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Nice simple hike. Bring shoes you can get wet if you want to reach the falls

Easy and quick family friendly hike. Definitely recommend this one.

8 days ago

Great bike ride!

Great trail, pretty easy but amazing views.. lots of water and big waterfall!! Glad I got to explore Alaska trails!!

16 days ago

Great view at the lake. Good hike with moderate incline in the beginning but then it's flat. Coming back was faster. It was pretty windy near the lake. Glad I had a coat. This was not too far away and close to home.

Enjoyable moderate hike. We parked before the fee area, so it’s a little further of a hike in to the actual trailhead. Lots of people on the trail yesterday afternoon/evening. There was a bull moose sighting, but no disturbance by said moose. There were two tents at Rabbit Lake, which looked like a scenic spot to camp for a night.

nice easy trail, gradual incline until it gets steep at the end. I did it as an out and back because I didn't see exactly where the loop was. good hike if you only have a few hours took me 2.5 hours

trail running
19 days ago

Pretty easy trail and great for trail running because once you get up the little incline at the beginning it flattens out. No bears, No moose, and very dog friendly trail! This is my 4th time doing this one and I would recommend going on a clear day, the lake and suicide and homicide peaks will give you a phenomenal view

Nice waterfall. The upper viewing platform has the best view of the falls. The lower trail gets you closer and is much cooler near he river.

Nice easy hike with fall and Gorge views. We stoped by Mirror lake adjacent to hike as well.

I don't like the long, boring, uphill hike in. On a sunny day like last Sunday it feels like you are baking and there are few shady spots for relief. The dogs and kids were overheating and miserable. Once it opens up it's beautiful but I'd rather do the Williwaw Lakes trail where you get to beautiful scenery faster. A long hike up a road bed and then through alders isn't worth the payoff when compared to other trails.

Short hike, pretty bridges to the falls. Great place to get out for a quick breath of fresh hair.

Three main sections for this hike. Begins with rolling hills in the forest and then up to a ridge. Fairly dry the rest of the way with a series of switch backs followed by a climb along the Ridgeline until the peak. Definitely worth the views from the summit. Look for the air craft remains on your right after the switch backs as you make your way to the peak. Bring lots of water.

27 days ago

Nice easy hike but lots of traffic and bikers. View opens up about halfway in. Some areas of running water using main trail but mostly over rock, little mud but avoidable. Some stretches brush-lined, haven't seen bears on multiple outings but always fresh sign. Nice Inlet views on hike out. Parking for beyond iron ranger worthwhile if spots are available. Young to old, fit to not, mellow trail for anyone with gradual climb thru the valley.

30 days ago

Relatively easy hike. A very small incline in the beginning but the rest is flat. About 4.7 miles there and 4.7 back. The first mile or two is pretty narrow (only one person can fit at a time) because of thick bushes and trees. The entire trail is rocky. It looks like it used to be an old river or stream. It’s not terrible to walk on by any means but there are a few creeks in between so it can be muddy in a few spots. If taking your dogs, be aware that they might need hiking boots for this trail. My 100lb Dane shredded all 4 paws and had to be carried the last two miles down the mountain. My 40lb Golden also had a few cut up paws but nothing serious. Just something to think about if bringing your dogs! I saw a few people having to carry their dogs back on the way down too. There is also no shade on the trail or at the lake, so wear sunscreen! The lake itself is absolutely beautiful. And huge. You could definitely camp out with more than enough space between you and the next person. Rainbow trout are also in the lake and our friends actually caught a few. The way back down is super easy since it is flat then slightly downhill. We saw a bull moose on the trail so just keep a heads up for wildlife and keep plenty of space in between if you do have an encounter. Overall great hike! Definitely recommend this one and would do it again.

30 days ago

The Thunderbird Falls were beautiful.
Quick trek
Safe, bring bear / bug spray if you wish.
Pets welcomed on a leash

Nice walk starting near Anchorage downtown. excellent trail for biking and skateboarding.

easy. not very scenic till you get to the falls. falls great.

1 month ago

For me (not in good shape) it was definitely a long hike. The first two miles have a few streams running through places and small pebbles so it can be muddy. It’s a steady moderate incline with thick brush and then it flattens and widens after you get above tree level. Well traveled with multiple people with dogs along the way and some families with children. The view at the end was worth it. We packed snacks and enjoyed the view. The trek back was a lot easier since it was mostly downhill. Definitely recommend.

road biking
1 month ago

Wonderful paved trail for walking or biking. Stunning views, beautiful ferns! Great educational nites about anchorage along the way!

Fun, easy, longer hike.

Sunny beautiful day!! Nobody up at the lake and went down the side of the mountain to the valley on the way back. Love this trail

the trail is super fun, my family loved it, the falls are beautiful! I got some really good pictures, it's not super buggy, at least it wasn't when I went there.

1 month ago

Super bad weather when I did it, but the summit is totally worth it. Forested area for the first half of trail is bear area so make noise. Also saw moose on the way up. View from the summit is great, you can see put into the range as well as back towards anchorage.

1 month ago

The first two miles are really boring-then it starts to get good. Easy trail overall, doesn’t feel like you’re really gaining hardly any elevation. A lot of cars at the trailhead, but pretty sure 85% of them were for Flattop.

This is a wonderful place to bike or walk. We use these trails just about everyday!

Short, nature walk. Views are okay for a short walk. Not something you would do twice. Trail does not get up close to falls for a good picture unless you climb make your way closer in mud.

absolutely beautiful hike. summit was cold, so bring appropriate wind breaker for your incredible summit photos. highly recommend, there is no othing else this beautiful and/or accessable from right outside Anchorage! Plus, if you go early, wildlife will be out. saw a massive grizzly and bull moose as you cross the first Bluff!

The trail was beautiful and decently maintained beyond the Basher trailhead. You can access this trail from a couple points to include the Prospect heights trailhead. This is the 2nd time I’ve done it and gone clear to the top of the peak. The distance is alittle misleading, which is where the 4 stars came into play. The distance is more like 6 miles one way, Fitbit and gps verified! No bear sign or activity well travelled.

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