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23 hours ago

Great hike! There's a lot of incline both ways, but the view at the top of the mountain is worth it. There is also no shade so make sure you load up on sunscreen and wear a hat.

Great views. Enjoyed the views from here more than at Cowles. Well maintained trails. Was able to hike alone and feel safe. Very well trafficked.

awesome hike! I started at 645am. made it up in just under 2 hours. I went on a Monday morning, and had the rock to myself for 20 minutes before someone else came up. Going down I passed tons of people, so definitely get there early if you don't want to wait. The whole thing took 3 1/2 hours, and was definitely a workout. Can't wait to do it again! I brought 3L of water, and drank about 2.5

My favorite North San Diego County trail. You can make this as long as you want as there are multiple trails spread throughout Daley Ranch with some very challenging trails to more easy trails. As the warmer months are fast approaching, make sure to bring hydration as it can get very hot. Also, the earlier the better for your hikes. If you follow the full perimeter of Daley Ranch, you can make it a 13 mile trek. Love it!

Excellent trail and very beautiful hike.

It was a fun easy trail with a great secret waterfall

This trail is a hidden gem! Very flat and short trail so excellent for younger kids.
The parking is in a big open area in front of an abandoned looking industrial building. If you are driving west on San Elijo rd, you will pass an Albertsons on the left. The parking area is about 1/4 mile past it. Once parked, pick a trail that heads towards the building. Keep left. This should lead you to a somewhat paved road next to a fence. Keep walking down and you will pass some storage lockers to your left. The trailhead is a little under 1/4 mile past it. At the trailhead are some walking sticks that you can take on your hike and return once you are done- so cool.
About 1/2 mile in, you will come across another trail sign with two paths. Stay to the RIGHT. The other way is more uphill and takes longer! Keep going on the right path and you will start to come across some nice footbridges. After that, it’s only another 1/2 mile until you’ll reach the waterfall. The waterfall is down a hill from the trail and is tricky to get down there since it’s steep, rocky and a little slippery. But you can still see it from the top.
Overall, this hike is a little under 3 miles out and back and made it the perfect post dinner family hike during the week!

trail running
3 days ago

I love going here and taking my pup. It's nice cause it has some shady spots in the valley to stop to let him rest for a bit no no where really for people to sit which is fine. You do need to get their early for parking on the weekends but the weekdays are not so bad. They also have hiking events and knowledgable volunteers that you'll see walking the trails sometimes. They're friendly and happy to answer questions about this trail and others in the area. It was fun cause we've seen deer on multiple occasions which threw my pup for a loop since he'd never seen one. This is a regular spot for us!

Is a good hiking with the family, but if you child or pet is not use to it can be very hard for them.

I’ve done every trail on this mountain at least 5 times, if not more. Great hikes with lots of single tracks. Great for everyone and dog owners too.

Ensure you watch out for snakes in the summer months, as they are plentiful but usually not in plain site (off the trails). There have been mountain lion sightings and we saw a large bobcat at night, but I don’t know of any interactions with humans or pets.

Have a blast out here and enjoy. There are a lots of trails and lots to see.

Epic view, more than happy!

5 days ago

Great hike this morning, not too crowded. Started about 9am. Awesome views all around from the top.

One of my favorite hikes! I brought two kids with me and they did very well! Lots of walking/hiking but very worth it!

Beautiful hike

Worth the climb! Amazing views from every angle! Great workout!

The boys (husky mixes) and I finally made this hike today. Gorgeous views & rock formations; I took so many photos of the boys standing on the rocks and looking off into the distance.
I average 3-5 miles daily with some elevation on run days and I really felt like this was a challenging hike; we took about 3 hours including breaks for water & photos and a long walk back to the first parking lot. Next time, I’ll park much closer to the trailhead. I couldn’t believe the number of people we encountered running this trail! I also was amazed at the number of kids doing this hike!
I brought 4 liters of water and we went through most of it- though I’m pretty sure I leaked as my pack & back were soaked when we reached the top. Thankfully, I had 2 separate bladders and the second was full for our trip down. Had just enough at the end to fill the boys’ bowls one last time and the stinkers didn’t even want it!
We started at 7:45 and managed to have much shade up until probably the last mile or so on the way down. We did not see any snakes, but the boys found a few lizards.
There were enough people that I felt safe as a solo female but, surprisingly, not near as many people I expected having read about this hike online. We did not stop for a chip photo, as we were solo. Like others, we saw some drones up at the top and heard an occasional speaker.
We didn’t come across any aggressive or unleashed dogs.
We found people we encountered to be polite, if not downright friendly. The boys got a few pets & ear scratches from new friends. We tried really hard to give way in narrow spots and others did the same.
We’ll definitely be back.

Not too hard , fun

10 days ago

Easy hike, great for family hikes, dog walks, etc. Did a sunset hike yesterday. Took roughly 50 mins to summit st decent pace. would recommend flash lights and/or headlamps if doing aunset hike. Trails are well taken care of and maintained. Picnic tables at summit. Nice views of ocean, San Diego cityscape and point loma.

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Amazing trail and great workout!

Excellent workout!...
Afraid of snakes but worth the hike. I will come back with friends, perfect place to meditate and relax.
This is where I realize that I must workout harder to be in shape " GOOD HEALTH ".
Enjoy life!......

This is one of the best trails in San Diego county. It has so many variations and challenging trails for all levels. I haven’t found another trail that matches its intensity and the sights and sounds are a real payoff

Great and pretty easy trail. Good for dogs too

horseback riding
14 days ago

Great horseback trail in cool weather. No shade.

14 days ago

This is a medium difficulty trail with a nice view at the top. It felt longer than 5.2 miles and my hubby and I did it in about 3 hours.

Great location and fun hike.

*****TICK WARNING*****

*****no pets allowed*****
:( came home to find what I believe was a tick on my shoulder.. however it was an amazing trial!! definitely enjoyed the peacefulness! the trail is not marked and had to rely on the Alltrail map to guide me. Heard a couple of rattlesnakes however didn't see them. my suggestion is to bring a pair of trekking poles or even a good couple of sticks. Had to use them to climb down to the waterfall and if you don't have good footing most definitely higher chance to slip and fall. Cell service was good out there (TMobile). The scenery was absolutely phenomenal phenomenal!! I only saw 2 people on the trail. Highly recommend to do this trail. was super easy and definitely kid friendly.

16 days ago

We hiked this trail on a really beautiful Saturday afternoon, and were very thankful for he clouds that rolled in since it’s in the full sun. We were the only people on the trail except for one other man we saw at the trail head once we were ending.
The view at the top is great, especially for being so close to Poway.
This trail is not well kept past the first quarter of a mile. Overgrown brush makes the trail very skinny at many parts, including the very steep parts. It appears that much of the trail is directly where water runs off when it rains, so the path condition is not always the smoothest.
As many other reviews state, there are a lot of unmarked off shoots. If you use the GPS recording feature on this app it’s not too hard to pick the right way.
Overall, a great hike for some quick, but intense exercise. The incline and the view makes this under 2 mile hike worth the trouble.

Bring more water than you already have.

Good trail & perfect Apring temps yesterday. We did see a rattles Abe crossing the trail, so keep an eye out.

Good trail; perfect Spring temps yesterday. We did see a rattle snake crossing the trail, so keep an eye out.

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