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Love this hike. Takes you through multiple elevations of the valley. The last little scramble has been completed by many age groups, just take your time.

From the hike yesterday- Falls were nice, but it was extremely crowded. The ink pots are worth the side trip. The smoke has cleared up quite a bit which allowed for good views at the ink pots site.

This was a fun hike! Unfortunately all of our hikes this trip were hampered by thick smoke from the BC wildfires, but luckily I think this is one that isn’t affected quite so much by poor visibility since the main attraction is the cirque which you arrive right underneath. A few minutes after you arrive the adorable little pikas should start popping out from the rock pile to yell at you! The first portion of the hike is quite steep. Once you pass the graffiti house it does let up a bit and become more of a moderate incline for the rest of the trip. The little side “trail” to the look out over Lake Minnewanka is great (would probably be way better on a smokeless day!). We did this hike with our two dogs... footing and trail width was great.

Only made it to the first summit (North peak) due to weather, but this on its own was spectacular! The views from the top are some of the best you’ll get in the front ranges, and the scramble up in the tight chimney just before the top is one of the coolest bits of scrambling in the Banff area. Took about 6 1/2 hours round trip.

Superbe randonnée avec comme récompense en magnifique vue sur la vallée de la Bow et sur les glaciers au dessus du Lac Louise. Durée d'environ 5 heures et plutôt difficile.

Scramble was tough, but definitely manageable - the rocks don’t slide as much as we thought! The view at the top is unreal.

It’s totally worth it to go all the way to the Ink Pots. They were so beautiful and fascination, as was the nearby river. As with most trails in Banff, it pays to get there EARLY!! We were there by 7am and had the trail to ourselves and more importantly got parking. When we passed the falls on the way out are around 10:30am it was a parking lot of tourists with a line to even get on the walkway to see the upper falls. It was worse than the mall at Christmas and parking lots were completely full.

2 days ago

Beautiful, a bit of a steep climb which can be slippery coming down for a less experienced hiker.

Smoke sucks! My friend and I completed this hike in 2 hours 45 min (moving time). Smoke burned the lungs a lot on the way up, and at the peak the smoke was nearly opaque. It was good exercise though and a fun hike despite the disappointing lack of views. From what we could see, we could tell the views would be stunning without the forest fires. Do this hike when it clears up!

Beautiful. However, the cave, which was my #1 must see, was closed to endangered nesting birds.

Must go early to avoid the mass amounts of tourists at Johnston Canyon! Easy track overall.

Its hard to capture the beauty of this place with pictures

Unfortunately we did this hike on a really smoky day so we didn’t get to see the full view but is was amazing up top. There are many side trails you can take so you don’t have to do the loops.

Fairly easy hike, good for stretching the legs and getting some air, perfect for a smokey day. Lots of people! Recommend very early morning or very late in the evening to avoid the crowds. Views from the ink pots are nice. Wouldn't recommend this if the weather is good, spend the day elsewhere.

Can anyone tell me if you need a park pass for this trail? Will delete this after I possibly get a response :) thank you!!

Beautiful hike, not too far from Calgary. if you go early, there is hardly anyone around (gets moderately busy mid day).

Nice little hike. There is a lot of elevation gain once you get to the waterfall in the form of stairs mostly but wasn't bad. I saw an old man with a cane doing it. I love the bridge made from a local tree.

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4 days ago

Beautiful trail with bridges, tunnels and waterfall. Very easy until the very end there are a few steps to climb up to see the falls.

Nice easy trail. very few people past upper Falls on the way to the ink pots.

Pleasant hike. waterfalls are beautiful.

5 days ago

It was an easy hike, my 6 yrs. old son didn’t complain at all. It is a 1.5 miles from Lake Crescent Lodge. Old trees are beautiful. Thumbs up for those that worked hard to maintain the trails. Five star all in all.

Go early. Easy hike, i was really hungover and managed fine haha. It's mostly in the trees and the ink pots are pretty cool so it's worth doing. Make sure you get an ice cream from the little shed when you return from the hike, cheapest you'll find around Banff!!

Gorgeous hike with a selection of trails to take, very nice view from the lookout point bi just with the signs on the trail we marked with “ you are here” dots.

The canyon was really cool, but crowded. There were lines by each of the falls viewpoints to wait to take your picture (about 2pm weekday), and some folks seemed completely oblivious to moving with the flow of traffic on the narrow walkways. Once you get past the upper falls, the crowd thins out a ton and it's a nice quiet hike to the ink pots. They were pretty cool and the surrounding views were nice, but if you're limited on time, I wouldn't consider the ink pots portion of the hike a must-see. Definitely go up to the upper viewpoint though.

If you’re looking for an easy stroll, this isn’t it. If you want to challenge yourself the reward at the summit is well worth it. 360 degree view from the top.
The last third of the climb is quite steep and a bit technical at spots. Some loose gravel/sand here and there and a bit of exposure.
We were worried about coming down but the descent was easier than expected. Plan 4-5 hours if you’re moderately fit but not rushing it.

Best highway rest stop ever. used it to get the kid to stretch their legs and saw some pretty rocks at the same time.

Busy easy hike. Beautiful waterfall!

Strenuous but amazing hike with great panoramic views, especially at the top. First hour of switchbacks is the toughest part followed by a lovely walk through the Larch Valley. Take your time going up the final section and you’ll be rewarded with jaw dropping views at the top of the pass.

Amazing reward for a hike that doesn’t take very long. Took about 2.5 hours to ascend at a brisk pace. 1.5 hours coming back. The views from the top are incredible.

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8 days ago

Short, easy trail to a beautiful waterfall. Numerous No Pet signs, but we encountered two fellow hikers who thought they were "special". Each had dogs! Folks, rules exist for a reason. We called each of these gentlemen out for their wrongdoing, but neither cared at the moment. We need to be the stewards of these beautiful areas! Oh, mosquitoes were minimal today.

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