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4 days ago

I hiked this trail. I went early so I'd be less likely to interfere with the MTB'ers. I saw 2 actual bikers, and 2 joggers. Hikers, please read the following and take it into consideration. The reason these trails are MTB trails is that there really isn't anything to see and the setting isn't fit for actual hiking. I did this trail because it is a trail I hadn't done, and I'm trying to hike out my area. The trails are pretty narrow, and not really challenging for a hike at all. They are just, for the most part, miles. It's not really worth it unless you're just a completionist nut like me who wants to say they did it. For the most part, besides two pine barrens and an old used tire graveyard, there isn't anything to see.

For people who are going to bike this trail: This trail made me wish I had a bike, not that I could have done the trail. It actually seemed to be interesting and had some spots that looked like they would actually challenge a person on a bike. There's a jump or two in there, but mostly it looks like this trail just hates your quads and hammies if you're on a bike. You guys know, most of these trails for bikes aren't all that special, and when things get dropped by your ilk, no one really ever notices as they fly by. I'd recommend getting with the friends of the park, if there's a group, and cleaning up that mess of a tire graveyard. It just makes you guys look bad.

As far as biking goes, I'd give it a 4 since it looks like it'd be kind of fun. Docking stars for general trashiness of the trail, specifically the tire cemetery. There were 2 downed trees on the trail when I went, so keep your head up, not that you could afford otherwise on this one.

We are fortunate to have such a terrific resource in our community. Excellent opportunities for walking, hiking, cycling, and kayaking access. Thanks to TSRA/TWRA, and US Army COE for their partnership with Metro Parks. Major additions coming soon within Lytle Park!

I am visiting Nashville from Texas and this was the first walk that I’ve done. I did a wonderful 4 mile walk and it obviously goes longer! Beautiful scenery and I brought my dog with me on a leash. There was a good amount of people there with dogs as well that I felt safe. It was not crowded and great to be in nature!

I really enjoy the great views and proximity to the water along parts of the trail.

Beautiful trail. I loved it and will be definitely be back again.

First time I have walked the trail and had no idea it was as close to me as it was. It has rained for a week so the trail was often full of water and or running water down the trail in a number of places.

The trail is hard mainly because of the many elevation changes and long uphill sections. There is also a sign missing that tell you about the optional uphill section of rerouted trail and because the trail there is so new it’s very easy to loose your way.

But beautiful lake views, stone walls, and old building piers along the way is a great reminder of pre lake property owners who scratched out homesteads on the hills overlooking the Cumberland River.

Know the trail splits and it takes longer than you think it will and you will enjoy the gem of a trail.

Easy, quiet hike. Trails aren’t marked very well. Good for sometime outside. Nice woodland area along the Trace with wildlife. I came across a large buck and various bird species during my hike.

Nice trail with great lake views. The trail appears to be the primary drainage route so it is very wet and muddy following a rain. There is a good balance of climbs and descents and some interesting rock formations and a nice waterfall.

We had a great day walking off the Holidays!!!!!
1300 cals just walking! We took our pups with us and introduced our newest Baby to one our many outdoor passions. Easy walk or pick up the pace and run or ride your bike. Lots of choices......

18 days ago

This is probably the most technically difficult mountain biking area I’ve found in the Nashville area. In fact I bent my wheel pretty badly tweaking it between two rocks on a rocky downhill section. The difficulty can be offset by doing the front side of the park. When you go in the tunnel under the road, that’s the really technical area. I think the front side offers around 5-6 miles of singletrack, the trail on the other side of the road offers another 6 or so I believe.

18 days ago

This is my favorite mountain biking trail so far in the Nashville area. Really flowy, can knock out a long ride pretty quick due to how fast this trail is.

Bearwaller Gap is a really fun and rewarding trail. The first part is pretty technical, watch your footing. Especially if it is wet, icy, or muddy. After that, it's pretty straight-forward, and the trail is marked really well.

Be safe and enjoy!

Easy to moderate hike. Beautiful overlook spot.

amazing trail if your up for a challenge

Peaceful, easy ride. There are some sandy, rocky areas if continue after the paved area ends. Not as ideal for road bikes, but totally doable.

Great area, nice overlook, trail meanders through old growth timber, just a great hike.

Wow. For me, it earns its hard rating. Did the down and back. In the morning cold and foggy, afternoon sunny. Almost like two different hikes. Only saw one other hiker the whole day. Offers up, down, water, outhouse, about all you could want. Kicked my butt.

Great hike for a Cub Scout Pack. 5-8 year olds did well. Little bit of horse pooh, but otherwise a very nice hike!

Nice well kept trail. Great views along the way. I was attacked by Chinese Beatles but otherwise enjoyable hike!

Great hike

2 months ago

Nice trail with plenty of deep wooded features. If you are a nature lover you will love this trail. Lots of wildlife along the way, today.

2 months ago

Great trail for day hike or overnight backpacking trip.

2 months ago

Not much to see, minus the few lakeside vistas. I’d rate the trail as “easy” overall. Fairly flat out and back, well maintained, GPS watch found trail length at 7.8 miles total. I arrived at 8:30 on a sunny Sunday morning expecting many others. I didn’t see another on the trail until 11am, so it’s lightly travelled. Nice proximity to Nashville and do something different. Regular jet aircraft and boat noise heard on the trail. Real good trail running training route.

Nice views along river.

Very fun trail, very secluded for the majority of the trail. Not well maintained however so you have to go off trail sometimes, not a trail for beginners.

Who doesn’t love MCNP?!? Just go, enjoy, take the kids! Depending on your tour as to the length you’ll be in the cave. Do them all it’s worth it! Just remember to buy your tickets way in advance of your planned visit to ensure you’ll have a spot you want!

mountain biking
3 months ago

On the way from Memphis to Nashville my wife and I decided to try the “easy trail”. The easy trail was harder than we expected. Lol. Beautiful area. Trails were marked perfectly!

road biking
3 months ago

Pack some snacks as this is a great ride with a LOT of hills. I started at Shelby Bottom Nature center and ended up on Two Rivers Greenway trail that takes you all the way to the Dam. Its about 15 miles one way. I ended up on 3 greenways that connect with each other. Shelby Bottom, Stones River from Greenland and Stones River of Nashville. If you start from Shelby Bottom you simple turn off at the bridge that takes you over Cumberland River to link up on Two Rivers before hitting Stones River.

Great trail..can be busy on the weekend. I like that you can cross over into 2 other greenways and end up at the Dam 14 miles away if you are up to it. This trail is scenic, well paved, several bridges and overall a nice ride.

Great challenging trail

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