

Gorgeous views at the top. I was confused by the 2.1 out and back. It’s really about 1 mike up so 2 miles total with the up and back. I was glad for the map directions as you have to take a gravel road for about 3 miles to reach the trailhead.

Beautiful hike through trees and grass. Views on top were amazing.

Easy/Moderate hike to incredible view.

1 month ago

This trail leads to the North Harper Creek Falls about 1 mile down the trail (tr. #266, blue rectangle marked). I would rate this trail as hard because it's mostly downhill with lots of exposed roots, slanted rock outcrops to carefully cross, and four Creek Crossing. When you get to the top of the falls make sure you go straight across to the south side to the trail that leads to the bottom of the Falls. But definitely worth the hike!

Absolutely adored this hike. Definitely uphill both ways, but manageable for an avid hiker. Lightly trafficked. The view was fabulous, probably one of my new favorite spots in Western North Carolina.

Definitely a nice hike through the quiet woods of the Pisgah. One tiny little waterfall on the trail. Always hang a left no matter what. It was nice, but I probably wouldn’t do again.

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