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10 days ago

good variety of landscape for a michigan trail. fun! can be hard to follow on the second half

21 days ago

Trail was super hard to find and follow after hitting the campsite, but it's an absolutely beautiful trail with enough uphills to make you feel like you earned your fish and chips.

trail running
21 days ago

Trail was a little muddy, but generally easy footing. Absolutely beautiful trail to run.

The park employees have been doing a great job of removing old sign post and markers and replacing them with new position markers and new maps. I think anyone that goes there will find out how easy it is to walk/hike the trails. The mountain bike trails and hiking trails are all being worked on this fall as well.

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery in both warm weather and winter.

wonderful trail! great for my new puppy. the only cons I can think of are no trash cans at the prairie parking lot. I'm not sure if its because of the time of year though.

Great trail, lots of people.

1 month ago

Nice walk, especially once you’re south of the meijer and past 91 a bit. Saw a Great Blue Heron and muskrat off the boardwalk west of 91.

Great trail with many beautiful lookouts along the Manistee River. Lots of dispersed camping sites close to the river on the Manistee River side.

Very beautiful. First backpacking trip. It is not the easiest for your first backpacking trips due to the various points of elevation but I survived and it was well worth it. Will be doing this again!

Did the River Trail. Wife’s first trip. The views did not disappoint, especially in the fall. The campsites were in awesome outlooks. We will be doing this one again.

The bridge is now open to both cars and hikers :)

3 months ago

Nice enough trail. When it goes to a seasonal road it is very easy to loose the trail. Lots of trail signs that make it kid of confusing.

3 months ago

Definitely poorly marked...but a pretty trail.

3 months ago

beautiful. busy with bike traffic.

3 months ago

I definitely lost the trail way more than I expected, expecially since there are so many extra route to take, make sure to have a map! The veiws are nice but the path I took was very hilly and I ended up having to bush wack my way to another section of trail after getting lost. All in all a fun hike.

3 months ago

The Coates Highway bridge was passable but still under construction when we were down a weekend ago. My wife and I and other hikers were able to walk over the bridge bypassing construction equipment later in the day.

Has the bridge been re-opened?

My favorite place to go hiking in the Lansing area.

Great hike. East side of the trail has spectacular river views and water access. I try to get here a few times a year.

3 months ago

Great overnight solo trip. Trails were well marked. Hiked from Portage lake to Pine backcountry campground, about 12 miles on my phone, took 4 hours. unfortunately even though I paid for and reserved a site, they were all full when I arrived. Apparently some people just show up without paying. There was plenty of room to pitch a tent, but it also would have been nice to have my own flat site....
Overall, a great hike. Easily accessible to roads if needed. But you still feel like you’re in the wilderness.

Great trail in SE Michigan. We did part of this trail this past weekend as a two day, one night hike. The bugs were not noticeable during the day. We did need to cover up while hanging out at camp though. Barely anyone on the trail although it was a beautiful weekend. Pines campground doesn't allow fires so we chose to spend our one night at Green Lake. We were pleased with our choice. Definitely want to check out this trail again soon.

My favorite hiking loop in the lower peninsula. Fantastic for an overnight backpacking trip.

I wish the trail was better labeled. However, the trail itself is beautiful and serene. Awesome for dispersed camping and it's nice that you can choose between hiking deep in the woods or closer to the lake!

Great trail. Considering what we have in southeast Michigan, this trail is a gem. On the Waterloo side, you have rugged trails that are hiking only, filled with good vegetation. That turns into horse trails, so look out for dung. Camped at the pines, which was just fantastic, and then booked it from the pines to blind lake the second day. This was my eighth night I’ve spent at blind lake. It’s a great campsite, with the exception of glampers getting dropped off with acoustic guitars this time. After blind lake, you have a pretty busy mountain biking trail and a short hike out.

Over all, I highly recommend this hike for late spring and all of fall. The insects would be pretty bad in the late summer, and the heat and mugginess make it a little unbearable.

The red bridge (Coates Hwy bridge) was still closed so I was unable to complete the entire loop trail. But the Manistee River Trail side was spectacular.

4 months ago

For those trying to spend their first night at seaton campground the first night of ur arrival do not go by the website!! It says all campsites are full when there are plenty of spaces available. We spoke with the man in charge and he said even if it’s full they will find space. Lovely campsite, we didn’t camp there as we were backpacking but I would definitely recommend it. We only did the side of the trail by the river and it was stunning. Would definitely recommend this to any level backpacker. If this is ur first trip this is ideal because there’s campsite all along the trail if you get tired u can stop anywhere. The road is very well marked! And the trail is very moderate, I have done other trails that completely wind you but this was not the case. Not a lot of hills and the trial is easy to follow. Absolutely wish we could have been there longer and done the full trail.

Great place to walk/run. Love the middle loop that connects to other loops to provide longer mileage.

appeared to be a great mountain bike trail with several different paths (I was there as a new GR resident looking to walk my dog). Beautiful surroundings. Not busy. Maps of trails in a few locations were good.
Def not what I was looking for to walk/hike w my dog. Several very narrow paths and hidden curves where it would be quite difficult to avoid a hiker/biker collision. Lots of forks in the road w no color-coded signage. Both my dog and I inadvertently stirred up a yellow jacket nest on the ground and got stung.
Parting thoughts-
I would highly recommend as a mountain bike trail but def not as a casual hiking location for someone unfamiliar w the area/trails.

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