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Only did 2 1/2 miles but very beautiful and very shaded

5 days ago

Pretty easy walk. Love the water fall.

I absolutely love hiking here, but the people are absolute slobs. I’ve been going here since I was a kid and I brought my kids there yesterday and they were quite upset about the MASSIVE amount of garbage everywhere. They need to implement some serious litter prevention. Ban all disposable water bottles being the first, I’ve never seen so much trash at a park like this. It’s depressing.


trail running
7 days ago

Awesome running trail

I was pleasantly surprised with Starved Rock. It is awesome that all of the trails connect and you can decide what paths to take and loop all over. The canyons were sweet and picturesque.
It was an absolute zoo when we finished at 11am. Totally nuts. Would recommend getting there as early as possible to avoid crowds. We got there at 8am.
Do go hike, it's the best the area has to offer.

beautiful scenery. and lovely people surround this hidden gem of a lake

Wear bug spray. I think I fed half the mosquito population of Palos on our walk!

Awesome trail! Going back soon to explore more of the park. Beautiful views, beautiful waterfalls and an excellent place to explore. Can't wait to go back!

A good find in southern Illinois! Pleasantly surprised.

22 days ago

Saw wildlife- turtles, chipmunks, butterflies, birds. A peaceful and minimally challenging walk with sculptures and beautiful scenery.

trail running
24 days ago

Most of trail is closed going into Elgin

26 days ago

Easy trail. Viewed a herd of over 40 bison in their pasture and toured one of the old Joliet Arsenal bunkers. Wanted to say hello to the hot shot crew while there, but they were in a fire assignment in Florida.

Lots of butterflies and flowers. This is a neat little trail. Make sure you bring water with you a lot of open space with no shade. Go out and enjoy this trail.

Trail is nice. It’s short and easy to do. Wood chips go all the way around the lake.

1 month ago

Did this trail 2 years ago. A wonder! It’s the untouched backyard that mysteriously brings you back to the dinosaur era. 20 people per day are permitted, which means you won’t see any other human most of the time. Complete wilderness without any man made sign, so you have to notice the landscape then roam freely!

That place is so beautiful I loved

nature trips
1 month ago

A wonderland!

Nice trail, close to home.

This place is awesome. Great place to walk and hike in nature especially if you live in the surrounding areas! Great place to watch the sunset over the Kankakee River!

1 month ago

Simply stunning.
Permits are difficult to obtain though and you will lucky to get one.
The pre hike talk by the ranger can be a bit daunting too for the inexperienced hiker. You are warned about getting lost and the possibility of an overnight stay until you are found, wildlife, etc.
My better half almost never went but in the end relented.
Think it was the best decision she ever made. Take plenty water and go early to make a day of it.
Also, anything less than a SUV down the 8 mile dirt, potholed road from the interstate to the trailhead is likely to leave you with under carriage damage.

Beautiful place to lose yourself in nature!

Pretty accurate until you get over the sandy hill at the end to get to the wave. Once in lifetime experience!

2 months ago

IMPORTANT: Please read and truly understand every word and the map that is provided with your permit.

Entered Houserock Valley Rd north off 89 via Page. Houserock is washboard rough rd for 7 miles south to parking. SVU is best esp is there has been rain.

Amazing hike but very poorly marked. Use the veridical slot in the mountain as your destination when you turn south. Very easy to miss the fist turn off for the wave trail head off wire pass.

1.5 mile point. As soon as you cross the sandy wash there is a marker post on a dune to head east. Follow that path up the side of the mountain “the saddle” as they call it. Very easy to miss.

From there you will head south bearing to the right along the mountain sides. The wave is in the distance at the base of the coin slot crevasse white mountain.

Annotated photos uploaded.

Wouldn’t really consider this hiking, most trails are built into the landscape with wooden platforms and stairs. It’s a nice shady hike though that is not very challenging. There are some good spots for scenery and photos. Also lots of trash throughout, people need to learn to pick up after themselves.

Stairs were a little rough at the start but loved looking at all the birds and flowers.

I had fun riding my bike here. People are nice. I will be back.

Canyons, waterfalls, sand dune, streams and River. This trail has everything! Its not very challenging but very scenic and much of trails are covered with tall trees. Makes for nice cool trail running during warmer month. At first , a good chunk of trails seems over made with wood and concrete but I believe those are necessary for masses to safely enjoy canyons and water falls. After while, its not that obtrusive.
Overall great place to hike and enjoy.

Very nice, good trail for family. Paths are easy to follow. Can get very crowded during peak times, so go early if possible.

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