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13 hours ago

Easy but beautiful. Great view of The Valley.

It was a really pretty trail. Very few rocky patches compared to other valley hikes. The trails were also well marked with a nice bathroom and playground at the trailhead. The parking lot was also nice and big do even though it was fairly busy there was parking.

1 day ago

Great hike and incredible scenery. First mile is the hardest.

1 day ago

Sunny, few clouds, Friday 1pm 60°, medium traffic. This trail was not easy for me, had to stop on the way up (which I try not to) but a good one. Heart rate for up to 160 and legs got worked for the first 1.4 up then easier along the top also leg got negative workout on the way down. Had to use my walking stick on this one. Great views and flowers blooming with the desert landscape and big boulders. #newhikefriday #rjpathseakers

Came here at sunrise for a grand view of the valley. Not too crowded, definitely worked hard to get up there. Would recommend poles.

Rocky trail, good hiking shoes a must. Beautiful views. Will definitely do this one again.

trail running
2 days ago

Great for trail running!
First half is a bit loose and rocky so watch your step if you’re running through. Great little climb up the granite ridge in the middle with a perfect spot to take a break, have a snack, enjoy the view. Back half is gorgeous to run through and connects to another trail if you want to take it further.
First bit and top of the ridge can be busy on weekends.
Parking is limited so get there early.

washed out
2 days ago

great trail, I'd say more moderate for an adult. young children I'd have a hard time bringing them to this trail. careful of moist,wet conditions could be dangerous. very scenic worth the whole home up and down! another one off the list

Great hike! Beautiful views and smells! All the recent rain makes everything so vibrant. Be careful on the way down, there is a lot of loose gravel and it can cause you to slip if not wearing proper hiking shoes.

Another great hike. One of my favorite trails in the Scottsdale area!

2 days ago

Great hike! Bit of up and down on trail...warm on sunny sides. Enjoyed the views. PS: phone stopped recording where service wasn’t available.

I absolutely recommend this trail!! I went today for my first time. It was challenging, I definitely broke a sweat! Not too crowded. Incredible views. The trail was sometimes tough to follow heading up, but I am sure next time won’t be as hard since I know which way to go now.

I will most definitely be back. The top of this mountain was so serene, and again, the views were beautiful. The challenge was so worth it.

4 days ago

Beautiful hike! The first mile is the hardest.

5 stars for what it is: a steep 1 mile climb (21% average grade vs Camelback which is 22%, for reference).
I chose this over the more popular hike because the 1% challenge difference isn't worth the challenge of dealing with throngs of people and limited parking. I saw a handful of people and all were quite friendly, which to me means they're all regular hikers and added to the pleasure of this trail.
You have to park a quarter mile before the trailhead and pass some houses to get to the start. You're never out of view of houses actually, but that's because this trail is in an urban area. Some people lower their rating because of this but... It's in an urban area. Besides, the houses are pretty cool.
You can hear music from one of the restaurants in town all the way to the summit. If you like southern rock and country you'll enjoy it. BTW, there are several biker hangouts in town ... so you will also hear a lot of loud bikes. Definitely not a "backcountry" experience. Haha
Lots of wildflowers, a few coyotes, sharp jagged rocks and 360° views made it a good short workout hike. pics on Instagram @cliknstik

Excellent hike with just enough uphill climbing from the get go and steady to the top. Totally satisfying.

5 days ago

My favorite hike in Scottsdale!

Short, easy hike. Mine tour short and kid friendly. Maybe long line to wait for the tour

Pretty hike! Unlike another trail I was on the last time I visited, it’s got good elevation changes to make it interesting and some really lovely views. The summits are both doable (in one of the duplicate listings for the summits on AllTrails, they’re listed as hard. They’re not hard.)

I always end up registering more mileage than AllTrails lists. I think it had 6.9 miles when I got back to my car. Beware of loose rock. There’s plenty. My poor boots and their wearing soles can attest to that.

on Horton Creek Trail

nature trips
6 days ago

Beautiful, easy trail. Elevation may bother you if you are from the Valley.

Love this trail! The trail is well maintained, great for all ages and has easy to follow signs. The trail was pretty crowded, we saw two bikers and many people brought their dogs. Make sure to bring water for your pups (and yourself) because there is no water at the trailhead.
The parking lot by the trailhead has ample parking and restroom facilities. The restrooms do not have running water but they do have hand sanitizer. There is no entrance or parking fee.
If you get cold easily, I recommend bringing a hat or ear warmers because the hike is windy towards the top.

If you want a short warmup, park down at Cave Creek Rd. Otherwise if you park in the neighborhood closer to the trailhead proper, the grind begins immediately and doesn't relent until 2/3 to the summit. Lots of sharp rocks & irregular stepping spots, recommend good ankle support. Fantastic view from the summit justifies the burn.

This trail is moderate at best. I guess the only hard part is mentally preparing yourself for a long hike with a slow yet challenging incline . It’s not a steep incline until the very end, even then it’s not bad. It’s a beautiful hike, with gorgeous views throughout. I went around 2pm and the sun wasn’t too bad, there was a lot of shade. There were bikers on the way down with zero etiquette. It was like they expect people to hear them coming and jump out of the way, even though mostly everyone these days hike with headphones on or music playing. There is absolutely not enough room for bikers and hikers. So just be aware of what other people are doing and occasionally look back just in case. Also, there are bathrooms at the top, but they are not for the weak lol they’re like permanent port-a Johns, and literally smell like urine and death.

7 days ago

Agree with others here. Moderate hike labeled hard because of steep gravel cutbacks, but this is not camelback. First 1.4 miles miles to “vulture view,” the most steep then some up and downs til peak. No significant rocks climbs or scrambles. Hiking shoes and poles helpful. Nice views all around.

This hike is very pretty with excellent views and not many others on the trail. We did run into two separate users with mountain bikes. The last two hundred feet to the summit is steep and will get your heart rate up.

The views from the summit are awesome. Will be making this hike one of my repeat trips. The restrooms at the trailhead are very clean, please help keep them that way.

Aggressive climb and decent but worth it the whole way. The views are impressive to say the least. Well worth the effort.

9 days ago

Nice hike! Definitely a good workout but it’s not extremely difficult. Add on an extra mile by heading to The Lookout (follow signs that are close to the thumb). Excellent views and you’re away from the crowds.

9 days ago

My wife and I are hiking novices but enjoyed this hike. It is VERY rocky compared to some other more sandy/gravel trails we have tried, like Pinnacle Peak and Tom’s Thumb. I would definitely recommend hiking shoes vs sneakers.

We took the anti-clockwise direction which is a more gradual incline, but meant a longer uphill section than the clockwise alternative.

great views, really good workout.

Great trail and views of the valley

Great trail!

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