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19 hours ago

nice trails. very well marked. A little sad the extra loop was still closed. I would say more toward easy with a few moderate areas. Some beautiful birds!

20 hours ago


Nice trail to bike or walk. Most of it is gravel and flat..... very easy walk..... travels along canal so you will usual see some wildlife. Much of it is full sun.

I grew up about 10 miles away and I have never been until today! It was awesome! Signs are a little confusing and almost nonexistent in some areas. At one point, we were going to turn around when we came to a dam thinking that were weren’t going to be able to make it over, but once you climb over there is even terrain!! Just keep going!☺️ There are some trails that are closed due to damage (Trail 7 and Cascade Falls) but we were able to go around the broken stairs and reach Sugar Creek. Trail 7 and 8 are very rugged but I would rather climb rocks than stairs! I can’t wait to go back when it’s not so muggy!!!!

2 days ago

Great place to train for long distance hikes, but not technical. Bug spray/lotion is a must between miles 4 - 7 from the parking lot off Bluff rd. to the Des Plaines River outlook because the mosquitoes will cover you if you haven’t applied anything. I think miles 7 - 2 (going counterclockwise/NE from the Bluff rd lot) has the best scenery.

The perfect escape from the city! It was 90° today but we could take refuge in the abundant shade and water so it worked well! I recommend coming out on a weekday to avoid the traffic. We will be back for sure!

Nice trail!

really nice

Good trail to test out pack load/equipment. Bring a hat or sunblock for there isn’t much shading. It’s a pretty busy loop, but everyone is polite and there’s room for everyone.

Great bicycle patch

The Shades has the best trails in the state. Prepare to walk in creekbeds and take extra shoes and socks.

Beautiful, large variety of difficulty.

Mattheisen State Park is less well-known than it’s nearby counterpart, Starved Rock, so there is usually less of a crowd. While the trails are not as well marked, the Lake Falls Dam Waterfall is breathtaking and can be seen from the bridge at the top and down below at the base. This is one of my favorite areas to hike. Definitely a must see if you are in the area.

15 days ago

This has become my favorite hike since moving to Indiana! I would agree with some of the other reviews that say that this is a more moderate difficulty. The rocks can be a bit slippery so make sure to wear shoes with good traction!

on Old Plank Road Trail

16 days ago

I ride this trail a few times a year and enjoy it every time I do

horseback riding
18 days ago

"Main Trail" is 9.5 mile long with beautiful long trees and some water bodies along the route. scenic views mentioned on trail map arent really scenic. water is all dried out. trail roads clearly marked. no water fountain in middle of trail. restrooms every 3 miles almost. horse back riding possible.

21 days ago

The red trail as marked doesn’t quite match the one posted here. It’s closer to 6.5 miles. Trail markers are better than they used to be depending on direction going. The trail that goes along sand bar in the water is in need of repair. Several areas where you might have to walk through water or over skinny wood planks.

road biking
22 days ago

Nice bike trail. They have nice benches all along the way.

trail running
24 days ago

You will not get bored running here if you like nature.

mountain biking
25 days ago

Well maintained crushed limestone trail. Not the greatest scenery but you do ride by the Midewin Prairie. I would recommend bike riding but you can also take the trail on horseback or on foot. Goes from Interstate 80 to the Kankakee River.

mountain biking
26 days ago

Well maintained trail I ride it often

27 days ago

Easy trail. Viewed a herd of over 40 bison in their pasture and toured one of the old Joliet Arsenal bunkers. Wanted to say hello to the hot shot crew while there, but they were in a fire assignment in Florida.

Lots of butterflies and flowers. This is a neat little trail. Make sure you bring water with you a lot of open space with no shade. Go out and enjoy this trail.

28 days ago

Many hiking trails offering great views and beauty all around. The canyons are so much fun to climb in for all ages.

29 days ago

First time on Red Trail. Easy to Moderate. Slight elevation changes. As of post (7/2018), portion was shut down due to construction. Some trail markings were missing. Paper map worked better in questioned areas versus app.

30 days ago

This is my favorite place in Indiana. I would not call this a Hard trail. My 68 year old mother can do this trail with her tiny yorkie under her arm. Moderate for sure. Potentially depending on how much water is on the trail. I see small children doing this one all the time. Its absolutely beautiful though. The rock walls are so full of color and character. Its just breathtaking down there.

on Trail #3

1 month ago

Trail 3 is absolutely beautiful. The rock formations are huge and keep the air cool even on hot days. We hiked almost the entire trail. The description is hard but our 11, 8 and 4 year olds did fine on it for the most part. I opted to avoid the ladders by connecting with trail 10 for the last part of the trail. My husband and 8 year old did the ladders with no problem.

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite trails, thus far. We hit this trail on a Wednesday in June, after a morning of Kayaking. The trail was not overly crowded, but we did pass by a few hikers along the way. This is an adventurous trail. We started by going to the right, causing us to climb down the ladders, but we enjoyed this direction because we got to climb up the cascades. I would highly recommend this trail to anyone looking for an interesting hike. My husband has never pulled out a camera on a hike, but he did on this trail! We will do this again.

I lost my keys to a Chrysler vehicle on Friday the 13, anyone finds them please contact the park rangers thank you.

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