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1 month ago

Definitely a tough hike, but such a fantastic and fun trail. Be prepared for plenty of quick elevation gains. The views once you get above the tree line are awesome! Coming back down can be a challenge if there's wet rocks. Can take anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours from trailhead to summit depending on your pace.

As everyone says, its muddy :) We did a lot of stone hopping, but had an amazing time. We wanted a shorter hike, so we didn't do the full hike (we just walked in two hours and back). It was beautiful and our dog loved the trail too!

Our trek today was really muddy but the smell of pine trees along the way was really nice, and the view on top was was beautiful. Definitely worth a visit.

Fall and this trail is everything. The views are amazing and if you are lucky enough to have a clear day, will be an awesome hike.

Loved this hike. Very tall grass and tick heaven but the pond itself is amazing and quiet!!

This was a nice hike and you can see that at times of rain it could be very muddy. There was just a few spots that you had to navigate some mud but heck your hiking right? Don’t wear ballet shoes and you will be fine. At the top you can have a nice lunch on the lift platform. They were offering free rides on the gondola back and forth to the lodge.

Great Trail for all ages. Wear sturdy hiking footwear and layered clothing for the fall...overall a great adventure.

Pretty good hike although it was very muddy even though it hadn't rained in a few days. Made it in under 4 hours.

Great views moderate hike. Very fun place to checkout.

It’s someone’s driveway

4 months ago

amazing veiw. we went there 2 x in the week . we love it. it good for any age

Randomly did this the other day. Great climb and beautiful views at the top.

4 months ago

This actually is getting four instead of five yesterday because of the enormous amounts of mud. It took us almost 5 hours up the Peru trail because of having to cut around to avoid large swaths of the stuff, 6 inches deep in some spots. I’m only complaining because at one point while trying to jump from rock to rock, I fell....and ended up looking like Big Foot. The trail and wonderful 360 degree view at the top made it all worth it! Great, relatively easy...and I’m a whiner.

Did this as an impromptu hike while checking out Echo Lake. Some parts are steep but the rocks were t as slippery as I thought since it rained that morning. It was very heavily trafficked and it didn’t take that long to get to the top, and of course the views of Cathedral Ledge was the icing on top. Loved the natural stairs and the old abandoned car on Bryce’s Path was so cool to look at. Trail markers were very clear and easy to follow. Would love to attempt this hike in the winter!

We jogged this trail which had many stream crossings and gently meanders up to Bromley Skiway. It rained hard the night before so the trail was muddy but not terrible. We met some AT hikers at the top (there’s a small lodge) and checked out the surrounding mountain ranges that weren’t blocked by the clouds. It’s 6 miles round trip (out and back) and it took us almost 2 hours jogging most of the way with about 20 minutes spent at the top. It you’re in the area and are looking for a good hike that won’t take all day, I’d recommend it!

I love this trail as it is both part of the AT and Long Trail. It is mostly wooded with nice switchbacks that make the climb more fun than hard. There are a couple bridges and streams along the way and a nice Vista about halfway up which provides a nice view. The last .03 miles is spent walking up a ski slope and in my opinion is the hardest part of the trail. The 360 degree views from the top are phenomenal.

Nice hike for half a day. Last of hike on ski slope. Out house on top. Wear good hiking shoes, will get muddy with streams.

5 months ago

This morning I hiked up from Rice Farm Rd. Great hike. But from the top there is a little "hut" that had a trail down the back. There were a couple of white signs along that trail that said it was private property but hiking allowed. I cant seem to find any maps with that trail on it. I eventually came out on Black Mountain Rd. (fortunately my wife texted me shortly after I got down and she came and returned me to my car. BUT the top half of that trail was the most spectacular environment I've hiked in Vermont ever!

Beautiful view! Parts of the trail were very steep may be difficult for some people, but other than that it was great. The view was beautiful but very busy with people driving up to the parking lot right near the ledge.

Awesome views from the top. It could be challenging for beginners or those out of shape as there are plenty of steep parts towards the top but no problems for the average hiker.

Pretty forest and some variety of trail with some boulders and rock at the top. . Interesting abandoned structures at top. No real great views or sense of arriving at the top. Some good steep parts for cardio. Very well marked. Very lightly traveled. I almost never see another person and hike here regularly as it is very near my house. Good in snow—trail is clear.

Fun outing with my preteen! Hike is fun, gets steep at some points as mountains do, but great easy hike with mild intensity. We wore sneakers and brought plenty of water. The view is nice, worth the 2 miles.

fun hike with some partial views of Monadnock.

great easy hike with a well-maintained trail

The round-trip took me about four hours, but I'm not exactly in shape or an experienced hiker. The trail was well marked and well-maintained. Plenty of bridges and planks out to get through the worst bits. One thing I noticed: despite a lack of rain recently, the ground was still fairly wet and the rocks were slippery. (the humidity was high, probably giving nowhere for the water to go.)

6 months ago

Quite poorly maintained. Beginning is heavily washed out, tree limbs blocking the path and foliage obscuring the later parts of the trail. Wear long pants as several parts are overgrown with grass. Strictly speaking this isn't a trail issue, but when I hiked here los mospitos were out in force in a way I haven't experienced in the White Mountains before, and it seriously affected my enjoyment.

This trail takes great physical and mental concentration, especially on the way down but the views are well worth it. I wouldn't recommend this trail under wet conditions as the rocks were slippery just from having to get my boots wet from rain the night before and walking through puddles.

7 months ago

Loved this little trail! There are two overlooks - one to the east and one to the west - that offer views across western Mass. It took me about 11 minutes to get to the clearings, but I stopped to take pictures and look at plants and insects. There was a section where you climb over a rocky outcrop that required me to put down my water bottle to get up and down. Very fun little hike that I plan to do again!

Family fun trail. Casual 1.45 walk to summit. Wide trail. Popular and awesome!!

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