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More signs would be helpful. I missed a sign directing me to stay left and went right which brought me to thousands of rocks. I climbed almost to the top of the rocks, but felt that this was not the trail. I eventually picked up the trail again, but never made it to the top because there wasn’t a lot of sunlight left. Will return to finish the trail.

Was a super nice hike. Not too hard at all.

Absolutely beautiful hike! I will definitely be back in early spring to see the creek in action as well as the waterfalls and wildflowers.

This trail has it all - wonderful views, awesome gnarly trees, manzanitas, rocky creek bed, and beautiful Mount Diablo. I would classify this as an arduous ascent up the mountain for the first half although, to be fair I haven't hiked in a while so maybe it felt more intense for me then for those who hike regularly.

Great hiking particularly in early spring and fall.

trail running
16 days ago

Great for trail running.

Park at the first gate to add a bit extra to your hike. It’s rocky and steep at the very top, but doable. The views from the top are awesome.

Not a bad hike. I'd watch out though because:

1: Trails aren't very well mapped so we almost missed our turn a few times!
2: Part of this trail doesn't exist. It kept telling us to turn but there was no way we could have... Didn't matter because we got there eventually but! Just a warning, bring a map/download the trail!

Very pretty views, and the cows are fun, too.

Interesting trail because you go up and then down adn then back up again. Would do it again.

The water in the cave is never warm, regardless of the time of year. But very beautiful if you are brave enough to go through. Bring water shoes! This is not a running trail unless you want to bust an ankle.

23 days ago

The water in the cave was numbingly cold mid-October but me and my 5 yr old still dared to jump in. It was an easy hike and a nice time down in the cave. Very fun, family friendly hike. Take towels and a floating device if you plan to brave the waters.

The river water was a little bit too cold for us in October but we did watch other people swim through the “cave“ to the other side back.

Whew! Highly recommended!

Awesome surprise at the end. Swimming in a cave!!

Great place for horseback riding. Fire roads, and cattle trails alongside, nice easy to moderate hills for conditioning, little traffic, no dogs, no bikes, roomy parking lot, and some of the cleanest porta-potties you’ve ever seen.

This is a good trail for a light to moderate hike. There are some little inclines to get up that are a bit rocky. abouy two miles in to the cave. The cave is awesome. Very cold water but you can float or swim through. The other side is open and we climbed around to the other side.

1 month ago

Very nice and quiet hike with hardly any traffic. Took about 3 hours at a reasonable pace with a few stops. Great views! Some areas have moderate+ gradient, especially around the Falls Trail loop. Better to go clockwise around this loop. The creek and waterfalls were all dry. Be prepared with hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water since it was a hot 90 degrees by mid-afternoon.

I was a bit worried from some of the mixed reviews but this turned out to be fantastic! Our group included kids from 4 to teens and everyone loved it! It was fun for the younger kids and the teens thought it was awesome. The trail down is medium easy and going back up is the more intense end of easy. The cave great for all ages. Younger kids and adults who aren't as adventuresome can chill in the outer part of the cave in the cold shallow water. The water isn't swift or dangerous at all, at least not in mid-summer. We took the little ones through the cave on floaties and they loved it. It is also possible to swim without a floatie but really cold. And water shoes are highly recommended as it's very rocky. We will definitely be going back!

What a view! This hike gives you a little bit of all the trail types, wide, single track, over grown brush and a nice mix of shade and no shade. The cows were overprotective of their young today and at one point, we had to find an alternate route around the cows. One even chased us for a few second as it had been spooked by someone’s else dog that was not on a leash.

Eagle View was definitely overgrown and scratchy with a steep cliff off the side. Would not want to do this trial if wet.

Only confusing part was at the intersection of Canyon View and McCorkle, go to the left of the tree to head back to the park headquarters. The path looks like it disappears due to the cow prints but it picks up right after.

We saw a group of Elk when we were leaving the park!

Will do this again!

it was a nice family hike. challenging in a few areas. we never found the water fall :(
but it was a beautiful view

This is a good trail with a wide path. It is a weird trail to find as my google maps has you park near a city park and you follow the road path (marked with a hiker figure) to the trail. There is another parking lot near the trail but you have to drive through residential streets to get there.

Fantastic hike that will kick your butt!

Not a running trail, it’s an ankle breaker if your not careful.

I love this hike! but I tried at the wrong time of year (early september) so I'll have to give it 4 stars. Sunol is my fave spot, but it's just so hot in the summer, even in October it can be pretty hot.

Having said all that, it's still so beautiful! We did the loop clockwise, which I recommend. That way, you do all the steep inclines first, then Little Yosemite is the grand finale. McCorkle Trail is really great when you get further out. We were greeted by beautiful red bush and yellow wildflowers. And of course, a herd of mama cows with their calves.

Water is HUGE DEAL on this trail! PACK PLENTY OF WATER! And bring a water filter, too!!! Fill up at the Visitor Center if you can! the drinking fountain wasn't working when we got there, but at the end of the hike, we realized there were some big jugs of water at the little buildings in the center. You can't rely on that, though. sometimes the visitor center is deserted. We passed over a small river right at the beginning, and then there are no water sources until you reach the campground area. Actually, a creek techiniclly runs through McCorkle Trail right before you reach the backpacking area, but it was all dried out when we got there. So if you get to the McCorkle/Backpack Road junction, you can go past the gate and walk up a steep incline to the campsites. There's an outhouse, and then further up the hill there's a water spigot. Don't give up hope while looking for it, you'll find it, beyond a picnic table. I was SO grateful this water worked! But there was a sign that said "untreated water! unsafe to drink without filter, boiling, or treating with iodine." Luckily I brought my Life Straw with me. I was SO thirsty!

Backpack Road and beyond is such an easier hike! Since everything was so dry I was worried that Little Yosemite would be dry, too. But it wasn't! The water was pretty low, but that made for more opportunities to climb all over the rocks. I saw a frog in the water! and along Camp Ohlone Road we saw a bunch of red-headed woodpeckers. They were so cool!

If I had done this hike in March or April, I'm sure it would be my favorite hike in the Bay. But no matter the time of year, always bring plenty of water!!! And make sure everyone in your group brings plenty, as well!

2 months ago

This hike was really nice. Trails weren’t marked very well so I often would have to track back to make sure I was going in the right direction while following this app. I went mid morning and it was a bit hot so I suggest to go once the gate opens at 8am, not at 10am like I did. I went all the way to union city and back to Hayward in this trail which was pretty cool!!

easy trail ...go early enough in the summer to enjoy the water

The hike was awesome!!!
I hike with my dad,and we had fun with great views.
And if you want to go drive to mountain,you need to pay 10 dollar, but hike was that much worth.

Very hot day, hike with my 11year old son. The trail was easy walk with great view. Path was very stable, just fun!

One of my favorite places EVER!

There was a toilet by the car park, which I didn’t use so can’t vouch for. It’s a really nice and easy hike down to the first cave, and there are plenty of picnic spots on the way down. When you get down, the first thing you see is the cave, which you can cross into in on the stepping stones over the river. When inside, we left our backpack with our clothes and shoes, put on water shoes and inflated our pool rings. At this point, the water is pretty cold so it’s good to bring something to float into the cave on. My partner hated how icy cold the water was and how the cave was sort of scary at first but actually, once we floated through to the other side, agreed it was awesome and actually really fun. So it’s worth persuading people in your party to go through with it!
If we’d planned the logistics ahead of time it might have been good to bring a waterproof bag that could have come with us through the cave, because the other side would have been lovely to chill out on. We floated back through and got really lost as to were the path was supposed to continue, but we muddled our way down the river and found the second cave, which was pretty similar to the first. We got confused about where the path was on the way back, too, so we walked through the river in some parts. Overall, really loved the experience and the river/stream and caves were very magical, but the path itself was hard to follow after the first cave. It was also very quiet when we went, we passed only 4 people (on a Tuesday), and there were only a few instances we found of people’s rubbish so it seems to have improved since other commenters left their reviews!

This was a great hike... just strenuous enough but not a total killer for one of medium ability... thanks to previous reviewers... it did take 4 hours when you factor in occasional breaks and lunch and a stop to explore visitor center. Thanks also to this app for helping me navigate... made a few wrong turns but was able to quickly correct thanks to gps. The sometimes mediocre signage is why I am only giving 4 stars. Could be greatly improved upon. Bring plenty of water and plan for a work out. I imagine the view can be spectacular but alas it was too smokey when I did the hike to see all that was there.

2 months ago

We are not avid hikers, so it was pretty intense on our unconditioned legs! Rocky but fun points on trail, several picnic tables, and swimming through the cave was the highlight for sure! Our family was age 10, 12, 35, 57, and 63. We all enjoyed it. I wouldn’t take children younger than 10 unless they are very aware and willing to listen to your instructions as several drop off’s were pretty scary. Sweat bees or yellow jackets were all over us especially by the water.

Love that this trail has different routes, flat & hilly!!

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