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23 hours ago

Gorgeous trail and lakes, but SO CROWDED. Even on a Tuesday in mid September.

trail running
1 day ago

What a beautiful trek ! Steep all the long way with some relaxing meters flat.
The view at the top is amazing !
I made it running and walking in 3h30.
Good memories

2 days ago

A great hike! Definitely not an easy hike. Did with a friend as an overnight camp, so had our packs which added a little difficulty. Took us 3.25hrs up and 2.75hrs down. Was the 2nd week of September and the lake was clouded in and it snowed, temp was hovering around 0 degrees so layers were helpful s when you stopped it got cold quick.

Hike itself is a near constant uphill at most points and a steady pace ensures no burn out (i.e. don't rush it at the easy points as the steeper points will take more out of you.) Take your time on the last 500m or so as it is an open, steep climb along large rocks and slippery gravel.

awesome alpine terrains, numerous day hikes using Elfin Lakes as a base.

Amazing hike, beautiful lake

Sept.2,2018. Started hike around 11am. Arrived back in parking lot around 9pm. Took us about 6hrs before we got up at the ridge but the view is soooo rewarding! Bring lots of food and water. Trail isn’t hard, it is well maintained but it is a long hike.

It was an amazing day hike

5 days ago

Good hike

very difficult but unforgettably scenic.

you would need a good ground clearance and 4wd

8 days ago

Amazing trail!

Be careful with the GPS! The link took me to a very dangerous steep and rocky forest service road the bisects the actual trail! Never made the hike as I was almost didnt make it up the road in my non-4x4 4 cyclinder engine :(

Wonderful hike. My wife and I did out and back to Elfin in one day, finishing in about 5 or 6 hours. It was mid September and we went through many rainy patches along the way. Thankfully Elfin Lakes were in sun and we were able to enjoy the views (and a sip of fresh lake water). We mostly had the trail to ourselves, and it was wonderful to stand along the high alpine meadows and enjoy the peaceful silence. One word of caution, the trail head is somewhat difficult to find and is at the end of a rough gravel road. Keep pushing ahead past the mountain bikers until the very end of the road.

8 days ago

The most beautiful hike!


It was amazing hike!
We went there on Sept 4. Weather was just perfect with no smoke and clouds. Views on this trail are breathtaking!
We met a bear with a cub. They were walking down the hill. The adult bear looked at our group of 13 people, headed toward us and then changed her mind , crossed the trail went down the hill and jumped in the pond. The cub was not so brave. He was staying at a distance from trail probably waiting for us to leave:-)

13 days ago

Sad to see this trail so crowded, can do with high heels on as the trail is much easier than years ago. Didn’t see any rangers , outhouses stink and even the area around middle lake near outhouses smells like urine. Overcrowded parking lots and the experience now “speaking for myself” is a major turnoff in the summer months.
Suggest going in the off season mid-week. Views are spectacular just minus the huge amount of people and slinky outhouses.

14 days ago

We arrived at 9.10 on Thursday morning and the car park was barely 1/3 full. The hike to Upper Joffre was moderately difficult for this 54 year old but certainly doable. It took my husband and I around 75 minutes to make it to Upper Joffre after stopping for many photographs of the spectacular lakes and surrounds along the way.

There are people coming and going from the car park so hang around and wait for someone to leave, it will probably only be a 5 minute or so wait.

A must do hike if you’re in the area - each lake is a beautiful turquoise blue colour.

16 days ago

Awesome hike! It should definitely be rated as Very Difficult. The first 6kms are endless, you just keep going up. Then, a couple more to get to a flatter portion of the trail to prepare for the super steep last climb to Panorama Ridge. Totally worth it, but it’s a tough one, make sure you are in a good physical condition!

16 days ago

Awesome trail. I would say it’s moderated, the first half is a bit steep, but not too much. Let’s say 6/10.
The second have was very nice due to the views. Pay extra attention when hiking in the meadows because there’re many black bears this time of the year, we saw one in the way up and in the way back another hiker gave us a heads up for another bear in the way.

16 days ago

I love steep hikes, and this one definitely satisfied. As a day hike, this took my sister and I 6 hours total (3 hours up, 2 down, and 1 to enjoy the stupendous views at the top).

Even though I did this hike in regular running shoes, I would recommend using proper hiking shoes/boots because of how steep it is. Also, be sure to bring extra layers because it was quite cold at the top.

I noticed lots of people commenting about bugs so we made sure to use bug spray and we encountered hardly any. Not sure if this was because the bug spray worked or because of the cooler weather.

16 days ago

Did this one yesterday as a day hike. Not only is it a great workout, but the views at the end are some of the best I have ever seen.

I live in Abbotsford, so we left at 6:15 am and were hiking by 8:30. Took us 4.5 hours up, and 4 hours down, plus 1 hour at the top for a total of 9.5 hours (without driving). So, definitely doable for a dayhike, but be sure to leave early to give yourself lots of time!

It was perfect hiking weather, but be sure to bring extra layers as it was quite windy at the top (a good rain jacket should keep out the wind). Saw lots of people wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt, and I bet they didn't get to enjoy the views for very long!

The last 6 km going back down was rather tedious, with a seemingly endless number of switchbacks and lots of dust, but this doesn't detract from the awesomeness of the rest of the hike. Also, we were shocked at how busy the parking lot was, so this is another reason to start early!

16 days ago

This is one of my favorite shorter hikes. The views are pretty standard for most of the climb, but the panoramic views at the top are gorgeous.

17 days ago

Great hike

Sep 2. Left parking lot at 8:45, summited at 12:45. Left peak at 1:15, back at car at 4:00 p.m.

Having done Frosty Mountain the day before, this one really challenged me. The climb up in the forest is relentless with nothing to see. Finally we reached the lower lake. The upper lake is even more beautiful and the views get even better as you get higher up. Views from the peak are amazing! Well worth the climb. My 13 pound dog and my friends’ 2 big dogs made it up and down no problem. My knees hurt a lot during the last hour but I mostly ran through it as we wanted to get down in a decent time.

on Cheam Peak

17 days ago

Some easy off-roading (during summer time I guess). Need a 4x4 truck with high clearance. Nice views everywhere when no wildfires. Will definitely return.

on Joffre Lakes

18 days ago

Joffre Lake was breathtaking as usual. I recommend to arrive before 9 am for a good parking spot. The hike was enjoyable but it was over crowded during the long weekend. I would recommend going on a weekday if possible.

18 days ago

Great hike, just as hard coming down as going up. Rocky and slippery. Awesome views.

Pretty decent, short hike. Good with kids.

Hiked this beautiful trail today. no more smog and the air is 100% clear. The city started to force no parking rule along the highway. I arrived at 10:15 this morning and got the last spot at the overflow parking spot. People were forced to drive 2.5 to 5 km further and walk back to the trail head.

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