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It was beautiful but now it’s noisy and trashy! Put earbuds on... not everyone wants to hear ur crappy music!! The sounds of nature are so much better than whatever ur blasting from ur phone. Please take ur trash with u when u leave!!!

relaxing and fun trail.

2 days ago

Fairly easy hike, was able to do this with my 4 year old daughter and wife no problem. Tons of folks out there on Sunday 1/13/19. not a quiet hike, but enough space on the trail for everyone. Hardest parts are just crossing streams here and there on the way to and from the waterfall, very doable for all ages and dogs are allowed too !

6 days ago

Beautiful views with waterfall!

Está chingon para ir de hiking

8 days ago

We couldn’t get to the parking lot because the area was blocked off, so we parked in the residential neighborhood 3 miles below the trailhead and hiked up. Sturtevant falls was beautiful! It’s only about 2 miles from the trailhead. Would be great to visit in spring after it’s rained a little bit. We combined this hike with a visit to Hermit Falls (which was another 1.5 miles or so from the trailhead). Total round trip was about 13 miles. Nice and shady hike at this time of year, but be careful when visiting the falls because the rocks are slippery.

8 days ago

great hike, VERY crowded. went on a thursday, a less busier day but still saw a lot of people on the trail. parking wasn’t difficult, they have a lot as well as an overflow lot. half of the hike is relatively easy on a paved road. take a left when you come across both forks. the second half of the hike (after you get under the bridge) get significantly prettier and shadier. you cross the stream a few times before the waterfall. the water flow was good. too much graffiti but honestly not a lot of trash. makes a great skill level for beginners.

Super easy! My family loves it! Very appropriate for kids!

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon afyer a winter rain, and would be even more lovely on a quieter day during the week. just the right amount of stream and boulder hopping for a fitst day back after the holidays.

Beautiful hike. Trails were a little muddy due to last nights rain. Went counter clockwise which made the ascent a little easier

My favorite trail because of all the trees and waterfalls.

Done and fun! Great socal hike. Desert mountains overlooking the ocean. Good climb too.

The road to the trail was closed today.

14 days ago

Cute little waterfall at the end of the hike. Pretty easy terrain to hike on, especially with a dog.

15 days ago

Relatively easy, but pretty long. There are lots of nice spots along the trail. Especially near the river. Free parking but it is very limited. Dogs can be on the trail but the juerros complain if you let them off, no matter how well trained/behaved your dog is.

This is one of my favorite trails in Santa Clarita. It offers two trails, one approximately 5.5 miles and another approximately 1.5 miles. This trail is often heavily trafficked, and this includes mountain bikers (why they choose to ride on this pedestrian trail is beyond me). In the summer, watch out for rattlesnakes.

16 days ago

Really perfect shorter hike with a massive payoff in spectacular views over the Los Angeles Crest and towards LA out to the ocean. The trail along the old Mount Lowe Railway route through the Mueller Tunnel is cool, and things just get better from there. From the water tower, I recommend starting with the righthand side of the loop, along the backside of Mount Lowe and finishing with the summit (it's also possible to pick up the East Summit Trail here for a shorter hike—look for a tiny, rusty metal sign on the left). You get a nice long warm-up walk with great views on easy, wide trails, before picking up the goat track to the summit at the junction of the West Summit, East Summit, and Mount Lowe Trail Camp trails. I took the East Summit Trail and it felt a bit precarious in sections, but was passable, and had a pretty comfortable grade and switchbacks except for a few steeper sections. I wouldn't recommend this trail within a few days of rain/snowfall, or for anyone with a fear of heights, small children, or dogs that aren't well trained. Proper trail shoes are definitely necessary. I saw a fair amount of rock fall, the trail up and down from the summit was very narrow in places with a steep drop off, and there are short stretches of talus. I was at the summit just before sunset and made it through the tunnel and back to the parking lot by last light. My tracking app picked up 6.8 miles covered.

A great way to start the new year

Great trail to take with kids, especially for a first time hike. It’s pretty heavily trafficked, so you may be annoyed if you like quiet hikes.

Great views of the LA basin throughout the trail. Fantastic hike at "golden hour" and the sunsets from Mt. Lowe summit are well worth it. Highly recommended!

It’s very good app for hiking I love when I go to live a experience knowing the way and the beautiful panoramas

Nice walk with great overviews.

19 days ago

Clear trail to follow. Pretty flat mellow hike. Some shade. Arrive early if you like less traffic on trail. Several mountain bikes and trail runners. First time here so I’m not sure how it was before the fires. This was still a very scenic hike and will only get better as the area recovers.
MASH set survived.

Nice trail with beautiful sweeping views of the pacific!

I just did up to the mine then climbed to the top of the hill behind it. Really nice secluded hike for a generally packed Joshua tree np. Very peaceful, the mine is fenced off but kinda cool since it’s preserved well. Climb to the top of the hill behind it for a SICK view of the valley. Great for a morning hike and not too challenging!

19 days ago

We had fun did a little over 4 miles round trip. Got pretty close to the falls but became tough for my wife at 30 weeks pregnant.

19 days ago

This area was so much fun to hike! Although the recent fires have torched a lot of the greenery, there were lots of great spots for rock climbing and going off of the main trails, a nice river and cool rock formations. I’m a new hiker with an athletic background and this Trail was generally easy :) Lots it open space, I imagine it gets pretty hot during the summer. I got here around 8 am and left around 12 pm.

Closed due to government shutdown and water contamination. Come on Democrats, it's only pocket change. Love this trail

Due to the partial government shutdown, the gate leading up to the parking lot is currently closed. You can still park at the bottom and walk up an extra 3-4 miles though. Wish I could have known this before driving an hour and a half!!!

20 days ago

Easy trail. I did not care for the amount of people and the dog deposits on the trail. It was good for a quick outing.

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