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very rocky trail..lots of short switchbacks ..takes a lot of time.start at trailhead for this hike..more mileage from preserve trailhead..go early..lots of water and dont forget sunscreen..I needed some on the way down..had to borrow..great views


15 hours ago

Really good hike and I would say it is moderate. You get the up hill part done first, so that's nice. There are really great views for being in Phoenix. I would definitely go again.

A bit of a climb in the first 1/3 then pretty easy to the top. Great views of Scottsdale at the top and Fountain Hills just before the top. Really enjoyable hike.

1 day ago

Nice incline for the first 1.5 miles. Breathtaking views. Slippery and steep on the way down. Not for casual hikers.

2 days ago

Took about an hour and fifteen minutes just keeping a brisk walking pace. Got in and out just before sunset. Really rocky in most parts of the trail so look where you are going. Not too much elevation but it’s a good quick hike.

3 days ago

Did this on Saturday and got rained out but made it to the thumb and back. A fun experience.

Pretty easy going up to the spring, but past that it can be challenging to stay on the main trail due to overgrowth and limited use. Also, that last leg to Rim Road is rather steep and rocky. Nice views near the top though. Saw some elk to the side of the trail on the way out around dusk, then a deer as I drove from the trailhead out to the highway.


This is a very special mountain

Excellent work out

This was a beautiful and easy hike. Completed it with a group ages 8-42 and everyone did great. Ended up picking a day in July that was perfect. Cloudy with rolling thunder and a light sprinkle made this hike through the pines absolutely beautiful. Take some snacks or lunch and enjoy it while eating next to the creek.

Easy trail, better for mountain biking than hiking in my opinion.

13 days ago

one of my favorites. it is a Maricopa county maintained trail, and there is a small fee to enter.
like any desert trail, be wear of snakes, bring water, and know your limitations.
the views are fantastic, and you might get to see some wild life.
be safe, and enjoy.

Easy fun trail.

My first ever hike in Arizona (I ended up doing six in six days during my visit). Very enjoyable and simple, with great views every time you turn around. Lots of parking at the trailhead, as well as very friendly staff (volunteers?). I was there on a Saturday in late September at about 9:30 AM, and there were tons of people, mostly finishing, although they were spread out, so it wasn't a problem. Only saw one or two people going up while I was on my way down.

Killer beginning, but well worth pushing all the way to the top. Amazing views in every direction!!!

Beautiful, moderate, pet friendly trail. I recommend going at sunrise to get a stunning view of the valley and surrounding mountains.

18 days ago

It was way rockier than expected but was a fun workout. I ran out of water though (bring more than a bottle). Very scenic cacti❤️
I’ll be doing Tom’s Thumb next☹️

Perfect trail for beginners with a scenic view

Great hike but I clicked it at 5.6 miles took us 3 hours, everyone was nice on the trail.

Found an earring on the trail, partial hoop diamond- if anyone lost please let me know!

My favorite moderate trail for a morning hike

mountain biking
21 days ago

This is NOT a moderate mountain biking trail. It’s super rocky and very technical. It is only for the advance rider and one who is in excellent shape. I am an intermediate skilled rider and this trail kicked my ass. I crashed once and had to walk the bike through some very sketchy spots. Proceed with caution.

Awesome workout !

Great views from the summit. If anyone lost a rock, painted with Relax on it......please contact me, I found on trail. atthepost1017@gmail.com

This was longer than the review; it came in around 4.7 miles from my calculations. I enjoyed this hike and it was a great workout! Definitely a challenging hike for me, especially the last 1/4 had steep, rocky switchbacks. The views were definitely worth the climb and I loved seeing the fountain. Very clean and well kept trail. Loose gravel and pretty rocky at parts, so just take it slow when needed so you don’t fall! Would definitely do it again!

Beautiful hike with great scenery, especially all the cacti varieties. Those sites that describe this trail as easy and handicap accessible are full of crap.

This trail may be “moderate” in the context of experienced hikers, but for the novice it’s at least difficult.

I’ve hiked it or part of it on 3 out of 5 days and found it wonderful, but quite a workout. I made the mistake of only taking 30 ounces of water today when I started later around 10:00 AM and got a bit lightheaded at one point.

The trails off of 8A, i.e., 8B, 202, are less crowded and later in morning, early afternoon when too damn hot there are also less hikers. Fairly crowded in early morning.

25 days ago

Started our September hike at 8:15. (Should have started at 7:45 due to the heat) on a busy Saturday morning. Saw numerous dogs and young children and thought this would be a nice easy hike. Ha. Didn’t see any dogs and only 2 little super girls complete the loop as it appeared many chose a distance to go out and back. Would call this hike comfortably challenging and a good workout.

Took the counter clockwise loop. This way added .2 to the trail summit and .2 less on the return. Hike had a decent elevation change.

Beautiful scenery as the crowds thinned out after a mile in. Many jagged rocks especially on the downhill return made me realize I need stronger bottomed hiking shoes.

As with many of these All Trail short mileage estimates, I clocked over 5 1/2 miles to and from the parking lot.

Nice hike. Would do it again.

Start early, it gets hot quickly. Good hike but very rocky. Lots of people out on the trail. We saw a couple of chipmunks darting around. Great view of Scottsdale near the top.

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