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on Cedar Creek Trail

1 day ago

Great hike to see an amazing attraction. I recommend getting there early, since the crowds get large later in the day.

The mountains were so blue!! The views did not disappoint!

great trail, a bit rocky but me and the Roscoe had a ball !!!!

I traveled this Aug 4th, 2018. Bring bug spray, Mosquito's were moderately bad. Trail was outlined with an obviously cleared foot/bike path and the only confusing part was a fork for blue and red. The red had a big tree across it but seemed to be in the direction I wanted so I took that route, it ended up being correct. Lots of little side trails to go down to the water. Only a couple other hikers, mostly secluded, ends at a peninsula on the river. Decent hills at about 45 degrees but nothing crazy. By crazy I mean climbing with your hands to reach the top. Small gravel parking with plenty of room away from the road and the trail begins right there at a small path at the southern corner and is about 2 or 3 people wide. You have to go around a small cable locked entrance.

The wildlife trail is closed off due to construction but the south wind trail is available. Very pretty, took the dogs and they loved it. Beautiful stream half way through as well

trail out about a mile in due to the rains, blew out a culvert

trail running
17 days ago

I love running this trail. It has a good bit of variety. Some good climbs and technical terrain. The views aren’t that great but if you are looking for a challenge this is a great one for 10k distance trail training.

17 days ago

Decent trail. Look out for bikers.

19 days ago

Today, I hiked the park road on one side of the park heading to the Glen Artney side of the Avalon section. - My pictures depict the damage on that side. - Only a few trails on that side are OPEN. - You can drive up to the Soapstone trail head and hike your way up to S. Rolling Rd. but the trail has a few detours. - The Inner Soapstone trail along Glen Artney Rd. is CLOSED. The Bull Run trail is also OPEN. - If you park up at the Fire Rd. you can hike the Santee towards the Hilton Area but trails leading to the Grist Mill are CLOSED. - The 2-mile Grist Mill trail is CLOSED and will be for the rest of the year. - All the footbridges are washed away. - The parking lot at the Lost Lake Pond is CLOSED. - It was a iffy day with the weather so I hiked the road knowing I could take shelter if needed. - The skies looked bad but the rain never came. - The ( Left ) Howard County side is ALL OPEN. Enjoy !!

22 days ago

So once again my Local State Park Patapsco -Avalon is closed due to flooding again. I loop this area a few different ways which averages from 2.5 or 3 miles. It's all a flat paved path around the lake but it also has a few earthen trails too which takes you along the lake for fishing It's designed for All people, pets and bikers. There is shady sections but also quite a few areas in the sunny, so beware of the heat and carry water if needed. Today, It was super crowded but there is plenty of parking in a few different locations. You can also park at the Sports Complex. Best of All ( IT"S FREE )

Yes it was rocky which wasn’t to big of a deal for me. The big deal was that the trail disappeared at the halfway mark. No “black” marks on trees and no used pathways to follow. I ended up following the yellow path back to my car.

22 days ago

Was nice and shaded but I would not consider this a trail for running is very rocky and more for hiking and make sure to wear good hiking shoes I wore running shoes ... thinking was a trail for running.... and wasn’t enough support for ankles

trail running
24 days ago

Beautiful water element with great forest canopy on almost the entire run.
Very nice!

on Avalon Loop Trail

29 days ago

Are there snakes and/or bees this time of year?

29 days ago

Very busy trail that passes under the natural bridge, past some caves, by a Native American interpretive village and alongside a river ending at a waterfall. Begins at the Visitors Center at the State Park. Fee and dog friendly.

trail running
1 month ago

Please remove the protruding blowdown at 39.23987, -76.74987 — it is a true hazard and someone could get hurt. Otherwise, 5 stars.

Completed: 07/19/2018

trail running
1 month ago

Well marked trail. Must be part Billie goat to interact with the rock covered trail.
Beautiful and challenging I enjoyed the run. Completed the full yellow trail.

trail running
1 month ago

Ran a segment of the Avalon Loop Trail. Great trail for running, but watch out for bikers!

This segment is one of my go-to courses for training and mile repeats. 4 miles total.

Completed: 07/15/2018


Completed 07/11/18

If you are looking for a challenging, easy to navigate with plenty of vertical, excellent waterfalls and is in the mid 20s mile overnight, this is an absolutely wonderful trek. Some pretty fine Appalachian vistas, wind sucking climbs, periods of solitude mixed with clumps of tenderfoots and tourists keep it ever amusing. Then comes that close out rock scramble up Old Rag giving this adventure a "something to remember me by signature."
A few items if you plan to do this as an overnight. (1) Water. Assuming you carry a purification system, the only exception to plenty along the way are the stretches from the base of Hawksbill to Indian Run (about two miles after you leave the AT) and of course once you start climbing the Rag until you finish. Other than those stretches you can fill about a liter at a time and be fine. (2) Something about "Stoney Man" was a must do for this 60 something Dead fan. The top was fittingly cloudy but certainly worth the side trip. (3) Try to time your adventure to NOT hit Old Rag on a perfect weather weekend as It can make for more people around than you care for. I had the pleasure of a clear, 70ish degree July Saturday and although the folks were always pleasant, helpful and smiling it made for a bit of congestion and hollywooding. Nothing however can take away from the physical challenge and beauty that is Old Rag. Bottom Line, DO it !!

As good as it gets on a calm, clear sunny day (87F).

This was an after work 4-mile out-n-back, where I posted a 2-mile waypoint turnaround. Great 50-60 minute workout.

Good two hour walk. Saw a great old abandoned house with a vulture sitting on the roof. Great river access. Will be back with our kayaks!

Thanks to Christian who did a great and help full review! I followed his suggestion and did the loop in clockwise. Good thing about this loop is that you get to see everything on the center section of the Shenandoah. Bad part is...24 miles up and down the valley was no joke! Below is my part of the review and tips for future hikers.

Water: I carried three bottles of Smart Water(1L) and it was enough for two days. There is water resources everywhere and if you carry a Sawyer you wouldn’t have a problem.

Camp: finding a dissent campsites was pretty hard. I was using a single man mountaineering tent which doesn’t take much space to setup. And I was doing solo. But if you’re planning to use a bigger then a two men tent or hiking with a group, this could be hard. I camped out at the Nicholson Hollow Trail. (close to the junction of Indian Run ) *There were no camp site at Corbin Cabin so don’t bother to go all the way down there. I left some Pin marks on the map that I thought will be a good site for future reference.

Bears: I personally did not see any. Although, I was told that there’s a bear on the side of the trail from the southbounders on the AT. Hoping to see one but did not encounter.

So, who is this loop recommended for? Some one who would like to take their time and see the breathtaking sights of the back country. This loop will count up to 11 trails and plenty of stream crossing. Be prepared and keep on hiking!!

1 month ago

Great little hike for kids and adults alike, the trail is well maintained and easy to navigate. I highly suggest following the self-guided pamphlet that you will receive when you purchase tickets to the park. Natural Bridge was impressive, as was the Monacan exhibit, and the waterfall at the end of the trail. We went in the summer and I would suggest bug spray and sunscreen. Also, be aware of your surroundings as we did see a snake along the path.

1 month ago

Opened up again (at least the Morning Choice portion off of Landing Rd). I was here yesterday and despite being a bit muddy, it was a great hike. One of my favorites in close proximity to Baltimore.

Really great challenging training run. The hills are real and the out-and-back provides a rewarding view in a nice setting. Some technical terrain on the up and downs but packed dirt and smooth sailing enough of the time to provide some relief from hills. I did this route and logged 7.6m.

If you have trouble navigating without maps and want to start by ditching them- this is a good trail. All the trails are very well marked( didn’t stop us from getting lost though- which was all me) Beautiful green and not busy !

Due to the weather we have had as of late, this section of the park is closed. The Avalon Loop doesn’t exist

2 months ago

Park closed due to flooding in May.

Fantastic for hikes with kids and dogs. Didn’t encounter anyone else on the path. Paths are wide in most places and mowed down enough to be comfortable to hike/walk. There’s a nice little point to access the river, with a sandy/rocky little cove where the dog and kids could wade. Well marked paths. Nice variety of loops. The original access is currently under construction. Follow Trotter Rd through the traffic circle (when you’re coming from 108) and look for the pedestrian crossing signs. We parked in the court across the street, walked the paved trail and were able to access the grass trails a little ways down. This app makes it easy to see how to get onto the trails.

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