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12 days ago

Today we went with our 3 dogs and had a great time, it was clean snow and clear markings of the trail.

A really great 2 hour walk with lots of beautiful natural features like downed trees. Lots of little creeks and ponds to poke with sticks! Lol. My daughter and I had a great time trying to guess the animal tracks! And inventing our own possible animal answers!! Lol. Definitely a nice winter hike! Agreed with another reviewer who said it’ll be amazing in spring. Will definitely be back!

Excellent trail for silence and meditation.

Liked it alot. So many trails to explore. Nice creeks that will be nice to chill by in the warm months.

I really enjoy this place. it's changed alot over the years. now that it's more popular the trails are properly marked where as before you had to literally explore them all to build a mental map of the place.
It can be busy on weekends with the Citiots comming up here to escape Toronto and the GTA but overall it's a really nice place.

Hiked from Minden Hills, Devils Lake (accessed by the trail head at Deep Bay Road) to Victoria Bridge to our families hunt camp in the area with our little dog, Beanz. We lucked out with the weather at this time of the year, as it was beautiful and sunny during our 3 night hike. We found the trail challenging, crossing numerous beaver damns and marshes, climbing rock escarpments, bush whacking through dense bush and strawberry bushes, and trekking through rough wilderness terrain, however we found it extremely rewarding, stopping to take in the wonderful scenic views at Victoria Lake, Wolf Lake, Loon Lake and finally Victoria Falls, among numerous other lakes. There are a few campsites at these locations, and numerous canoes and boats dotted along the way for hikers to enjoy. We saw hardly any people after the first portion of the hike to Victoria Lake (just a few overnight hikers) and later, two hunters at Wolf Lake. Other than that, we felt completely alone in the wilderness, spotting a few snakes along the way, startling a few partridges, and watching a beautiful blue heron fly off into the sunset. There are a few things that we would do differently if we were to hike this trail again, we would take much smaller packs, and maybe give our selves a few days so that we can set up camp early and enjoy the numerous great fishing holes that this trail has to offer. Overall, we would definitely recommend this hike to any experienced backpacker who wishes to enjoy some of the remote and challenging wilderness in Ontario.

Trail had trash littered all over it.

the space is good. sometines open sonetines close.

Lovely forest, great views along the lake. Nice picnic spots along the water.

Nice easy walk with Linda

trail running
6 months ago

Nice trail!

Trail was well maintained and a fairly flat walk. It has some educational signs along the way. The ferry to and from the island is a pay for use.

on Hardy Lake Loop Trail

7 months ago

Really fun, dynamic hike over rugged ground. Well marked and nice views of the lake. Mosquitoes are very bad so bring some strong repellant.

Beautiful but the ride in was a bit too tight and bumpy! Which made it feel twice as long getting in. The ppl around are very friendly :) so that makes it more pleasant lol.

7 months ago

Ok trail, the eastern/first half is nice with a variety of landscapes. It was however Boggy and the ATVs that go through there have made heavy ruts. No real view points throughout but some nice marshes. The western/second half is a dirt road used by ATVs and maybe some trucks. The bugs were bad on our hike, so bring some good bug spray with you!

7 months ago

First section of the trail is definitely a bit muddy in sections; tons of deer flies (poor dog had about 50 circling her the whole way) middle section is quite nice with rock parts and moss covered rock; last section is snowmobile/atv track(keep an eye out for them!) and the part where you have to walk on the side of the highway can be a bit unnerving. Nice spot, however! Bring the bug spray!!

7 months ago

Very nice park.

I've completed 2 trails within the hardwood hills area, Fun & Sprocket on bikes with a younger individual.
They're are definitely fun and may prove to be a slight challenge to the inexperienced, but fun regardless.

I have been here a few times. Find it pretty buggy in the summer months. I like to backpack and camp a few nights in Sept and Oct. no bugs and very few people if you go mid week. Will be going back again this coming fall.

trail running
9 months ago

Buggy, muddy but great hike!!

trail running
9 months ago

A challenging spot with lots of ecological diversity underfoot. Loved the mature cedar forests. Definite canoe potential.

9 months ago

A dirt road with no trail markings. We kept ending up on a golf course.

Beautiful peaceful hike. If you're a novice hiker, it could be slightly challenging but nothing a relatively fit person couldn't handle. Bring water proof shoes, dry socks and some serious bug spray. Lots of hungry mosquitoes. Don't stop or you will get eaten by them.

Great challenging hike. Pack deet and dry socks!

10 months ago

8.9km walk is actually 12.1kms. Not a complaint, just an observation.

Great just wish it a little more advanced

Great easy trail! Finding your way to the different parts of the trail were a bit challenging but it was good! Love this app!!

Great for a short day hike, snowshoeing, multi day hikes as well as canoe trips. Weekends get a little busy but there is always space to pitch a tent.

great trail for snowshoeing, challenging but fun. no one in sight. can't wait to come back in the summer!

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