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I did this trail in February and it was cold enough to have gorgeous ice on the falls, but warm enough that the trail was either slushy, or super icy. I was so glad I had my spikes to hike the gorgeous last section that was steeper and so slippery. The trail did not feel stressful at all until I braved walking closer to the falls and then I took it very slow, but it was definitely doable. Here is my blog post if you want to see pictures. http://shaunasadventures.blogspot.com/2018/02/i-did-this-hike-first-week-in-february.html?m=1

Easy hike. Lots of mud today but easy to navigate through. Dog friendly. Lots of places for the kids to explore. Only made it up about a mile and then turned back.

rock climbing
9 days ago


Great trail and great time of year to do it. Second time doing this trail, the first being mid summer last year, that was miserable. Went last weekend before the snowfall, still had drifts up to ~3 ft to go through near the top but wasn't too bad if you have waterproof boots. I prefer to start on the left and have the majority of the elevation gain at the beginning. Would recommend.

Maybe not the most glamurous trail, but the pretty steep incline lets you get some beautiful panoramas in the first hour. Great Salt Lake, and the whole valley. It is a long hike and you should arrive early, the beginning is messed up, because of lots of ATV trails everywhere. Keep an eye on your navigation. Theres very few people there so make sure you let somebody know where you are going. Once you hit that 6000ft cell reception becomes problematic. Theres some mud but not too much, mostly rocky terrain, so watch your footing. Altitude goes up fast and its pretty exhausting. Its not an easy trail.

Spectacular views ever improving as you're always gaining altitude. I couldn't get to the Upper Falls because of heavy ice and snow, but the trek up to the Lower Falls was rewarding enough: beautiful scenery all the way through. Best thing about hiking up there in the winter: no crowds. Truly worth it!

1 month ago

The weather was perfect today, we hung around the reservoir for a while before heading up to the falls. It is so beautiful up there. The ice made for a difficult climb to the falls. We were forced to turn back about a half mile before the falls because the ice was too slick for my 5 year old to safely climb. we slipped and fell several times coming down, but overall it was awesome. We did this last year when my son was 4, and he made it to the top without any problems, so I wouldn't consider this as rated hard. It is a steady incline all the way up, but it's not bad.

Started the day Intending to hike the loop as described but didn't want to hike the roads where possible so instead of coming down the Yellow Fork Canyon Road we used the Big Rock trail to get back to the trailhead. Nice time of year to hike and avoid crowds

I did this hike the first week in February. I was expecting it to be hiking on a snow packed trail. It was instead a lot of melted snow, so lots of puddles and slush. I had my hiking sticks and spikes or Crampons on my shoes. I was so extremely grateful that I had those. People who did not were sliding all all over a slippery steep trail. The trail starts at the base of little cottonwood canyon. It walks up switchbacks until it gets to the reservoir. After about a mile up past that is when I started to think the trail got very pretty. The cliffs on the left were very impressive. Then it got steep climbing up a steep trail with lots of boulders and lots of pines on both sides. I thought it was beautiful, but those who were not wearing spikes were dealing with a really scary section. After that section the falls are only a little further. Of course they were beautiful and the snow all around them made it super scenic. Would happily do it again. If I do it again I might bring waterproof boots and slide my spikes over top of them. I had super waterproof Salmon shoes and my feet still got wet because there was just so much water.

Snowshoed with the full moon. Wonderful night. So beautiful seeing the moon in the meadow before the lake.

1 month ago

Pretty hard hike. The snow gets deep in some areas. Yes... there’s snow the entire trail. We never did reach the summit. The map was trying to take us down a trail with nearly 3 feet of snow... we turned around. Probably a trail we’ll cross off the list and not return.

Went today to burn off calories and take ... was really nice. it's close to home and almost nobody there. love the peace there. today's trail was packed down for the first mile and a half. farther on it there was only inches of fluff to walk through. overall a beautiful serene hike! :) dog friendly area

Hiked this last week. The frozen falls and river are awesome

on Stairs Gulch Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful. It's more of a moderate trail than a hard one. It is beautuful, irregardless.


We loved this hike. It was our first moderate hike, and it was really only bad because it was pretty icy, which made it a little more difficult than we expected, but once we got to the lake, it was amazing. 3 feet of snow that we were able to enjoy, ate a nice sandwich and watched the sun go down. was an awesome hike. definitely recommend.

Challenging trail but quick and view worthy. Since local temps have been high, trail is relatively clear of snow and ice till you start in the direction of the falls. From there on, I highly recommend show spikes or something to keep you from falling.

Way to many people at all times

I hiked this trail for the first time-Dec.5
My friend and I both loved it. We were so glad we had our spikes on and our poles in hand-trail was quite icy. Scenery changed frequently. Trail was pretty easy to follow. It got pretty steep about the last 1/3 mile but it was well worth the effort. We found a nice spot above Falls to sit and enjoy a cup of hot soup. (Thanks Betty). We both can’t wait to go back.

Super ICY!! Be careful. Pup loved it.. can't wait to go during the warmer months.

I love it!

Most of the trail is iced over, microspikes needed. Saw a few people turn back because it was too icy.
The beginning of the trail is so-so and not very exciting. After about .7 miles, it starts getting tougher but also more beautiful scenery. This is my first time on this trail but I have to come back in the spring/summer because it seems like it’d be beautiful. Most of the trail is moderate, only the last .5ish miles are hard. Very steep towards the end. Also very rewarding.

About 5 min into my hike I stepped in dog poo. I was being extremely vigilant about where I stepped because I could see little black bags and piles of poo scattered about the trail. Still, I continued until the kids begged to leave. We turned around and left and lo and behold, I stepped in yet another pile of poo before making it back to the car. So gross.

Started at the Sandy Trailhead. Snow and ice. Take spikes and poles.

2 months ago

Always a good hike, and saw moose every time this year.
27 June 2017- 1 moose
14 Sep. 2017- 9 moose
23 Sep. 2017- 2 moose
30 Sep. 2017-3 moose

For those that don't like the steep part or have bad knees (especially going down), take the west trail. Go up Moose Track Lane by the rental store, right before the "regular" trail head. It will head west a short distance, and then do a 180 back east. The trail head is at the end of the pavement. A little longer than the "regular" way, but much easier.

I really enjoyed this hike. It would be a great shady hike to do during the summer.

Snow covered and a little icy in some spots. Beautiful waterfall at the end, and it’s frozen right now!

3 months ago

Great views once you get to the top. Lots of horse traffic.

I hike this often, but the first time in the winter. it is gorgeous right now and only slippery in one spot!! i highly recommend going this week. moderate hike if you are used to hiking.

Gorgeous hike with the snow. Most of the way is fairly easy, gets steeper towards the end. We ended up going past the falls about a half mile to a gorgeous overlook. The part between the falls and the overlook is even more consistently steep, but worth it. The snow was beautiful! We took trekking poles, which was a huge help on the way down with the slush.

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