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Great to see the bald eagle soaring above the lake.

2 days ago

Was a nice hike. Would go back up in warmer weather when the waterfall isn't frozen.

Nice hike. Great view if you can get around the picnic eating folks with their many dogs. So many dogs.

Nice hike, but the trails are pretty confusing. Glad I read previous reviews so I was prepared!

The drive up was a little scary— make sure your brakes are good for the drive down!!

Path started wide, then narrowed to be more vegetated (in a good way). There is also a stream to cross. Lots of room at the top and the views are gorgeous!

Perfect leisurely hike with great views. Good for kids and dogs.

Perfect leisurely stroll

Great trail, but confusing. We ended up on several different trails attempting to find the falls. Muddy with a little bit of snow left near the water. Kid, big dog, and small dog friendly.

Great quick hike with the kiddos (8 and 5). Only took an hour and thats with stopping to picnic at the top. Pretty nice views along the top for the minimal effort to get to the top. Was a little muddy still but not too bad

4 days ago

Still lots of ice at the top. The pine trees around the summit are still covered in ice and snow. Some nice views but didn’t find anything mind blowing.

6 days ago

This is an awesome hike to an old hotel, fire tower, and cliff overlook of the Hudson Valley. The kids loved this one. Check out our full write up which includes directions and other things to look for.

6 days ago

really great hike, interesting hotel ruins and amazing views. It is uphill the entire way. If the lot is full, there is a bigger one further down the road, adding an easy .07 that takes you back to the main trailhead. We went in April, there was still snow, but melting, making for a very wet and slippery hike. poles were helpful going back down.

great quick hike for the family, kids ranged from 7 to 17. Beautiful views.

They have this trail labeled as "Easy" but I would change that more to "Moderate" - I say that because it was excessively wet in a lot of spots. I did this loop in the Spring, so you do expect some wetness, but not to the extreme that I experienced. Also, a lot of the trails are uneven, due to so many tree roots. Don't get me wrong, I had no troubles, but for some people, and those with limited mobility, this would not be an "Easy" trail. If you stay on the same side of the road as the parking lot, it's relatively flat, but if you cross the road to the other side, you will be walking up hills, so for these reasons, as I mentioned, I would change the grading of this trail from "Easy" more to "Moderate". I noticed other reviews have mentioned that the trails can be confusing, and I would definitely have to agree with that. The trails overlap and criss cross throughout the Preserve, especially when you cross the road. Luckily, I had a GPS map of the trails with me, so it was much easier to navigate. I guess the highlight of the trek are the Falls. My recording of the trail has pics attached, and it will let you know where on the trail the Falls are, if that's all you're interested in.

Decent view but I would wait for trees to have some leaves to protect you from the sun. Otherwise its a good trail.

13 days ago

Walked the tow path down to Lock 19. Trail was in good shape. Plenty of people out enjoying a blustery day. Tons of migrating waterfowl.

16 days ago

Wow! Words can't describe how fulfilling this hike was. I've hiked it one time since moving to New York and I've since had a longing to go back! When I went it was in July of 2017 and a clear day which made the hike so much more fulfilling. It's a pretty straight-forward hike up to the summit and back down to the parking lot. If you plan to do a day hike anywhere in the Catskills I recommend this trail. The hike up is cooled down by the trees that provide shade which is very relaxing. One of the best words to describe the view is "rolling blue hills". Anyone who has been up Slide Mt or has seen pictures will know how majestic it is and how "rolling blue hills" fits it. Sometime in the future I want to do an over night camp, also in a week or two I hope to get up there to see if there are any remnants of winter. I've read that the snow is packed down so no need for snowshoes unless you're going during a snowstorm or the day after. I actually really want to hike this trail during a snowstorm just to really test my limits and make myself uncomfortable.

Good for cross country skiing and not for hiking, pretty much a dirt road

22 days ago

I hike this often as it's practically around the corner from where I live. The green trail is doable for just about anyone, a few steeper spots but basically very easy. If you take the red blazed trail (at the second curve) it becomes a challenge, about half a mile of 60° incline climbing. This hill has has something for everyone. Butterflies are abundant around the first day of summer on the summit's meadows.

Great weather on Saturday March 31 brought us here past the ruins to the tower. Easy hike thee hours RT includes 30 mins summit time at both tower and the view reached from the right of the observers cabin. BRING Microspikes!! So much ice and frozen snow with holes. No one else had micros there had to be injuries from falls. So many people struggled. BTW leave the sneakers at home. Again so many. Properly prepare for this. Great rewards for those who do.

24 days ago

Don’t underestimate its rating. Yes it is an old road trail but it uphill the entire way. Micro-spikes would be a great option as it’s ice and snow. The trailhead parking gets packed quickly but they fluctuate in and out so I was able to hold off for 10 mins and someone coming off the mountain was leaving. Another great day spent hiking and this one gives you more then the fire tower the abandoned hotel and house are a cool addition.

Awesome hike! Uphill the whole way up. Definitely need microspikes this time of year. Very icy right now (March). The view is beautiful. Very very very busy trail. Get there early! Came off the mountain and the parking lot was full and a hot mess.

A leisure trail for family walk after dinner. Not challengeable at all.

26 days ago

The best hike that I have ever completed

Pretty awesome hike, we hit a quite snowy day above 2 feet of snow. Slippery going up and down the snow snowy slopes. I would have used my crampons or trekking poles to facilitate the hike. Great views though once you reach the top. Parking lot gets full quite fast !

rock climbing
29 days ago

A fun rock scramble!

Fun trail ... nice views ... firetower wasn’t open but awesome trail ...

1 month ago

Hiked on 3/17 - temp 25 deg

Packed snow on the main trail, no snow shoes needed (although everyone was using them). We didn't even use spikes on the way up.

At least 2-4 feet of snow on the ground. Very minimal post holing.

It was magical on top, all the trees had lot of snow and they just looked majestic.

We were going to go to Cornell but there was no visible trail and it was just too deep even for snow shoes.

On the way down we took longer Curtis Ormsbee trail. You will need snowshoes on this side as it's not as well traveled. Much nicer trail than the Witt/Cornell Trail for sure.

View on top is obstructed and limited but still ok on the ledge/end part.

1 month ago

Official name: Schumann Preserve at Pilot Knob a.k.a Pilot Knob Gazebo. My rating - slightly above easy. Trails are easy to follow, well marked. Great for beginners and kids, dog friendly. Trailhead easy to find, new-bigger and improved-parking. Gazebo can be hiked as a loop: in about 5 min hike in, you’ll come up to a JCT (well marked), go straight for more direct, steeper incline hike; or take right for more leveled (in comparison) trail with switch backs. Both trails marked orange. Good lake view, as well as of Cleverdale and Assembly Point. Past the Gazebo is blue trail to the seasonal waterfall. Semi-leveled trail in the woods, will bring you to small waterfall kids will adore. Return to the Gazebo same way. Round trip hike: 2 hrs in shape hiker, 3.5 hrs out of shape hiker. Round trip: 3 miles

1 month ago

Absolutely stunning. A picture perfect day. Trail is broken in despite several feet of snow. I used my poles and micro spikes and didn’t have any problems slipping/sliding. Can’t wait to go back!

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