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The trails are very well marked and has a nice educational building with clean restrooms. We enjoyed our time there and I highly recommend it. It’s an easy hike.

We had a really nice easy walk. The weather was cool in the mid 70s. Lots of canopy and shade.

A pretty scenic trail. enjoyed it!!

Beautiful park by canoe or walking the trail. A must see for visitors to the area.

well maintained trails, nice place to go for a long hike in the shade.

I Should've heed the warnings about months to go. everything has been drying up quickly but it's very damp and some spots filled with water. We could continue on if we had rain boots. Note to self for next time

Great trail that utilizes all the available space with winding paths. Perfect for a jog or moderate run. The boardwalk says “no jogging” and in order to respect that rule you have to double back and avoid some loops, so take a look at the available maps before starting.

7 months ago

Nice place for a long walk if you live nearby or are in the area!

This is a very serene place for a walk. there is a lit of shade and plenty of places to sit along the trails. the coquita trail that we took wad a bit sandy and made it difficult to push the stroller at times. make sure to wear bug spray and bring lots of water!

Very easy trail lots to see

nature trips
10 months ago

Lots of different options and combinations for trails meaning that you could come back multiple times and have different experiences. Interesting. Would like to come back. Kid friendly too. I brought my 3 and 4 year old and they enjoyed it.

nice park.. well maintained..

Beautiful trees and plants. Interesting history of the area

10 months ago

I absolutely love this place the hiking is fun and the kayaking is amazing.

Make sure you do this hike in the winter or spring because it’s VERY HOT and lots of mosquitoes during the summer :)

What a lovely little park. A nice selection of different length trails that take you through a variety of plant communities. They intersect often enough that you can piece together a decent length hike (like 5k) if desired.

About as good as it gets in FL for a park this size.

Well maintained. Well marked. Has a nice visitor center with restrooms and water fountains. No dogs.

Like previous reviewers said. First half mile is filed with debris then after it’s beautiful! Scared a gator while crossing crabgrass creek (by accident). On the way back was a bit more cautious and caught it catches some rays back on the log.

The first half mile was covered in debris, vines, and knocked down trees. Once you make it through that, there’s nothing but beauty from there on out. The only other problem that we had was flooding. So if it rained for long periods of time prior to your hike expect to your shoes to be soaked because there’s about a half mile of trail that’s prone to flooding. Follow the orange markers and you will eventually hike 5 miles to a dead end and have to turn around. So the hike itself is 10 miles there and back. Who ever takes care of that trail I just want to say thank you , the hard work and dedication shows.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I did the 5 k track and enjoyed it very much. Still a little muddy and smelly from hurricane flooding but I had good boots on. Didn't see any animals but a few squirrels but the place was very beautiful and tranquil.

really enjoyed the trails

trail running
Friday, June 02, 2017

The track is a 5k if you do it correctly. Nice trail and kept up well. I love it and come back all the time to do laps for my long runs.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Such a calming place to be!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Excellent trail with nice loop options to adjust the length of your adventure! Well cared for.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Love coming here for the afternoon!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Our family loved all the well marked trails that interconnected! Plus, we came across multiple tortoises, woodpeckers, and more.
Kid friendly, helpful staff, and friendly atmosphere.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Great, well marked trails with different routes to take.

a little over grown but still nice

very nice place to walk. peaceful and relaxing.

love this place!!!! nice trails and great views!!!!

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