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3 days ago

The hike was nice and only an hour or so drive from Denver. As someone already mentioned, you see a bit of everything from open fields, to pine forest to aspen groves. Parts of it were beautiful. There are several road crossings complete with power lines and parking lots that are not exactly scenic and you can hear traffic for a significant portion of the hike. There is one section with pretty great, expansive views of the surrounding mountains. Overall, the hike is not that physically demanding. We (my girlfriend and I) found that the trail highlighted on Alltrails did not match the trail we actually hiked and it was quite confusing and difficult to figure out if we were on the right trail at times. The confusion came from the title "Elk Trail" on the website. We started on Blue Grouse trail, then hopped on Mule Deer trail. In our attempt to follow our GPS on the Alltrails app we somehow ended up on a service road for a mile or two that was not part of the intended hike. Further, we did not see a single sign for "Elk" trail until the last two miles of the hike, which was confusing. Lastly, there was a pretty significant portion of the hike that was on Racoon Trail, which is not mentioned in the title or description of the hike. This was also confusing and left us wondering if we were on the right path. We essentially just did Blue Grouse Trail to Mule Deer Loop/Racoon Trail and abandoned the Alltrails map after we became lost on the service road. We have done dozens of hikes using All trails and this is the first one where we had difficulties figuring out where to go. It was definitely still worth it, but Alltrails was not much help with this one.

Really wanted to do this trail but the road all the way up (st Bernard lake trail) is closed due to construction tell late June.
Trailhead 4 miles away from road closer.

Good trail, had a little bit of everything- slight inclines in open areas to rocky climbs in the trees. Great view from the top!

Wonderful challenging trail. Would like to come back and backpack sometime.

Some very steep drop offs if you are afraid of heights, which I am. I was able to do the whole thing but would not do it again or recommend to someone afraid of heights.

It was a nice hike, but be aware of the summit- it’s not very spectacular. There are nice views on the way up and on the first half of the loop (going clockwise) but not much to see at the top but burned trees. The trail was in good shape and we enjoyed the walk. It took us (a family of 4) just over 2 hours.

Great quick hike! The waterfall was little but very pretty. And the reservoir was absolutely beautiful! Shady in spots but mostly sunny. Also there was no snow and only a few muddy areas on the trail! Got a little confused right before the waterfall (where it gets rocky) but luckily some fellow hikers were there to show us where to climb up. Will definitely be back!

It’s a beautiful Sunday so we expected it to be a little crowded and it was- but only for the first part of the trail. Once we hit the loop, we only ran into a few people throughout the hike. The views are amazing- especially once you get into the loop. It does get tight in places and there are quite a few rocky areas to navigate but overall it was a fun and interesting trail!

Awesome short day hike! It is a little rocky in some spots just as a heads up. Took about 2hours to complete.

Great trail- I’d head south on the trail first to do the loop. Trail was dry and clear. Minor traffic- great views of Golden and Denver from the summit.

Average at best. It’s more a biking trail than hiking trail. So you have to step aside for bikers a lot. Also not ideal for dogs for the same reason. The enchanted forest part of the hike was very pleasant and peaceful. But apex trial is completely exposed to the elements. Also definitely not 5miles. The trail shown is around 3miles

I went on Thursday 4/12 at around noon. I really enjoyed this hike but we also had beautiful weather. Not far from Denver, parking lot was pretty full though. However, once on the trail I didn't see many people. Very scenic views of Golden. Was a relatively easy trail, I was going to do another loop but ran out of time. Took me about 2 hours and I took my time. Trail was marked pretty well except for a couple spots.

When it is windy, this is the best place to hike. My favorite go to hike. There is also a trail head a Pocco Calle and better parking than on the busy road!

It was a short hike but great for what it is. My dog loved it! The water ran next to the entire trail which ended at a small but nice waterfall. Didn’t feel like climbing down the rocks to the reservoir.

16 days ago

A bit windy in places, but overall, a really great hike. Beautiful scenery and some fantastic rocks to be seen.

Parking lot was completely full (1pm), had to park down the highway a bit on the side of the rode. Trail was in good condition, though, mostly dry. Long stretches where there was no one else on the trail with me, which was great. Beautiful views of Golden, Denver, and the mountains. Great afternoon hike only 30 minutes from my house.


Snow was not a concern for the most part, but I will say there was about a mile long stretch where I wish I had my spikes. still totally doable, but would have made things a little more enjoyable.

with the warm weather coming I assume beautiful conditions from here on out.

Decent trail. A bit muddy at first this time of year but it dries up not far in. The trail is narrow with a lot of rocks. Nice sweeping views of the valleys below.

23 days ago

Fantastic, scenic hike in fresh, late March snow. Physically pretty demanding on the way up but technically not too difficult on the way down. Did the loop clockwise.

While the tall peaks were still snowed in it was almost snow free here. Went on a Wednesday so saw no bikes and no other hikers either. Though we were non acclimated Easterners the elevation posed no difficulties. Not one of the more spectacular hikes but it is pretty and a short drive to Boulder. Looks like it gets slammed in the summer.

Moderate length and ability mostly single track trail. There is a range of open, forest, and rocky terrain. A few good picnic spots up top. The views of Golden and Denver are pretty nice, but can't compare to some of the truly 5 star hikes in this state.

3/31/18. Trail was mostly clear of snow in the sun spots, where there was snow, you didn’t need micro spikes. Not many views, but a nice hike

26 days ago

Back side of the trail was still pretty snowy but no need for spikes!

Love this hike! I have two pugs and it’s perfect hike for them and myself as well. Great views and easy terrain.

One of the best trails I've ever done. We did this trail in early September. Weather was nice and cool and we saw 4 moose while on the trail. We could not finish the trail because they camped up just off the side of the trail. Looking forwarsld to going back and completing it

1 month ago

This trail is built for and meant for mostly bikers. According to the sign no bikes are allowed on Wed and Sat. If you are hiking I would recommend going on one of those days. If not you WILL encounter a lot of bikes and because of how smooth this trail is, they are moving pretty fast. The views here are not great but it is a nice hike through the woods. Not too strenuous with only about 900 feet of elevation gain through the whole hike. There are better options in the area especially if you want to avoid the bikes. If you are on a bike, this trail is awesome.

A solid choice for a quick hike near the city. Trail was almost totally dry this weekend. Lots of runners, tons of dogs, many families. Seems like a good trail for almost anyone.

1 month ago

Perfect day to hike on the trail, weather was perfect. Not very muddy, sections there was still some melted snow and mud mixed in but basically dry for the most part.

Road is closed!

Hiked on 3/25/18. Made it up and down without micro spikes but there were some slick moments, especially on the decent. Always a good Boulder go-to but you will see a ton of folks on this one.

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